ANGELA MELVILLE Correspondence 1925-1929

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Angela Melville, PMSS Staff & Associate Director
Correspondence 1925-1929

ANGELA MELVILLE Correspondence 1925-1929

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ANGELA MELVILLE Correspondence 1925-1929

ANGELA MELVILLE Correspondence 1925-1929 are letters primarily between Melville and Evelyn K. Wells. During the period of this correspondence, Angela Melville was the director of the Cooperative Bureau for Women Teachers in New York City. Evelyn K. Wells was a secretary at the Pine Mountain Settlement School and had been since 1916. (She became the School’s interim director in 1931.) Their paths crossed when Melville was employed as a PMSS office organizer and fundraiser from 1916 to 1920.

The later letters in this group indicate Melville’s plans to return to Pine Mountain due to the death of the School’s Co-Director Ethel de Long Zande in 1928. Melville was re-hired to serve as Associate Director of the Pine Mountain School for two years with full charge of the academic work, the office and the fiscal promotion of the School, all of which had been under the care of the late Mrs. Zande. Miss Katherine Pettit was to continue as Director.

The following correspondence among Pettit, Zande, Wells, and Melville provides not only PMSS updates but detailed insight into their combined efforts to hire teaching and office staff.

CONTENTS: ANGELA MELVILLE Correspondence 1925-1929

[NOTE: The images on this page depict carbon copies of typewritten letters unless otherwise specified. The carbon copies were often unsigned, but many letters had initials at the end that identified the writer.]


[melville_corr_001.jpg]Katherine Pettit to Angela Melville in Boston, Mass., June 13, 1925. Pettit thanks Melville for a check for five dollars; wished she had more time with Melville in Nashville; Melville’s Credit Union job and a visit to New Orleans; visit to Lexington for their 150th anniversary pageant; weaving demonstration by PMSS girls at the University in Lexington. Aline and Hazel Nolan became the first to be married in the Chapel.

[melville_corr_002.jpg] – Ethel de Long Zande to Melville, care of John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC, March 31, 1926. Raising about $250 to restore William and Sal Creech’s log cabin as a memorial to them. The Creech children want to move it to the school grounds; describes restoration plans.

[melville_corr_003.jpg] Unsigned to Melville, April 16, 1926. Acknowledges Melville’s promise to help with “Aunt Sal’s home.” Comments on Melville’s stay at J.C. Campbell Folk School during a conference. A month of dancing has ended and Miss [Dorothy] Bolles and Miss Cunningham have left. “We are now very much interested in the Kettlewells, friends of Mr. [Cecil] Sharp” who are visiting; Singing Willie Nolan visited with newly remembered songs. Mr. [Darwin D.] Martin sent enlargement of photo of the Creech’s 50th wedding anniversary for the library; mentions Berto and Elena [Zande].

[melville_corr_004.jpg] Melville to Evelyn K. Wells, PMSS Secretary, May 10, 1926. Original typewritten letter with letterhead for “Cooperative Bureau for Women Teachers” in NYC. Provides update on her location; may be able to send prospective teachers to PMSS. Mrs. Campbell visited.

[melville_corr_005.jpg] – [melville_corr_005e.jpg] A 6-page printed booklet of the “Constitution of the Cooperative Bureau for Women Teachers” in NYC.

[melville_corr_006.jpg] Unsigned to Melville at the Cooperative Bureau for Women Teachers, NYC, May 17, 1926. The School doesn’t need teachers for now but are “in straits” for a bookkeeper. Miss Gaunt can train her while serving as housemother at Boys House. Tonsils clinic is beginning; Mrs. Zande is taking Barto to it.

[melville_corr_007.jpg] Unsigned to Melville at the Cooperative Bureau for Women Teachers, NYC, July 26, 1926. Met Miss Jones and hopes she likes PMSS and stays. Suggests that Jean [Angela Melville’s sister] could work in the Office next year. Asks Melville to send Credit Union material to her “socialist friends.”

