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Term Paper Guidelines


EDUCATION Term Paper Guidelines

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EDUCATION Term Paper Guidelines 1942




  1. Search the library carefully for all books that might throw any light on your subject. Include chapter and page number.
  2. Make a complete bibliography—keep a duplicate copy in some safe place—, it will save you time if the original is misplaced.
  3. Have a special five-cent notebook and keep nothing in it but notes and material for this paper.
  4. Make a rough preliminary outline before you begin extensive readings, This will enable you to classify your notes under the proper headings.
  5. As a rule it is better to read a chapter over before beginning to take notes,
  6. Where ever you wish to quote a source verbatim, make certain that you use quotations marks and in a footnote give title and author of book. Paper is unacceptable unless this is done.
  7. Before beginning final draft of paper make a detailed outline and stick to it in the development of your paper.
  8. Paper must be typed on unruled white paper. (plainly written in ink will be acceptable)
  9. Final outline must be gone over by instructor before work on paper is started.
  10. Paper is due on May 1st.


  1. The Revolutionary Period
  2. The Monroe Doctrine and Its Place in our Foreign Policy
  3. The Spanish American War
  4. Railroads and Their Part in the Development of the Nation
  5. The Life of Jefferson
  6. The Life of Jackson
  7. The Causes of the Civil War
  8. The Road America Followed into World War I
  9. Life in the South Before the Civil War
  10. The Industrial Revolution Brings New Problems to Civilization
  11. Life of Lincoln
  12. Kentucky Pioneers
  13. Life of Woodrow Wilson
  14. The Conquest of Mexico
  15. The Conquest of Peru
  16. Life of George Washington
  17. Making the American Constitution
  18. Period of Exploration
  19. Sketches of All American Wars
  20. Life of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  21. Winning the West
  22. Analysis of Causes Leading to World War II
  23. History of Immigration to the United States
  24. Cooperative Movement in the United States
  25. History of the Southland, Showing Major Problems of the  […?]

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