ETHEL S. NORTON Scrapbook and Photograph Album Part 4

Pine Mountain Settlement School
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Ethel S. Norton Scrapbook and Photograph Album
Part 4

ETHEL S NORTON Scrapbook and Photograph Album Part 4

Laurel House I with swimming pool and logging railroad tracks before their removal.  c. 1920.  [norton_125.jpg]

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ETHEL S. NORTON Scrapbook and Photograph Album Part 4

The ETHEL S. NORTON SCRAPBOOK AND PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM, donated to the PMSS Collections by her stepdaughter, is divided into Parts 1 through 4. It is an extensive documentation of the life of Ethel S. Norton (Jordan) while teaching fifth and sixth-grade classes at Pine Mountain Settlement School in 1927. Ethel came to Pine Mountain in the same year she graduated from Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

CONTENTS: Scrapbook Items

[128] n.d.
[Ethel de Long] Zande note & handwritten list. See details in [129] and [130].

[129] n.d.
Closeup of Zande’s typewritten note to Miss Norton: instructions.

[130] n.d.
Closeup of item in [129]: Handwritten list of times, first names, classroom notes: Polly, Felix, Silas, Violet, Winifred, Van, Clara.

[131, 131a-131n ] September 1920
Brochure cover: “Pine Mountain Settlement School, Inc.”
Pages 1-4: History of the Pine Mountain Settlement School
Pages 5-11: Photos of Big Log House; Living Room at Far HouseSchoolhouse; Graduating Class 1920; Laurel House, Farmhouse and BarnSawmill; children dancing; Boy Scouts; women with spinning wheels
Page 12: Other Activities – Established and Proposed: The Road
Page 13: Continued; photos of road work and The Doctor
Page 14: The Medical Settlement; The Extension Work
Page 15: The Children’s Home; photos of district schoolhouse and children
Page 16: Officers; Purpose; scholarship amounts

[132] n.d.
Envelope containing brochure “Information for Workers and Visitors arriving at the Pine Mountain Settlement School and a history; W.F.P.S. pin. [See details in [133] and [160-166]

[133] ephemera, n.d.
Closeup of W.F.P.S. pin: “Enjoy Not Destroy – W.F.P.S.”

[138a, 138b, 138c] April 1, 1925
Fundraising letter from de Long Zande to “My dear Friend”: “Our Students” (Fair Annie) with photo of girl; “Our Neighbors” (Shepherd family) with photo of distant building; “Our Contributors” with photo of creek.

[151-153] February 1926
Magazine article by Geddes Smith titled “Pine Mountain” in “The Woman Citizen”; photos of Laurel House, Farmhouse (?), Uncle William, woman and children on horse.

[154] April 25, [no year]
Newspaper clipping about Margaret P. Humes: “Kentucky Girl Quits Life of Ease; Brings Cheer to Mountain Homes.”

[155] n.d.
Pledge card for “The Junior Flower League”; clipping “Trail of Lonesome Pine Now a Concrete Highway”; photo of coal mine.

[156-158] n.d.
Closeup of each item in [155].

[159] n.d.
Newspaper clipping, “There Ain’t No Such Animals” with photo of  Fiddler John Lewis and Aunt Louisa Lewis.

[160-166] n.d.
Brochure: “Information for Workers and Visitors arriving at the Pine Mountain Settlement School”: Railroad Connections; Map (of logging train, mule trail and wagon road, path, railroad, motor road),; Motor Road; Trip Across Pine Mountain; Luggage; Mail; Telegrams; Clothing; Board; General Advisory Board; Purpose; contribution card.

[167-175] n.d.
Pages from a brochure: Published photos of “William Creech, Founder”; “Path from our Kitchen Door across the Limestone Branch in the Springhouse”; Laurel House & Cabbages; “From the Trail…”; “Neighbors Passing”; “Laurel House Family”; Chapel; district school children; cooking

[176, 177] n.d.
Page from a brochure: “Uncle William’s Reasons. October 1913.”

[178] n.d.
Page from a brochure: Resident Executive Committee & Board of Trustees

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