[melville_corr_008.jpg] – [melville_corr_008a.jpg] Two-page handwritten letter from Melville to Mrs. Zande, August 11, 1926. Melville will check with Jean about her plans; describes her job; will send the Aunt Sal poem.

[melville_corr_009.jpg] Zande to Melville in NYC, August 18, 1926. Zande hopes that Jean will come to PMSS.

[melville_corr_010.jpg] Zande to Melville in NYC, August 24, 1926. Evelyn [Wells] to be in Summit this winter; Miss Heinz may be able to fill in Wells’ job; describes the tasks Jean would do. Referring Elizabeth Hench to Melville for a job in NYC.

[melville_corr_011.jpg] Zande to Melville in NYC, September 2, 1926. Disappointed that Jean [Melville] was hired by Mr. Ealand instead of coming to PMSS. “I would give anything for a good long talk with you.” Hopes Melville gets a “wonderful job”; memories of Maine in September; updates about Helen and her mother.

[melville_corr_012.jpg] Zande to Melville in NYC, September 9, 1926. Thanked her for her annual subscription; story about receiving watermelons from an impoverished family.


[melville_corr_013.jpg] Unsigned to Melville in NYC, March 3, 1927. Asked where to find information about the home which the Briarcliff Manor girls support; Mrs. Zande is looking for a home for a child.

[melville_corr_014.jpg] Wells to Melville in NYC, April 20, 1927. Will send Melville a stool from the weaving room; Miss Titcomb; Miss Brown accepted another position; Miss Mackey; Miss Wood to be assistant principal next year; need an additional high school teacher, whose salary would be between $60 and $70 a month.

[melville_corr_015.jpg] and [melville_corr_015a.jpg] Zande to Melville in NYC, June 8, 1927, 2 pages. Received updates about Melville from Kay Wright in Beaufort and Miss Ravenel in Savannah. Appreciates Melville’s offer to host her in NYC; Miss Jones is a “treasure.” “It is about time we had a good visit and brought our ideas together on this interesting, baffling, weary and brilliant old world.” Enjoyed the poetry that Melville sent; Miss Woods reads poetry and plays to the children; Nora Howard in “Sun-Up” play; Berto and Ethel Zande vacationed in Beaufort. (Page 2) Aunt Judy Turner’s funeral. Thanked Melville for $5 donation.

[melville_corr_016.jpg] Unsigned to Melville, June 9, 1927. Asked Melville to find a high school teacher for PMSS.


[melville_corr_017.jpg] and [melville_corr_017a.jpg] Melville in NYC to Zande, March 7, 1928, 2 pages. (Typewritten original on “Cooperative Bureau for Women Teachers” letterhead.) Didn’t write from Jamaica because of a back injury. Asks if PMSS would accept Miss Marguerite Mackey, a teacher at the Birch-Wathen School, as a volunteer worker for 4 months. Regrets to hear of Miss Gallagher’s illness.

[melville_corr_018.jpg] Unsigned to Melville in NYC, March 21, 1928. Asked if Melville’s office could supply a secretary for PMSS “to tide over any period of reorganization” and then perhaps go on as secretary. Will tell Miss Pettit about hiring Miss Mackey who should stay at PMSS for two months instead of one.

[melville_corr_019.jpg] and [melville_corr_019a.jpg] Pettit to Melville in NYC, April 30, 1928, 2 pages. Mr. Martin visit with Melville; “I am quite willing, glad, and relieved to turn over to you the academic side of the School affairs, and all office work….” Quotes the Board’s memorandum about hiring Melville as Associate Director for two years and Miss Pettit as Director. (page 2) Describes the differences of opinions whether Miss Wood should continue at PMSS.

