HISTORY PMSS Summary 1973-1974

Pine Mountain Settlement School
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PMSS Summary 1973-1974

The Green Book: Teaching Ecological Concepts Outdoors. 1974. [ee_green_book_000x.jpg]

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HISTORY PMSS Summary 1973-1974


History of the Pine Mountain Settlement

Staff Members:

Roberta Blomberg, E. E.
Boyd Boggs, Maintenance
Matthew Boggs, Night Watchman
Ruth Boggs, Supervisor of Laurel House and Guest House, Bookkeeper
Asbel Browning, Maintenance
Lorraine Browning, Laurel House
Stephanie Burchfield, Volunteer Mav 6 – 28
Joann Burtard, Volunteer May 6 – 18
Amy Butler, E. E. Volunteer and Library
Vernon Conley, E. E. one-half time
Jess Cornett, Maintenance
Trudi Curell, Secretary
Afton Garrison, E. E. staff
Alice Harris, Laurel House
Nat Kuykendani [Kuykendahl?], E. E. staff
E. Gilbert Lewis, Maintenance
Omer Lewis, Maintenance
Naomi Lucas, West Wind, Laurel House
Jess Patterson, Maintenance (during sorghum period)
Steve Riemer, E. E.
Mary Rogers, Librarian, E. E. staff
Peter Rogers, E. E. staff (part-time)
John Rupe, E. E. staff (until Dec, 15)
Nancy Sather, E. E. Staff, Summer, 1974
Marilyn Schugar, E. E. (May 10 – June 23)
Marlyn Smith, Maintenance
Peter Westover, Environmental Education Coordinator
Brit Wilder, Maintenance Supervisor & Farm Manager
Ella Wilder, Office Receptionist
Mildred Wilder, Laurel House
Sunny Williamson, E. E. July – Sept. 1
Burton Rogers, Director Emeritus
Alvin Boggs, Acting Director, Appointed Director October 1973
Linefork Cabin rented to Mike Lewis, then Hayward Creech.


Martha D., Katinka V.

Traditional Events:

Community Fair, Nativity Play (Green Hills Choir sang before the play).


Page 2, 1973-74

Other Events:

Rev. Alvin Boggs was named Director of PMSS, Burton Rogers, Director Emeritus. The Trustees presented a Celestron telescope in honor of Burton Rogers.

Trustees voted to sell the Big Laurel Medical Settlement property to Alvin Boggs.

There were college level “December” and “January” terms at PMSS.

There was serious consideration of attempting to have Greasy Creek designated a “Wild River”. The required conditions were too strict for many property owners to accept. An alternate plan was presented, in hope that it would be acceptable. Three buildings, West Wind, Boys House and the E. E. office were renovated to meet fire safety requirements. The maintenance crews attended to renovations and repairs, replaced bridges, “boiled down” 148 gallons of sorghum, kept up the water supply, built a shelter at Open House Hollow (former site of Open House, which burned), and constructed a greenhouse.

New payroll taxes, new insurance programs, new minimum wage scale contributed to the largest PMSS budget ever.

Brit Wilder retired in May. In appreciation of his long, valuable service to PMSS Trustees voted to construct a water line from PMSS campus water mains to the Wilder residence. Omer Lewis replaced Brit as maintenance supervisor.

Rebecca Ayars resigned from the Board of Trustees, and was named an Honorary Trustee. Nancy Sather was elected to the Board of Trustees to completed Mrs. Ayars’ term.

The Environmental Education staff published “The Green Book: Teaching Ecological Concepts Outdoors,” to help teachers in other schools use facilities they have for Environmental Education.

A summer program housed at Pine Mountain served a unit of emotionally disturbed children from Florida, under the guidance of Harlan County native Preston Lewis.

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