ADMIN GENERAL Rules and Regulations Guide

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Rules and Regulations Guide

ADMINISTRATIVE General Rules and Regulations Guide

PMSS Black Book, Title Page. [pmss_black_book__title.jpg]

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ADMIN GENERAL Rules and Regulations Guide

Throughout the course of the Pine Mountain Settlement School’s institutional history, there has been a need to have in place sets of rules and regulations that would assist in the governance of the behavior of both students and workers while at Pine Mountain Settlement School.

The following are just a few of those governing tools that were put into place by varying principals, directors, the State of Kentucky, the County of Harlan, and other parties of importance to the smooth governance of the institution.

One of the most interesting of these civic-minded tools was a little book referred to as the “Black Book,” seen above.

The following is a growing list of all rules and regulations found throughout the history of this over the 100+-year-old institution. These public-facing guidelines can reveal much about the changes that have been made in our relationship with many social interactions. For example, Miss Katherine Pettit‘s disdain comes through in her ban on silk stockings and furs. Another director had a low tolerance for chewing gum. Liquor in any form was not tolerated for many years at the School. “Proper” dining etiquette was maintained throughout the communal meals of the Boarding School. There were rules in the workplace to keep staff and students safe from injury from machinery or animals. there were rules about “staying on trails” — still a good idea!

There were also rules governing fiduciary responsibility. Students were expected to pay their debts on time and in full if possible. Tracking all incoming funds and outgoing monies was critical to the survival of the institution. Therefore, there were rules governing these transactions that were not just local but extended to the Federal expectations of the day.

Rules and Regulations Guide

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