HISTORY PMSS Summary 1943-1944

Pine Mountain Settlement School
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HISTORY PMSS Summary 1943-1944

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History of the Pine Mountain Settlement School

Staff Members:

Helen Bartlett, Secretary
Lucile Beeler, Laurel House Kitchen (Feb. 1 – )
Birdena Bishop, Community Group Teacher, Boys Industrial
Alice Cobb, Publicity
Edith Cold, English, Library
Mary Catlin Crawford, Housemother, Far House
Evelyn Creech, Laurel House Kitchen, First Semester
Arthur Dodd, Principal, Print Shop
Georgia Dodd, Housemother, West Wind
William Hayes, Farm, Dairy, Poultry
Lucile Heeler, Kitchen and Dining Room
Gladys Hill, Co-op Teacher, Store
_______Kaylor, Housemother, Big Log (Until Christmas)
Alice Joy Keith, Science, Math Teacher
Helen Kingsbury, Home Economics, Girls Industrial
Dorothy LaRue, Nurse (Part-time)
Glenn LaRue, Woodwork, Plant repairs
Elizabeth McBride, Bible, Ethics, Housemother, Far House (Jan.-June)
Josephine Merrill, Housemother, Boys House
Adelaide Northam, Housemother, Big Log (After Christmas)
Roland Pinke, Automotive Mechanics (Part-time)
Burton Rogers, Counselor, Chapel
Mary Rogers, Art
Grace Rood, Nurse
Gertrude Smith, Music, Laurel House
Minerva Sparrow, English, School House
Edna Spinney, Housemother, Big Log (hospitalized in NY)
Dr. Emma Tucker, Doctor, Infirmary
Dr. Francis Tucker, Doctor, Community
Ruby Warren (Relief)
Charlotte Webb, Bookkeeper, Zande House
Brit Wilder, Maintenance, Transportation
Rev. and Mrs. Glenn Crawford, Line Fork (until April)
Boone Hall & Frances Hall Powell Line Fork (April – )
Anna Pishzak, Big Laurel Medical Settlement
William Webb, Acting Director, Boy Scouts
Sally Cornett, Laundress
Alice Pennington, Kitchen Assistant
Marsh Browning, Miner
Chester Jackson, Miner

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Page 2, 1943-44

Martin Baker, Nightwatchman
Henry Lewis, Fireman, Farm Assistant

No. of students: 110 (97 boarding)


Mountain Day was observed with the usual hike to the Fire Tower, October 13.

The Halloween party included masquerade, games, story-telling and dancing. Miss Christenson came to teach dances before the Thanksgiving Ball, for which the girls had made formals from inexpensive fabrics.

The senior class gave an assembly program on chemistry, under Mrs. Keith’s guidance. The Ballad club gave a program in which 12 freshman girls acted out three ballads. Miss Smith, music teacher, gave an assembly program on recorders. The Boys Scouts provided a Saturday night entertainment.

There were softball games at Pine Mountain with Big Laurel, Putney & Red Bird.

Pine Mountain boys assisted in fighting forest fire on Little Laurel.

Mrs. Keith remained on duty until all students had opportunity to observe the annual flowering of the Night Blooming Cereus.

Neighbor Tom Harris shot a wildcat, thought no longer to be found in this area. He brought it to Mrs. Keith, to furnish meat for her pet possums, and a skeleton for science study.

The traditional Christmas observances were followed by a New Year’s party for the community, with games, gifts and folk dancing. On January 11 the freshman boys and girls gave a puppet show of colonial times and an Indian attack.

A committee decided to divide the Christmas Charity Drive money ($100.34) three ways, $25.00 to the Harlan Co. Associated Charities, $25.00 to the American Red Cross, and the balance to the World Student Fund.

In February a “Defense Ball” was held, with corsages and boutonnieres made of savings stamps.

A group of seniors, escorted by Miss Cold and Mr. and Mrs. Hayes, walked across the mountain to take a bus to Harlan to see the “Madame Curie” film. The Seniors presented “The Moonstone” in April. The Scouts presented a 13-act “Tuocsyob”.

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Page 3, 1943-44

Due to limited usefulness and the high cost of feed, Sunny Jim was sold to an alumnus at Gilley.

The Trustees, at the March 16 Board Meeting, discussed Captain Glyn Morriss request for further extension of his leave of absence, then voted that in the best interests of the school in the present crisis Capt. Morris’s leave should expire at the end of the school year, without prejudice to consideration of reappointment when he is free again, if he wishes to be considered.

Dr. Clark Bailey, Harlan, accepted nomination to the Board of Trustees.

Mindful of the wartime conditions which made only emergency repair and building possible, the Board authorized:
Ventilation of Laurel House kitchen
General repair of Far House
Construction of a new Tool Shed, necessary for the preservation of tools and farm equipment. Mrs. Elsmith suggested using the calendar funds, and $5000 she had given toward a guest house, for the Tool Shed.


The Treasurer reported to the Board that in spite of a withdrawal of $1000.00 per month from endowment, income was no higher than the previous year.

Chapel speakers:

Dr. A. E. Lehman, Superintendent of Red Bird Mission
Mr. Crutchfield, Miss Wells, and Mrs. Elsmith, Trustees
Rev. Keith Taber, Viper, KY
President, McClellan of Lincoln Memorial University

Special gifts: 10 gross half-gallon glass top Mason jars, from Ball Brothers, Muncie IN.

Mr. Dodd, Dr. Emma, Miss Kingsbury & Mrs. Webb attended the Conference of the Council of the Southern Mountains, April 7-9.

The Country Dancers went to Berea for the Spring Festival.

Eighteen seniors served Dogwood Breakfast to the staff.

May Day was observed April 29.

Students hiked to Putney for chest x-rays on Baccalaureate afternoon.

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Page 4, 1943-44

Garden produce furnished fresh vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, beets, carrots, greens, pumpkins, squash & potatoes until November. Summer canning included over 2000 quarts of string beans, almost as many tomatoes.

July 4 was celebrated with a community party.

Kiwanis Camp and an AFSC work camp, which worked mostly on county one-room schools, were held during summer.

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