[melville_corr_020.jpg], [melville_corr_020a.jpg] and [melville_corr_020b.jpg] [Unsigned] to Melville in NYC, May 11 1928, 3 pages. (page 1) Provides a list of “outlook for teachers for next year,” including Mrs. Warner (leaving), Miss Wood (leaving), Mr. [Glenn] Argetsinger and his Antioch co-op, Miss [Ruth] Campbell, Mrs. Parke (volunteer teacher)

(page 2) Encloses papers of applicant Marian E. Ward in Savannah; provides a list of the teachers’ salaries and updates on PMSS literature, such as a memorial NOTES; “Ruth Campbell can run the envelopes through the addressograph.” Informs Melville of her plans concerning leaving PMSS. “I want to go the very first possible moment [due to] strain of the last few months.”

(page 3) Summer plans with Miss Jones & Winnie Christensen; need a volunteer for the neighborhood primary school, which Kay had been teaching. Need a “cracker-jack [teacher] for cooking and sewing” in the Domestic Science Department.

[melville_corr_021.jpg] D.D. Martin memo to Melville, n.d. “Your terms first recited in your letter completely met.”

[melville_corr_022.jpg] Melville to Wells, May 12, 1928, on letterhead for “Cooperative Bureau for Women Teachers,” NYC; where Melville is Director (typewritten original). Requested information needed to help hire PMSS teachers; Miss Ward is applying for the bookkeeping and secretary position.

[melville_corr_023.jpg] Wells to Melville in NYC, May 14, 1928. Sent credentials for Mrs. Keezel; may hire Winnie Christensen as teacher if she stays at PMSS next year, “a constructive, gifted person.” Other hiring suggestions.

[melville_corr_024.jpg] and [melville_corr_024a.jpg] Unsigned to Melville in NYC, May 15, 1928, 2 pages. Answered Melville’s questions about hiring PMSS teachers; Christensen’s good qualities versus increasing the salary budget; described faults and virtues of Miss Wood.

[melville_corr_025.jpg] Melville to Wells, May 17, 1928, on letterhead for “Cooperative Bureau for Women Teachers,” NYC (typewritten original). Returning Mrs. Keezel’s papers; will try to find someone in NY for a smaller salary; must discuss hiring of Miss Christensen with Miss Pettit; Mr. Meldrum suggested Constance Sheltman as bookkeeper.

[melville_corr_026.jpg] Unsigned to Melville in NYC, May 19, 1928. Continued discussion of PMSS opening date and prospective hires; Miss Coffin is going to Brasstown, leaving an empty secretary position.

[melville_corr_027.jpg] and [melville_corr_027a.jpg] Melville to Wells, May 21, 1928, on letterhead for “Cooperative Bureau for Women Teachers,” NYC (typewritten original), 2 pages. Has more time to help with PMSS teacher vacancies; invited Mr. Neilson to visit PMSS. Questions about Miss Emerson, and Miss Christensen, (page 2); would like to end the day primary school; Miss Thornbury of Vassar is helping with finding PMSS teachers; sorry about some of the “airing.”

[melville_corr_028.jpg] Unsigned, May 23, [no year]. “Memorandum on your letter of May 17”: Updates concerning hiring Mrs. Keezel, re-hiring Miss Christensen, C. Sheltman’s hatred of “Books,” Miss Wood’s departure.

[melville_corr_029.jpg] Melville to Wells, May 24, 1928, on letterhead for “Cooperative Bureau for Women Teachers,” NYC (typewritten original). Continued discussion of hiring PMSS teachers: Miss Kendall’s and Miss Wood’s disinterest, Miss Christensen’s resignation from housemothering; hopes Evelyn gets rest in Beaufort.

[melville_corr_030.jpg] Wells to Melville, May 25, 1928. Updates on hiring: Miss Emerson, Kay Wright, Miss Christensen. Decreasing need for the primary department. Leaving for Beaufort.

[melville_corr_031.jpg] Melville to Wells, June 5, 1928, on letterhead for “Cooperative Bureau for Women Teachers,” NYC (typewritten original). Has hired Miss [Margeret] Motter, “a most excellent person judging by record.” Asked Wells to wire Miss Ward.

[melville_corr_032.jpg] Unsigned to Melville, June 6, 1928. Received Melville’s wire and sending correspondence with Miss Ward and Miss Kendall. Hopes to visit NYC.

