WELLS RECORD 03 PMSS 1917-1918

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 03: Histories
Series 09: Staff/Personnel
Series 10: Built Environment


[Page 9] Annual record of construction, staff, student occupancy, gifts and events of the year. Note that some names and details have been expanded or alphabetized for clarity.

TAGS: built environment ; buildings ; Laurel House I ; Barn ; Far House ; Mary Sinclair Burkham Memorial School House I ; Lumber House ; Chicken House I ; chickens ; Farm House ; children ; students ; statistics ; gifts ; donations ; Mary S. Emery ; Reservoir ; water supply ; Cecil Sharp ; Maud Karpeles ; Country Dancing ; dancing ; Kentucky Running-Set ;


Corn Crib built
Reservoir finished, cost $6,695
Mary Sinclair Burkham Memorial School House finished.
Zande House, begun


*New workers

*Miss Alice Andrews, Housemother
*Miss ? Bobbins [Summer worker?]
*Mrs. Helen Briscoe
*Miss Harriet Butler, 1918-23 Big Laurel Nurse
Miss Marguerite Butler
*Mrs. ? Croft [or, Craft ?], Summer worker
*Miss ? Croft [or, Craft?], [Summer worker ?]
Mr. Leon Deschamps
*Mrs. Helen Durgin
*Miss Helen Fagg
*Mrs. E.B. Fagg
*Miss Fawcett, 1917-19 Teacher, Farm, Housemother
*Mr. Duncan Foster, 1918 Teacher
Miss Ruth Gaines
*Mrs. Wayne Hanson
**Miss Celia Cathcart Holton
*Miss Frances Horwitz
Dr. Grace Huse, 1918-23, Doctor
*Miss Ethel Irwin, 1918 Summer worker
*Mrs. ? Lansing
*Miss Gertrude Lansing, 1918-19 Farm
*Miss Frances Lavender, 1918-19 Nurse
Miss Angela Melville
*Miss Virginia Helm Milner, 1918 Summer worker
*Miss Julia Minshall, 1918 Housemother
*Miss Marguerite Parkinson, Teacher and Housemother
*Mrs. Jeanette Peabody, 1919, 1924 Summer,          Housemother
*Miss Carol Peabody.1919 Summer worker
*Miss Margaret Peabody, 1919 Summre worker
*Miss Margery Peck, 1918-19 Office
Miss Katherine Pettit
*Mrs. Clark Rogers, 1918 Summer worker
*Miss Sandstrom,  Esther, 1919-20 Nurse
*Miss Edith Scott, 1918-19 Office bookkeper
Miss Joy Secor
*MIss Mary Winifred Settle, Teacher
*Miss Leah Schubert
Miss Wilmer Stone
Miss Evelyn K. Wells
*Mrs. Laura Whitmore
**Miss Ethel de Long Zande
Mr. Luigi Zande


Capacity,  70