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Frances Lavender Album

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The Frances Lavender Album is a small album of 50 images. It covers life at Pine Mountain Settlement School during the time Frances Lavender was a nurse at the School, 1918-1919. The album also includes images shared by her colleagues while at the School and following her departure from Kentucky.

Most of the images are unique, however, many viewers of photographs from Pine Mountain Settlement School will recognize some of the more iconic images duplicated in this album and others from the School.

The condition of the album is mixed. No attempt has been made to remedy the emulsion shift which has given the color of the image an uneven quality in this album.

CONTENTS: Frances Lavender Album


Photographs 01 – 50
*Notes are from backs of photographs unless bracketed.

lave_001 Mrs. William Creech (called “Aunt Sal” by all), she and “Uncle Wm.” gave the land for Pine Mt. Settlement School, Ky. lave001.jpg (703141 bytes)
lave_002 Aunt Sal Creech. 1 yr. ago. The one I love so. lave002.jpg (631888 bytes)
lave_003 [Woman on footbridge] lave003.jpg (245355 bytes)
lave_004 [Children at play and man with umbrella to far right.] lave004.jpg (269826 bytes)
lave_005 Marguerite Parkinson and a holly tree. Sept. 19, [1918?] lave005.jpg (221720 bytes)
lave_006 Leah Shubert, book-keeper. My room-mate. June 1918. lave006.jpg (200414 bytes)
lave_007 Mary Winifred Settle, a rich Louisville girl and dear Uncle Calvin Nolan and Aunt Sarah. August 1918. lave007.jpg (193069 bytes)
lave_008 Some of our adorable big boys. Nov. 1918. lave008.jpg (179159 bytes)
lave_009 This house belongs to Mrs. Jim Coots or Mrs. Maggard. Her daughter, Marthie Spradlin has a married daughter and these are her kiddies. The 1st mentioned looks 50 years old. lave009.jpg (193449 bytes)
lave_010 Ain’t she sweet? The two Frances’. Oct. 1918. lave010.jpg (553997 bytes)
lave_011 Mrs. Fagg by the “kittle” at O.L.H. [Old Log House]. lave011.jpg (202640 bytes)
lave_012 Bonnie Baker, Maude, Virgie Saylor, Minnie Callahan, Hettie Caudill. [Indian Cliff in background.]
lave_013 [Unidentified group under large tree.] lave013.jpg (283378 bytes)
lave_014 Greetings to Miss Lavender from the Zandes — who wish they had a Cater [?] picture of Berto. He is only 5 months old in this one and has changed ever so much in 4 months. Merrie Christmas to you! Ethel de Long Zande. lave014.jpg (163932 bytes)
lave_015 I don’t know these girls but the rear horse is Bobby. — This is such a good view of our roads. lave015.jpg (261999 bytes)
lave_016 Bert in background. Baby at 1 year. lave016.jpg (183839 bytes)
lave_017 Uncle John “Fiddler” Lewis and Aunt Luise. He his [has] trachoma and is most blind. She is deaf. He philosophizes muchly. — The shack in the rear is their home. lave017.jpg (245772 bytes)
lave_018 Aunt Leah spinning. — See wool laying on the wheel and her hand in motion. lave018.jpg (209886 bytes)
lave_019 [Snow scene, location unknown.] lave019.jpg (311981 bytes)
lave_020 A typical picture. Sol Day’s children. 1918, Dec. lave020.jpg (660457 bytes)
lave_021 Minnie Callahan at Old Log House. lave021.jpg (423207 bytes)
lave_022 Some of the Mt. women at the funeralizin’ down on Rock House that Sun[day] we went to service. lave022.jpg (1210354 bytes)
lave_023 Mrs. Fagg’s little boys at Old Log House. Where I used to live. Notice 2 mill stones in fore-ground. These boys are simply adorable. lave023.jpg (1408492 bytes)
