PINE CONE 1942 April

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 17: PMSS Publications

PINE CONE 1942 April, Vol. 6 No. 5

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“The Junior Class Presents Shakespeare’s Midsummer NIght’s Dream: SHAKESPEARE COMES TO PINE MOUNTAIN” – Performers & assistants: Carl Farley, Paul Gilliam, Don Thompson, Hattie Sturgill, Mr. [August] Angel, Elmer Cecil, Lloyd Lewis, Lloyd Brown, Wallace Griffith, Mr. Burden, Estill Elam, Irene Garrett, Marbeth Peters, Rose Oliver, Sarah Shepherd, Nelle Shuler, Buster Blackson, Lucille Beeler, Flora Mae Ford, Thelma Centers, Louise Hawn, Miss Cold, Opal Hall, Elmer Cecil.

TOMFOOLERY FOR 1942” – In the School House; directed by Mr. [Glyn] Morris; Ben Gilliam, Jim Bishop, Malcolm Arny, Willard Enix.

“EASTER WEEK OBSERVED” – Holy Communion, baptisms, Good Friday service.

“PEABODY GROUP VISITS PINE MOUNTAIN” – A group of educators from Peabody College, Nashville, TN, visited PMSS to study how the School functions, as part of a tour of five southern states; folk dancing party; Co-op Store.

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THE PINE CONE – “A school and community paper published monthly by the students of Pine Mountain Settlement School.”

Willard Enix – Editor, Bonnie Ayers – Assistant Editor.
Reporters: Gwen Hendren, Oral Howard, Velma Peters, Charlsie Vaughn, Mary Pace, Nelle Shuler, Carl Farley, Marbeth Peters, Sarah Vitatoe, Don Thompson.
Martha Anne Keen – Adviser.

“AFTER THE WAR WE MAY HAVE another Versailles. We may have a boom in industry and business prosperity….” or we may have a depression, racial injustice. “Which path will we follow?”

“WHAT IS EASTER?” – “Here at Pine Mountain we not only give Easter Sunday to an egg hunt…but enter our chapel with the reverence and respect due our Christ….”


Page 3

“FEMININE FADS AND FASHIONS” – Denim skirts, two-piece suits on Sundays, broom-stick skirts, pinafores, junk jewelry made by the girls in mechanics class, “glamour-girl” or short curly hairstyles.

“PIANO PROGRAM” – Mr. [Arthur] Dodd’s recital at Big Log.
“BOOK REVIEW” – Two Arrows by W.O. Stoddard and The Kentuckian by John Fox Jr.

“CAMPUS COLUMN” – News about Mr. and Mrs. James Faulkner, Alice Cobb, Mr. and Mrs. Glyn A. Morris, James A. Cawood, Dr. Clark Bailey, Dr. Latham Hatcher, Lt. John Howard Young, Lt. Harnley, Mrs. Birdena Bishop, Calvin Jones, Winnetka Congressional Church students.

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MISS [Winnie] CHRISTENSEN ARRIVES” – To teach folk-dancing for the May Day program; description of her history with PMSS; Berea Festival; Miss Putnam.

“SPORTS” – Playground, Athletic Committee, softball league, list of captains.

INFIRMARY NEWS” – List of patients and their ailments.


“DIVIDE NEWS” – Mr. and Mrs. Harm Couch, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Boyer, Mr. Chris Anderson.

“LITTLE LAUREL NEWS” – Mr. and Mrs. John Wilder.

“COMMUNITY DEFENSE RALLY – Sponsored by the Junior Class.