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Florence Reeves: Housemother 1922

Florence Reeves was at Pine Mountain Settlement School only for a short time in 1922.  Her experience at the School, however, had a lasting impression on her and the School was fortunate that some of her personal collection was shared with the School.

Very little is known of Florence Reeves.  Her letter to Miss Pettit suggests she was living in Ward 2 103 Claremont Avenue, Montclair, Essex, New Jersey and according to the census records, she is probably the Florence Reeves in the 1940 census for Montclair. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles I. Reeves, a prominent family in Montclair.  She was born in 1880 and her age at Pine Mountain was 42.  Likely her experience as a director of a kindergarten made her a good choice for the work at Pine Mountain.

In her letter of June 7th, 1934, to Miss Pettit she reflects on her time at Pine Mountain and notes that she has published a small article about her experiences at the School and her encounters with “Aunt” Phronie.  The article is included in her collected materials that were sent to the School.  She was friend of Pine Mountain worker, Edna Fawcett with whom she stayed in contact through the years. Fawcett was a weaver and she continued to weave after leaving Pine Mountain. Phronie was well known for her knowledge of natural dyes and for her weaving.

She was apparently a graduate of Smith College in 1901 at age 21 and was employed for a time as director of a public school kindergarten in Montclair, New Jersey.

1922, the brief time that Frances was at the School, was a formative year for the institution, as many key staff departed for other work and some previous staff members, such as Miss Melville returned to the School to assist with its administration. There was considerable staff turn-over during this time. It is not know if Miss Reeves was hired as a short-time worker or if she did not find the work environment agreeable.

The materials that Florence Reeves left to Pine Mountain capture the fascination she and others had for the community that surrounded the School.  Many of the workers had had little opportunity to work with populations such as those in eastern Kentucky and many of the cultural traits held special fascination for them .  Florence Reeves was one such staff member.  She had a special ear for ballads, language and the many stories and conversations that swirled around her as she worked with the children at the school as their Housemother and with the parents of many of the children.  Her notes and letter reflect her profound experiences as she sought to both be observer and participant.



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Core documents, correspondence, writings, and administrative papers of Florence Reeves.

Documents, images and ephemera donated by the Reeves Family. Includes transcription of conversations, ballads, stories and anecdotal information on contacts with children and community while Frances Reeves was serving as Staff at the School.

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Ethel de Long Correspondence

[prior to March 9, 1919]  [Florence Reeves] to Ethel.  “Ethel, my dear,— On Wednesday morning I mailed three boxes to you containing ‘hit’s things’—I hope they reach you safely and in time.”  [three index cards in envelope to Arabella postmarked March 9, 1919]