lave_024 Helen Fagg. A Boston School of Art grad. So lively and sweet. She hoed corn all summer. lave024.jpg (1224311 bytes)
lave_025 Green Cornett, the fiddler from Line Fork and Bird Turner “beating ” — He is the school teacher on Big Laurel. Fair Day. Sept. 1918. lave025.jpg (1475683 bytes)
lave_026 Fair Day. Sept. 19, 1918. First picture ever caught of K[atherine] Pettit [standing in background, center]. 1. Duncan Foster, teacher ; 2. H. Babsen, Housemother ; 3. Miss Benedict, kitchen ; 4. P. Peck, my room-mate ; 5. A Mt. woman ; 6. Miss [Katherine] Pettit ; 7. Mrs. Holton, a teacher ; 8. A Mt. woman, (Mrs. Day) ; Mrs. Zande is in the background sitting on a table with head down, knitting. lave026.jpg (1374741 bytes)
lave_027 Irvine Wooten. He drives the team of mules most of the time. He was drafted [WWI] but won’t go now. Such a good boy. lave027.jpg (544919 bytes)
lave_028 Minnie Callahan, Mossie Miniard. July 1918. lave028.jpg (182661 bytes)
lave_029 Alec Day’s front yard. Oct. 1918. lave029.jpg (181403 bytes)
lave_030 Leah Shubert. Oct. 1818. lave030.jpg (223033 bytes)
lave_031 Hallowe’en Party. Oct. 1918. I checked myself in case you can’t distinguish my features. You can’t really tell what we look like by this. lave031.jpg (176470 bytes)
lave_032 All fences are rail. A view from Far House pasture looking down Greasy. lave032.jpg (203593 bytes)
lave_033 One obstacle in the path. I was so gracefully getting by they snapped me. The way wear sweaters on tramps. lave033.jpg (1589132 bytes)
lave_034 Only part of the crowd. Marguerite Parkinson first and I was so lazy I was sitting down. — Both pictures taken on the Sun[day] trip to the Funeralizing what wasn’t. lave034.jpg (597038 bytes)
lave_035 Latest in barber shops. John D. Callahan the barber. Birchell Harris Victim. Vernon (Vernin) and Will Helton the audience. lave035.jpg (220966 bytes)
lave_036 The even Callahan’s. John D. the oldest my Castor Oil friend. Sept. 1918. lave036.jpg (343352 bytes)
lave_037 Marguerite, and one of the first Log Houses around here. lave037.jpg (237218 bytes)
lave_038 Bean Stringin’. Beans drying. Dining Room [Old Laurel House] Porch. October 1918. lave038.jpg (164299 bytes)
lave_039 A “Workin'” at Aunt Sal’s — Mrs. Zande with hat on [to right]. This is a 3 yr. old picture. lave039.jpg (301961 bytes)
lave_040 Mrs. Tillie Harris. Her husband Rat was killed by his brother Tom who spent 1 year in the pen for it and learned to read while there. lave040.jpg (238561 bytes)
lave_041 My friend Alec Day and family. There are 2 younger children. lave041.jpg (236720 bytes)
lave_042 Mrs. [Celia Cathcart] Holton and some of the School House boys with their supper at their feet. [Celia Cathcart Holton was a teacher from 1915 – 1919] lave042.jpg (193885 bytes)
lave_043 Our house. [Zande House?] lave043.jpg (402088 bytes)
lave_044 Some of our little boys. August 1918. lave044.jpg (199130 bytes)
lave_045 Some of our little boys. August 1918. [copy of above] lave045.jpg (383235 bytes)
lave_046 John D. Callahan, Enoch Harris. Old Log Gate. August. 1918. lave046.jpg (174656 bytes)
lave_047 The Alec Day Family. Oct. 1918. lave047.jpg (341080 bytes)
lave_048 [Large shingle and stone house. Location unknown.] lave048.jpg (208306 bytes)
lave_049 Some of our little boys. August 1918. [copy of above] lave049.jpg (166887 bytes)

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