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1924 Recommended Books

1924 Recommended Books List of PMSS


Published in the May 1924, Pine Mountain Settlement School Notes provided a partially annotated list intended to direct readers to resources for information about the Southern Highlands region and the folk-songs and dance literature available about  the region. It also serves to inform readers today of the books that were favored as  “official” records of life in the Southern Appalachian mountains. The list-maker is careful to point out that the list does not favor any one point of view or “angle.”

Today, the list is also a record that helps the researcher understand what literature was influencing the School in 1924. Most of the selections on the list remain classics about the region but some have fallen out of favor as history re-adjusts its lense.

Kathleen M. Blee and Dwight B, Billings remind us in their article “Reconstructing Daily Life in the Past: An Hermeneutical Approach to Ethnographic Data,” in the Sociological Quarterly, v.27 n4 (December 1986): 443-462, that sociohistorical data can only capture a small piece of the past as it is often low in data but high in social practice. The authors suggest that by using hermeneutical model scholars may be able to reconstruct some of this “past lifeworld” but even using this method, analysis of history and especially its texts continues to fall short of the “whole subject.” Somehow I thought we already knew that but it is important to remind us so we don’t repeat that search for the “whole subject.”

THE ARTICLE in “Notes”  —

“For those who wish to inform themselves on the whole subject of the Southern Highlands, we print a list of books written from different angles. “The Southern Highlander and His Homeland ” stands out as a thorough, reasoned, scholarly study of ……

Untitled pictureTHE LIST

Bradley, William A. Old Christmas. Place of publication not identified: Rarebooksclub Com, 2012. Print.

Bradley, William A. Singing Carr & Other Song-Ballads of the Cumberlands. New York: A.A. Knopf, 1918. Print.

Cobb, Ann. Kinfolks. Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin company, 1922. Print.

Dargan, Olive T. Highland Annals. [a Novel.]. London: Jonathan Cape, 1926. Print.
[Regarding Olive Tillford Dargan] Stories which appear from time to time in the Atlantic Monthly, done with rare appreciation restraint and humor.

Fox, John, and Margaret Armstrong. Blue-grass and Rhododendron: Outdoors in Old Kentucky. New York, 1901. Internet resource.

Fox, John JJr. Courtin’ on Cutshin: . , n.d.. Internet resource.

[Regarding John Fox Jr.] Early stories, more carefully done and more free from sentimentality than the better-known novels.

Furman, Lucy S. Mothering on Perilous. New York: Macmillan Co, 1923. Print.

Furman, Lucy S. The Quare Women: A Story of the Kentucky Mountains. Boston: The Atlantic Monthly Press, 1941. Print.
[Regarding Lucy Furman] Pictures of the Hindman Settlement School, the fore-runner of Pine Mountain, in the very early days.

Kephart, Horace. Our Southern Highlands. a Narrative of Adventure in the Southern Appalachians and a Study of Life Among the Mountaineers … New and Enlarged Edition. [with Plates.]. Macmillan Co: New York, 1922. Print.

Kephart, Horace. The Southern Highlander. Deposit, N.Y.: Outing Pub. Co., 1912. Print.

Murdoch, Louise S. Almetta of Gabriel’s Run. Place of publication not identified: Buckhorn alumni Association, 1978. Print. 
A picture of mountain custom, idiom, and superstition with a slight connecting thread of story.

Raine, James W. Land of Saddlebags: A Study of the Mountain People of Appalachia. Place of publication not identified: Omnigraphics, 1997. Print.

Sharp, Cecil J. Nursery Songs from the Appalachian Mountains, Second Series. London: Novello & Co, 1923. Musical score.
[Regarding Cecil Sharp] Two volumes, illustrated with silhouettes, fascinating for small children.

Sharp, Cecil J. Folk Songs of English Origin Collected in the Appalachian Mountains: First and Second Series. London: Novello, 1966. Print.

Sharp, Cecil J. American-English Folk-Songs: Collected in the Southern Appalachians and Arranged with Pianoforte Accompaniment. New York: G. Schirmer, 1918. Musical score.

Sharp, Cecil J, George Butterworth, and Maud Karpeles. The Country Dance Book. (containing … Dances from the English Dancing Master, 1650-1728.-Part Iii.-Part Iv. Described by C.j. Sharp and George Butterworth.-Part V., Containing the Running Set … by C.j. Sharp and Maud Karpeles.) [with Plates.]. 6 pt. Novello & Co: London, 1909. Print.
[Regarding Cecil Sharp andPart V] A technical description of our dance, with an illuminating introduction by Mr. Sharp.

Sharp, Cecil J, Maud Karpeles, and Olive D. Campbell. English Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians. London: Oxford University Press, 1973. Musical score.
[Regarding Cecil Sharp, et al] An exhaustive and scholarly collection of the wealth of folk-song material found in the mountains of Tennessee, North Carolina and Kentucky.]

Wilson, Samuel T. The Southern Mountaineers. New York City: Literature Department, Presbyterian Home Missions, 1906. Internet resource.

Wyman, Loraine, and Howard Brockway. Lonesome Tunes: Folk Songs from the Kentucky Mountains. New York: H.W. Gray Co, 1916. Print.

Wyman, Loraine, and Howard Brockway. Twenty Kentucky Mountain Songs. Boston: O. Ditson, 1920. Musical score.
[Regarding Loraine Wyman and Howard Brockway]  Miss Wyman and Mr. Brockway collected their material from the countryside around Pine Mountain with the school [PMSS] as headquarters.


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