[melville_corr_033.jpg] (Truncated closing) to Melville, June 11, 1928. Wired Miss Ward explaining delay in offering position; discusses problem with withdrawing offer if Motter is hired and that the secretary’s problems with being Catholic. Enjoys visiting with Elizabeth Ravenel in Beaufort; Miss Jones (truncated ending).

[melville_corr_034.jpg] Melville to Wells, “Thursday” (no date), (typewritten original). “…so interested in…Miss Margaret Motter whom Dan Lovejoy of Hood College recommends highly. She sounds awfully good from her letters.” Asked advice on having Miss Wood help open School or wait until Motter’s arrival. Offered position to a Leland Stanford graduate. “She has bobbed hair!” Considering the hiring of Mrs. Keezel, since Celia Holton “had offered to raise the necessary $300.” Asked about Wells’ feeling about hiring a young Catholic girl as secretary.

[melville_corr_035.jpg] Wells to Melville in NYC, June 15, 1928. Acknowledgement of Melville’s annual $5 contribution; story about Moxie’s success at Berea.

[melville_corr_036c.jpg] Printed list of “Organization Members of the Cooperative Bureau for Women Teachers, 1927,” including member schools, colleges and associations (4 pages).
[melville_corr_036.jpg] “List of Teachers Who Have Paid Membership Dues Since January 1st, 1927” (A through Greeley).
[melville_corr_036a.jpg] Continuation of 036 (Green through Roberts)
[melville_corr_036b.jpg] Continuation of 036a (Robertson through Wuori)

[melville_corr_037.jpg] and [melville_corr_037a.jpg] Melville to Wells, June 16, 1928, on letterhead for “Cooperative Bureau for Women Teachers,” 2 pages (typewritten original). Motter accepted the “headship of the academic department .” Interviewed her in Philadelphia; she is 35 years old and has had teaching and executive experience. Regrets the interaction with Miss Ward and will write her to explain the circumstances. (page 2) Still needs teacher for cooking and sewing; interviewed with Miss Jones. Discussed bills and PMSS joining the “Bureau.” Will send rate list.

[melville_corr_038.jpg] Melville to Wells in NYC via Western Union Telegram, June 18, 1928. “…closed with Motter for principalship.”

[melville_corr_039.jpg] Printed list of “Rates of Service to Schools” from the Cooperative Bureau for Women Teachers, NYC.

[melville_corr_040.jpg] and [melville_corr_040a.jpg] Melville to Wells, June 5, 1928, on letterhead for “Cooperative Bureau for Women Teachers,” NYC, 3 pages (typewritten original). Mrs. Keezel re-considered principalship at $100 a month, but Motter has already accepted. Sending Motter’s letters for Pettit’s review and filing. May ask Edith Canterbury or another to help with Motter’s starting days at PMSS. Has two Vassar girls willing to do volunteer teaching. (page 2) Discussed coordination of teachers, classrooms and subjects.

[melville_corr_041.jpg] Unsigned to Melville, June 20, 1928. Encloses her letter to Ward; Pettit is negotiating with her for Boys House. Looks forward to Motter’s file; lists needed credentials for Domestic Science prospect; working ona secretary candidate.

[melville_corr_042.jpg] and [melville_corr_042a.jpg] Unsigned to Melville, June 21, 1928. Discussed finding space for the extra grade; prefers Miss Wood or Miss Denton to be Melville’s assistant, as Canterbury is inexperienced.

[melville_corr_043.jpg] Melville to Wells, “Saturday” (no date) on letterhead for “Cooperative Bureau for Women Teachers,” NYC, (handwritten original). Requested more “circulars with the pictures.” Good reference for Miss Rhone from California; lists her credentials.

[melville_corr_044.jpg] and [melville_corr_044a.jpg] Melville to Wells, June 23, 1928, on letterhead for “Cooperative Bureau for Women Teachers,” 2 pages (typewritten original). Meetings with Miss Jones, Mrs. Campbell, Father Lord. Has a prospect for secretary, but none for bookkeeper. (page 2) Discussed Miss Wood, Mrs. Keezel, Miss Bleecker, Miss Motter and hiring a bookkeeper and secretary preferably from the middle west.

