FRANCES LAVENDER Correspondence and Ephemera

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 09: Personnel/Staff
Frances Lavender, Nurse ,1918-1919

FRANCES LAVENDER Correspondence and Ephemera

FRANCES LAVENDER – CORRESPONDENCE AND EPHEMERA provides the following links to the “Dear Friend” fundraising letters that were collected in an album by Frances Lavender. Miss Lavender was a PMSS nurse from 1918 to 1919.


  1. DEAR FRIEND LETTERS 1914 – IN LAVENDER ALBUM – January 2, 1914, & November 14, 1914
  2. DEAR FRIEND LETTERS 1916 – IN LAVENDER ALBUM – April 30, 1916, & September 15, 1916
  3. DEAR FRIEND LETTERS 1917 – IN LAVENDER ALBUM –  January 24, 1917
  4. DEAR FRIEND LETTERS 1935 – IN LAVENDER ALBUM –  April 26, 1935



July 14, 1928  Evelyn Wells [?]  to Frances Lavender.
Discusses the death of co-director Ethel de Long Zande and the impact on the School and on the Zande family.


March 15, 1932  Frances Lavender to Glyn Morris
Discusses her commitment to annually pledge $5.00 to Pine Mountain School and asks for an accounting of donations to date. She inquires if H.H. Hadley at Carcassone settlement is the same as the H.H. Hadley at Pine Mountain. She remembers Ruth Gaines and the fire that destroyed the first Burkham School House.

March 22, 1932  Glyn Morris to Frances Lavender
Morris responds to Lavender’s request of accounting for donations to the School.  Morris totals her contributions from 1919 until 1930 for a cumulative total of $85.00. He also reports on the new Health Association for the Pine Mountain Community and the services it provides for an on-call doctor for the valley. He notes the Health Association was well received and hopes it will be a permanent addition to service to the community.

May 5, 1932 Frances Lavender to Pine Mountain Settlement School “Friends”
Lavender thanks Morris for his letter and sends another $5.00 donation to the School, again, wishing it could be more.


October 30, 1934  Glyn Morris to Frances Lavender
Morris thanks Miss Lavender for another donation and graphically describes a difficult child-birth “down the creek” [Greasy” which resulted in a healthy baby and mother. He noted that the birth was to a mother of a very early marriage which he notes are declining in the area. He says, “We are trying to make the lives of the children as full and pleasant that they will want to wait to undertake the responsibilities of marriage and families until they are better prepared for them.”


July 16, 1935  Frances Lavender to Pine Mountain Settlement School “Friends”
Miss Lavender requests a second “song-book” of Pine Mountian ballads to replace the one she gave away. She sends a check of $5.50 to cover the book and the annual gift to the school. She asks if any of the ballads are set to music and if there is another book with music included which she would be pleased to pay for.

July 27, 1935  Glyn Morris to Frances Lavender
Director Morris writes that he will send Lavender several copies of the ballad book and she need not pay for them. He refers her to Loraine Wyman‘s published book, Lonesome Tunes, that contains many Pine Mountain ballads and their music. He notes that Mr. Brockway “has taken a little liberty with the Lonesome Tunes, but not too much.” He also recommends the collected ballads of Cecile Sharp published by Novello Company and secured through Gray Company.

August 13, 1935  Frances Lavender to Glyn Morris
Miss Lavender thanks Glyn ‘Morris for the song books and the recommendations and sends him a check for $5.50 to cover the costs as well as her annual donation.


July 26, 1944  H.R.S Benjamin [?] to Frances Lavender
Benjamin thanks Miss Lavender for her donation of $6.00 and tells her that her letter to Pine Mountian was forwarded to her friend Evelyn Wells who shared the early years at the School with Frances Lavender. Benjamin shares that “These are, as you suggest, busy days at Pine Mountain. Monday saw the first attack upon our canning. And what an attack it was! All the help we could muster, workers, students, visitors, spent morning, afternoon, and evening ‘bustin’ beans’! Thirty-five bushels of beans were converted into more than three hundred two-quart jars full. But this is only the beginning! …we remind each other.”


June 17, 1946, H.R.S. Benjamin to Mrs. Rex Truman [Frances Lavender]
Director Benjamin writes that Pine Mountain is grateful for Miss Lavender’s annual gift of $5.00.  He notes that “This Spring sixteen seniors were graduated in a service which was very much their own. They wrote and gave a reading which set forth the history of freedoms in this country and suggested areas in which freedom has not yet been achieved. Listening. we were impressed by their understanding of the problems which face their generation.” Director Benjamin congratulates Frances Lavender, now Mrs. Rex Truman, on her recent marriage.




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