RUTH B. GAINES Correspondence

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 09: BIOGRAPHY – Staff
Ruth B. Gaines, Housemother & Dietitian, 1930s
Correspondence, 1930 – c.1940
Also, Remembrances of Ruth by Mabel Mullins

“Fair Day, September 1929. Marian [Kingman], Miss Pettit [Katherine Pettit], Harriet [Crutchfield], Miss [Ruth] Gaines. [?] Morrison, Brit Wilder. [kingman_084a.jpg]

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RUTH B. GAINES Correspondence

Ruth B. Gaines as Remembered by Mabel Mullins
Ruth B. Gaines Correspondence, 1930 – c.1940


[gaines_mullins_001 through gaines_mullins_008] – “Ruth Gaines as remember by Mabel Mullins” (original handwritten letter), April 28, 1980.

[gaines_001 through gaines_003] – Typewritten transcription.

Mabel Mullins to Alvin Boggs (Director): Information about Miss Gaines’ relatives and friends; Ella and Brit Wilder, a cousin, Ralph Bunnell and wife Astrid; Mary and Bob Grey, memories of Miss Gaines.


[Note: Miss Gaines’ letters are handwritten. Letters from the PMSS staff are carbon copies of typewritten letters for the office files and therefore are often unsigned. The original letters would be sent to the addressees.]

[gaines_r_001] Nov 21, 1930
(Hubert) H. Hadley, Director, to Gaines: Miss (Marian) Kingman; milk delivery.

[gaines_r_002] June 1, 1931
Evelyn K. Wells to Gaines: Miss Frances Tanner leaving Knoxville for Pine Mountain; she will notify Gilbert Lewis, etc.;

[gaines_r_003] July 6, 1931
[unsigned] “GAM” (Glyn Morris), Director, to Gaines in Granville, MA: Asks Gaines if she wants any beef from Gib Lewis.

[gaines_r_004] July 6, [no year]
Gaines to Mr. Morris: Encloses two letters with notations as guides. (Letters are missing.)

[gaines_r_005] July 10, 1931
[unsigned] “GAM” (Glyn Morris), Director, to Gaines in Granville, MA: Receipt of letters; Fourth of July: Mr. Moller and Winfield, ice cream.

[gaines_r_006] Aug 1, 1931
[unsigned] “GAM” (Glyn Morris), Director, to Gaines in Granville, MA: Sends sympathy for Gaines’ mother’s illness: Miss (Gladys) Hill.

[gaines_r_007, gaines_r_007a] n.d.
Gaines to Morris: Sent $5.00 “for the school”; Miss Hill for Country Party.

[gaines_r_008] Nov 29, 1932
Alice Cobb, Secretary, to Gaines, c/.o Mr. G.L. Gaines in Granville, MA: Miss Cold requests information about giving the annual Christmas party for the community.

[gaines_r_009, gaines_r_009a, gaines_r_009b, gaines_r_009c] n.d.
Gaines to Cobb; Provides Information about how she gave the Country Party; asks for Emily Jones’ address.

[gaines_r_010] Dec 21, 1932
Cobb to Gaines: Provides Miss Jones address in Atlanta, GA.

[gaines_r_011] Feb 2, 1933
Morris to Gaines: Acknowledges cash gift from Gaines: cutting expenses; income is one half of two years ago; silo; new bridges; need concrete roof on new vegetable cellar.

[gaines_r_012] April 26, 1939
[unsigned] to Gaines at Pine Mountain, KY; Invitation to Dogwood Breakfast on Zande House Terrace.

[gaines_r_013] Dec 17, 1940
[unsigned] to Gaines at J.C. Campbell School, Brasstown, NC: Sending a little bell marked “Laurel House, Christmas 1940″ that was given to each student, staff and board member by Mrs. Leonard Elsmith, board member; also donor of Chapel bell that rang for the first time to mark the beginning of Christmas festivities.

[gaines_r_014] n.d.
Gaines in Kinston, NC, to Morris: Thanks Morris for copy of Miss Pettit‘s service and prayer; Industrial Building.

[gaines_r_015, gaines_r_015a] n.d.
Gaines to Burton Rogers, Director: Thanks Rogers for hosting her PMSS visit; the road.


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