PINE CONE 1948 November

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 17: PMSS Publications

PINE CONE 1948 November, Vol. 13, No. 2


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The Pine Cone, Vol. XIII No. 2, November, 1948
[handwritten, upper right: “Miss Nace“]
[Print of cabin in landscape]

Inside A

Editor — Bonnie Reynolds
Associate Editor — Leone Sturgill
Cover Editor — Bobbie Jean Johnson
Business Managers — Walter Blackson & Ray Bird
Feature Editor – Kitty Wilkes
Printer — Ray Bird
Advisor — Miss Mary Ruth Heil

Page 1
“Editorial” – Bonnie Reynolds [Being thankful]
“Taking Chances” – Margaret Slusher [Dangers of leaving campus without permission]
“Armistice Day” – Leone Sturgill

Page 2
“Two Staff Members Leave” – Earl Brown [Due to ill health: Mrs. Hottenstein, Far House housemother and Big Log; Miss Becker, infirmary nurse]
Mr. [Arthur] Dodd‘s Picture” – Harold Caudill [Dodd’s photo of Ayrshire herd on cover of November 1948 The Country Gentleman]
“The Molasses ‘Were’ Boiling” – Clayton Sturgill [Students walk to visit stir-off of sweet cane sorghum by Henry Creech, son of Uncle William]

Page 3
“Mountain Day” – Walter Blackson [Mr. [H.R.S.] Benjamin, Director, in hiking clothes announces traditional hike to Putney Tower]
“The Day I was Left Behind” – Birdie Miniard [To help in hospital; uses Mr. Henderson’s telescope to see hikers and reflector to communicate with them.]

Page 4
“With the Juniors on Mt. Day” – Joe Bramlett, Ozal Caldwell, Beatrice Gambrel, LeRoy Baker, Dick Yates, Bob Hall, Geraldine Boggs, Janice Spencer [Each describes his or her experience.]

Page 5-7
“Mr. Scoville” [Mrs. Alice Barry, former worker, and her father, Mr. Scoville, visit campus, gives nature talk; the students write as follows]:

“I. Mr. Scoville’s Hunting Trip” – Shirley Boggs
“II. Mr. Scoville’s Talk” – Jean Carol Warren
“III. Mr. Scoville” – Bess Taylor [About Mr. and Mrs. Barry, former P.M. workers, and Mr. Scoville]
“Mrs. Barry’s Visit” – Geraldine Boggs

“Staff Summers (continued from October)” – Bobbie Jean Johnson [Miss Gladys Hill, Alice Cobb, Eulalie Osgood Grover, Mr. Grover (Rollins College President), Don Waters, Lucille Christian McKinney]

Page 8
“Home Economics Girls Entertain” – Margie Bennett [Four senior girls served dinner to staff members, Mrs. Little, Miss Becker, Miss (Mary Ruth) Heil, and Hobart Wilder; also a breakfast for Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin, Miss Davis and Miss Binford.]
“An Interview with the Bradshaws” – [Mr. Bradshaw, brother of worker Mrs. Holsinger, was a mathematician interested in converging series theory.]

Page 9
The Pine Cone Eight Years Ago – Expert Jelly Maker Tells Ghost Stories” [Repeat story of visit with Christopher Anderson, former P.M. nightwatchman, who has since died.]
“Autumn” – Clarence Tolliver

Page 10
“Squirrel Hunting” – Ralph Scott
“Hiking” – Darwin Lewis

Page 11
“English Friends” – Jane Shirley to Leone Sturgill [Correspondence between school students at Moira House School (Eastbourne, Sussex, England) and Miss Spinney’s junior English class]

Page 12
“Around the Campus” – Leone Sturgill [Department reports]

Page 13
“Coon Hunting” – Darwin Lewis

Page 14
“A Bit of a Doctor’s Day” – Bonnie Reynolds [Student assists Dr. Elizabeth Henderson bi-weekly clinic at Cedar Chapel]

Page 15
“Four Men Shall Mow My Meadow” – Bobbie Jean Johnson [May Gadd visits P.M. to teach folk dancing and Morris Dance; accompanied by Miss Averil, violinist]

Page 16
“George: Dear Pine Mountain School” – [George (of the Gorge)]*

Page 17
“Wondering” – Kitty Wilkes
“Early to Rise” – Christine Irvin [Breakfast preparation at Laurel House by the girls in nine-week shifts]

Page 18
“Hallowe’en” – Correna Cornett [Student party at Laurel House]

Page 19
“Sports” – Walter Blackson ; Earl Brown [Softball competitions with Putney]

Page 20
“Autumn Landscape” [poem]
“Mountain Murmurs”, “Table Clatter and Chatter”, “Campus Politics”– George of the Gorge* Myrtle [Campus events and people]

Page 21-22
“Laurel House” – Leone Sturgill [Poem]

Inside B
Pine Cone Calendar of Coming Events: Boys’ Houses Entertain, Thanksgiving Vacation, “The Late George Apley”, P.M. [WLW] Broadcast in “Builders of Destiny”, Dancing Party, “Kentucky”, The Nativity Play

Back Cover
[Print with Thankgiving theme]

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