Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 09: Staff/Personnel




October 7, 1921.  Ethel de Long to Dr. Huse
Dr. Huse:
This is just to tell you how very. very sorry I am
for the sorrow that is besetting you all. Please give my love to your mother. if she is well enough to care about it.
It is wonderful for them that you have been with them from the start.
We miss you very. very much.
Yours always most affectionately.
Dr. Grace Huse.
555 Clara Ave.
St. Louls. Mo.

October 10, 1921.
Dear Dr. Huse:
Miss Pettit has asked me, to drop you a line, asking if you
could possibly let us have your correspondence with Miss Williamson at about the clinic, or notes of your decisions
about it.

The most fragmentary form will do, but we are a bit at a loss to know what arrangements are definite so far.

We all think of you often, and much as we miss you here,  we are all glad that you can be where you ought to be just now.
Sincerely yours,
Evelyn K. Wells, Secretary

Dr. Grace Huse
535 Clara  Ave.
St. Louis, Mo.

October 13, 1921.
Dear Dr. Huse: I think that busy as you are, you will want to know the status of the clinic, It is to be held on Octoer 31st and NOvember 1st., and there are two doctors and MIss Williamson coming.
Miss Sudo [Maya Sudo, nurse]  is a treasure. She has made examinations of all the childrn and we are getting permission so that there will be no delay. Then we shall have Miss Petrs and Miss Medcalf to hep afterwards.
No more now, bu my love to you.
Faithfully yours,
Dr. Grace Huse
535 Clara Ave.
St. Louis, Mo
EZ: W [Ethel de Long Zande]

March 28, 1922
To the Wokers at Pine Mountain, from the Executive Committee.
When there were just two houses at Pine Mountain, and as we sat around the fire after the children had gone to bed, we visited nightly with the whole staff, everbody was in pretty close touch with things at the school ad in any ways we could pull together more effctively thab we can now. For instance, everybody knew whe we were particularly poor, and when any sums of money cae in over which we particularly rejoiced. Everybody kew what a hand-to-mouth struggle life was.
We have thought now that you might like to hav in black and white certain facts that are daily realities here, which you may have escaped knowing because of the lack of intimate contact.
Although we now have a pretty complete plant at Pine Mountain we are really a desperately poor school, ever ore than we were in our early growing days. There are may time when we do not know within two days of the [?] to send out salary checks, whether we shll be able to pay them.  Our last fall’s grocery bills have not been met.
Our yearly budget, covering expense of running this school, the Medical Settlement and Line Fork, is  $50,000.00

Our annual subscriptions amount to about $13,000

Our annual income from endowment is about $1m275

Making a total income of  $14,275

And a balance to raise of  $33,725,00

We try to add something to our endowment yearly, but business conditions outside are bot favorable just ow for a very general appeal. We ought, therefore, all to work together to increase the number of our annual subscribers or secure money gifts. If you don’t want to approach people yourselves, and could give us the names of people who might be interested because of your connections with the school, we would be glad to try to interest them from here. We feel that if you are all clear on the actual financial standing of the school, you can give people a better impression of it, as a work that needs support as well as enthusiastic interest. Don’t go away without literature which you can use.

If you have any suggestions as to the more economical running of the school, let us talk about them at our next meeting. Certainly, we must do without anything that is in the nature of a luxury, and hold ourselves down only to essentials, until we have a much larger proportion of our annual expenses guaranteed from one year to the next. While we, personally, and as a school, dislike to talk poverty, we believe it is necessary if the constructive work the school is doing is to go on, that we let people know of the school’s struggle for existence, which matches pretty well the severity of our neighbors’ struggle for existence.






















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