[melville_corr_045.jpg] Wells to Personnel Department, Antioch College, Yellow Springs, OH, June 26, 1928. “Please address your requests for cooperative employment hereafter, to Miss Angela Melville, who beginning August 1st will be Associate Director of the Pine Mountain School, having full charge of the academic work.

Printed “Calendar of Cooperative Work-Periods” from Antioch College.

Antioch College “Employer’s Report on Cooperative Employment” for Glenn Argetsinger (nothing specified). (Reverse side) Statement from the Personnel Department asking for a “frank opinion from each employer of the work done for him.”

[melville_corr_046.jpg] Wells to Melville, June 26, 1928. Sending literature; asked Melville to inform teachers to come later to accommodate Motter’s arrival, including Miss (Blanche) Denton in Lawrence, Michigan, Miss Campbell and Mr. Glenn Argetsinger; discusses opening and closing schedule; will look for bookkeeper in Cincinnati.

[melville_corr_047.jpg] Melville to Wells, July 19, 1928, handwritten on letterhead for Manger Hotels, NYC (Hotel Wolcott). Heat wave in the city, so “have decided to light out for Toronto tonight” and provides an address.

[melville_corr_048.jpg] through [melville_corr_048h.jpg] Handwritten Melville to Wells, July 19, 1928, handwritten on letterhead for Manger Hotels, NYC (Hotel Wolcott).

048x, page 1) MISSING IMAGE
(048, page 2) Melville gives her plans to arrive at PMSS.
(048a, page 3) Asked Miss Ward at the Bureau to hire for the bookkeeper position.
(048b, page 4) Describes other arrangements at the Bureau after she is gone; going to Toronto to rest.
(048c, page 5) Lists hiring procedures in her absence.
(048d, page 6) Has offered bookkeeping job to Marie Sleeka (?).
(048e, page 7) Knows Marie slightly and “is able.” Other prospect declined due to health.
(048f, page 8) Declined another prospect due to a “complication in her private life.”
(048g, page 9) “I feel as if this job were giving me a taste of hardships ahead!” Discusses meeting with Melville in Cincinnati.
(048h, page 20) Continued discussing of meeting with Melville.

[melville_corr_049.jpg] Unsigned to Melville, November 23, 1928. Describes her “annual day in the woods” with the “down Greasy women,” mentioning Bennett Lewis, Mrs. Burns, Dehlia (sic), Ora, Creel Boggs’ little primer girl; told story of Mrs. Gay Heart and her knitting. Flooding destroyed bridges, keeping Dr. Henson away; quotes from letter from a former student; tells about the State Board of Health dentist and his work.


[melville_corr_050.jpg] Unsigned to Melville in Louisville, KY, March 2, 1929. Mrs. Bahre of New Canaan association is waiting for appeal letter to send to members; Church and School Film Service are shipping two pictures.

[melville_corr_051.jpg] Unsigned to Melville in Louisville, Kentucky, March 4, 1929. Update on received mail, including donations, requests to be admitted to School and for information.

[melville_corr_052.jpg] Unsigned to Melville in Louisville, Kentucky, March 1, 1929. Update on received mail, including donations, Miss Thornbury’s letter, recommendation for teacher position.

[melville_corr_053.jpg] Handwritten letter from Melville to Miss (Colette) Dunn(e) and Miss Andersen in Plainfield, NJ, July 2, 1929. Asks about “the office force;” hired Mrs. Potter as bookkeeper.

[melville_corr_054.jpg] Unsigned to Melville in Plainfield, NJ, July 16, 1929. Encloses letter from Montclair Association asking Melville to speak there in fall.

[melville_corr_06c.jpg] Handwritten letter from Melville to ? MISSING PAGES: WHERE DOES THIS ONE GO? “Finances are bad this year.” Unemployment; charities.

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