PINE CONE 1938 October

Pine Mountain Settlement School
PINE CONE 1938 October, Vol. 6 No. 2

Pine Cone 1938 October

Pine Cone 1938 October, p. 1. [pinecone_1938_10_001.jpg]

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PINE CONE 1938 October, Vol. 6 No. 2


Page 1 (Cover)
Vol. VI, No. II [notation: “Oct.”]
Pine Mountain Settlement School
Pine Mountain, Kentucky

Page 2 (Editorial Staff)
Student Publication of the
Pine Mountain Settlement School
Pine Mountain, Kentucky

John Blanton
Lucille Christian
Charles Smith
Ruth Shuler
Burton Creech
Geneva Miller
Maxine Holbrook
Ruby Ayers

Set-up and Printed by Students of the Pine Mountain
Settlement School, Pine Mountain, Kentucky

Page 3
“Our World” by Wilbur Wilder
“The Turn of the Year” by Stella Taylor
“They Pass” by Lucille Christian
“Autumn Days Creep By” by Ruby Ayers
“Autumn Breeze” by Burton Creech

Page 4
The Ledger: A Laconic Annal of School Events by Lucille Christian
Sept. 17 – Movie, “Rubbles of Red Gap,” and two cartoons were shown at Laurel House.
Sept. 18 – Guests: Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gordon and Mrs. Rasmus H. Krog of Plainville, NJ.
Sept. 21 – “…the first day of a series of dinners given by the Home Management class. Each week Ruth Shuler and Arnie will give a dinner for six workers, including Mr. and Mrs. Morris at Zande House.”
Sept. 22 – “…the fourth performance of ‘Tomfoolery,’ to be given October 28th, was begun.”
Sept. 26 – Movie, with Wayne Browning as commentator, was shown. It was taken by Mr. [Arthur} Dodd on a recent trip to the West Indies with [Fred] Burkhard, Jim Livengood, [August] Angel and Wayne Browning.
Sept. 26 – School dismissed for the afternoon for 3 hiking groups; picnic supper at Big Log Lean-To.
Sept. 27 – Guests: Mrs. W.O. Bullock of Lexington & friends.
Oct. 2 – Chapel speaker: Dr. Frank C. Foster, President of Asheville (NC) Normal School on “Freedom.”
Oct. 6 – Sones-Harry achievement test for High School given to Senior High students.
Oct. 7 – Assembly talk by Dr. [Wilmer S.] Lehman on “What we need in our communities.”
Oct. 7 – Movie, “The Bodies’ Defense Against Disease,” shown in the science room.
Oct. 9 – Concert in Vespers by organist Gertrude Chaney of Berea and her pupil, Miss Tochika Katsumata from Japan.
Oct. 9 – Talk by Rev. Ellsworth M. Smith in the Chapel on “Does Heredity and Environment really make us what we are?”

Page 5
Oct. 10 – Lecture in the Science Room by Rev. Smith on “Cooperative Credit Unions.”
Oct. 11 – Mountain Day, including a walk to the Tower led by Mr. Morris and Mr. Young. After supper, dancing party and movie, “Wheels Through Africa, shown by visitor C.A. Covert of Greenwood, IN.
Oct 13 – “Winners of the Silver Jubilee poster contest, sponsored by Mrs. Leonard Elsmith of NYC were: Ruby Ayers, Wilbur Wilder and Christa Bell Creech.
Oct. 14 – Two-act comedy in School House, “Thet Fust Class Mule.” See list of actors, costumers, and play director.
Oct. 15 – Community Day, including ballad-singing, reading of the school history by Mr. P.V.Cole, singing by Abner Boggs, English country dancing and set-running, and exhibition in Industrial Building.
Oct. 16 – Baseball game between Pine Mountain and Big Laurel.
Oct. 17 – Talk by Mrs. C.B. Guthrie of Yancy, KY, on her travels.


Page 6
“WITH THE ALUMNI” by Mary Louise Williams. Alumni news about:
Ruth Christian ’38
Winfield Cornett ’33
Nancy Jude ’38
Grace Lewis married Frank Taylor of Big Laurel.
Alonzo Turner ’36 – assistant teacher of set-running at PMSS.
Harry Frost ’36

“TO PUBLISH BOOK SOON” – At Home in the Hills; Pine Mountain Press; wood & linoleum cuts by John A. Spelman III; describes locations that are depicted; students to print and hand bind 1,000 copies.

“SCHOOL TAKES MOVIE OF ITSELF” – “…Mr. Morris and Mr. Wilson have been taking motion pictures of school activities….”, such as English Country dancing, the Big Log girls, silo, and swimming pool activities.

“CONSUMERS CO-OPERATIVE STORE REORGANIZED” – “To date 509 shares have been sold. The value of the store stock is about $140.” The supervisor is Miss Gladys Hill, senior partner is Theodore Collins, and junior partner is Helen Ruth Cornett.

Page 7
“CURRENT EVENTS” As Interpreted by Burton Creech; Pine Mountain Settlement School
Pine Mountain, Kentucky; Czechoslovakia and annexation of Sudenten area by Hitler.

Page 8
“ATHLETE’S FOOT” by Dr. Lehman

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