HISTORY PMSS Summary 1958-1959

Pine Mountain Settlement School
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HISTORY PMSS Summary 1958-1959

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History of the Pine Mountain Settlement School

Staff Members:

Alvin Boggs, Recreation and Community Worker
Carrol Boggs, Laurel House
Lucile Boggs, Laurel House
Matthew Boggs, Night Watchman
Ruth Boggs, Teacher, 5th & 6th Grades
Jimmy Browning, Logging
Cora Lee Campbell, Teacher, 6th & 7th Grades
Gerna Campbell, Principal (Pine Mountain & Green Hills)
Fern Cornett, Laurel House
Frank Cornett, Night Watchman
Ralph Cornett, Night Watchman
Harrison Cornett, Bus Driver, Maintenance
Jess Cornett, Maintenance
Marcella Felde, Teacher, 9th and 10th grades
Maurice Felde, Teacher, 9th and 10th grades
Alice Harris, Laurel House
Polly Harris, Laurel House
Ruby Lanier, Bookkeeper
Daylo Lewis, Logging
Naomi Lucas, Nurse
Gilbert Lewis, Maintenance
Omer Lewis, Bus Driver & Maintenance
Mildred Mahoney, Teacher, 1st & 2nd Grade, Part-time Secretary
Billie McQueen, Logging
Harlan McQueen, Logging
Ann Nolan, Laurel House
Alice Pennington, Laurel House
Jess Patterson, Maintenance
Beatrice Perry, Boys House Hostess, Weaving
Mary Rogers, Volunteer Librarian
Grace Rood Nurse
Ralph Saylor, Logging
Juanita Scearse, Laurel House
Etta Bell Simpson, Laurel House
Alma Tipton, Teacher, 2nd & 3rd Grades
Dr. George Tootell, Doctor (Clinic, April, May, June)
Harriet Turner, Dietitian
Charlie Whitaker, Teacher, 7th & 8th Grades
Joyce Whitaker, Teacher, 3rd & 4th Grades

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Page 2, 1958-59

Brit Wilder, Maintenance Supervisor & Farm Manager
Ella Wilder, Office
Nan Wilson, Laurel House
Mart Baker, Big Laurel
Mrs. Chester Lewis, Line Fork
Burton Rogers, Director

Number of students: 274 (10 grades)


Traditional Events: Community Fair, Nativity Play, Weekly community folk dance parties.

30 children, plus 3 staff members, Mr. and Mrs. Cooper, Miss Shirley Wilson, of the Presbyterian Child Welfare Agency, were housed in West Wind. They had meals at Laurel House. 28 of the children were enrolled in Pine Mountain School.

Timber harvesting reduced, sheep project terminated.

Road 221 was blacktopped from 421 to Pine Mountain. The Board Chairman & Sec’y were authorized to sign documents giving right-of-way for road construction connection with the Line Fork property and along Greasy Creek.

Reported income of $62,485.86, expenditures of $45,892.21, made it possible to return $15,000.00 to endowment.

Berea music professor Margaret Allen donated her services teaching school, and giving private piano lessons, one day each 2 weeks.

Trustee Marian Kingman (former PMSS staff member) solicited funds for a Laurel House dishwasher.

Four persons from the PMSS staff and 4 teachers provided interest group activities for 7th – 10th graders on Tuesday afternoons.

Since the close of the Rural School Improvement Project, PMSS has given grants for teachers’ summer study.

The Presbyterian Child Welfare Agency’s unit at Pine Mountain was moved to Buckhorn June 30, 1959.

The Greenmont – Oak Park (Ohio) Church Youth Camp was held at Pine Mtn. again.

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Page 3, 1958-59

A Community Council was formed at Big Laurel, following the lead of the summer community development team from Earlham College.

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