GLADYS HILL Correspondence Part 2

Pine Mountain Settlement School
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GLADYS HILL Correspondence Part 2

GLADYS HILL Correspondence Part 2
July 16, 1940 – January 28, 1952

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CONTENTS: GLADYS HILL Correspondence Part 2


[050] July 16, 1940
[unsigned] to Hill in Richmond, KY: Relaying message from Glyn Morris, Director, that teachers should arrive during Youth Guidance Institute (Aug 24 – 31) or on Sept 5th.

[052] Aug 17, 1940
Hill to Morris: “Papa passed away last night.” Will return to school as early as possible.

[053] Aug 21, 1940
Hill to Morris: Appreciates Morris’s call; Arrival information.


[071] n.d. Memorandum: Miss Hill is engaged to teach for school year 1941-42; terms of employment.

[051] Aug 7, 1941
[unsigned] to Hill, c/o Mrs. Clyde J. Adams, Tappahannock, VA: Arrive at school on Aug 28 for teachers’ meeting and school opening; “Fresh airers” presented “Sleeping Beauty” dramatization.

[054] Aug 26, 1941
Hill to Morris: Arrival plans; “I spent a week visiting coops in New York City and Philadelphia…Wait until you see the July issue of Consumers Cooperation magazine!”


[055] Feb 28, 1942
Morris via Western Union to Mr. Charles Wegener, Whispering Sands, Sarasota, FL: “Regret trouble for you, Hill decided visit sister. Deeply grateful.”

[056] Mar 1, 1942
Hill in Richmond, KY, to Morris: Hill’s plans to visit Bradenton Beach, FL, for 2 weeks.”I am feeling much better. I am taking treatments this week and will get two weeks of sunshine.”

[057] Mar 7, 1942
Hill to Morris: Describes recuperation in Florida; thanks Morris for all his help.

[058] Mar 13, 1942
Don W. Hill to Morris [handwritten]: Thanks Morris for “being so kind to Gladys. We appreciate the fact that you took her to see Dr. (Clark) Bailey….”

[059] Aug 24, 1942
Hill in Tappahannock, VA, to [Arthur] Dodd: Thanks “Dodd” for card and letter with news; will teach math class. [059a] Page 2: Ordering samples of new texts.

[060] Aug 24, 1942
Hill in Richmond, KY, to Dodd: Order more copies of “Useful Mathematics” by Dunn, Allen, Goldthwaite and Potter.

[061] April 11, 1942
Morris to Hill: Contract with PMSS for Hill to teach September 1, 1942 – May 31, 1943; Salary terms. Signed by Hill, Evelyn K. Wells (Chairman of Personnel Committee), and Morris.

1943 & 1945

[062] April 20, 1943
[William D. Webb (Acting Director) to Hill: Contract with PMSS for Hill to teach September 1, 1943 – May 31, 1944; terms of employment. Signed by Hill, Evelyn K. Wells (Chairman of Personnel Committee, and Webb.

[063, 063a] Aug 16, 1943 [letterhead: Mrs. Clyde J. Adams, Richmond, VA]
Hill to Webb: Thanks Webb for the news; will arrive with Helen Kingsbury.

[064] Aug 19, 1943 [letterhead: Mrs. Clyde J. Adams, Richmond, VA]
Hill to Webb: Arrival plans; forwarding address: c/o Mrs. J.C. Frazier, Buffalo, WV.

[065, 065a] Aug 6, 1945
Postcard: “Edgar Allan Poe Shrine, Richmond, VA.”
[reverse side of postcard] Hill to Dorothy Nace: Thanks Nace for letter; arrival date.


[066] Aug 16, 1947
[unsigned] to Hill: Asks if Hill will give up her room to Miss Lanier [Ruby Lanier].

[067] Aug 19, 1947
Hill to Nace: Thanks Nace for bus ticket and letters; gives permission to move her belongings to accommodate Miss Lanier ; keys ; bookcase previously owned by Vera Hackman ; Lois Finn and Mrs. Bishop [Birdena Bishop] donated 2 bookcases. Thanks to Mr. [H.R.S.] Benjamin, Director, for his letter; arrival plans.

[068] Aug 19, 1947
[unsigned] to Hill: Arrival dates for Miss Christensen, Miss Merrill, Mr. Nichols.


[069a, 069] Aug 23, 1948
[069a] Page 1: Hill in Richmond, VA, to Mr. Benjamin: Staying with sister and family; will visit Alice Cobb at Huckleberry Mountain; …IMAGE OF REVERSE SIDE OF 069a IS MISSING.

[069] Page 2: Arrival date; Had dinner with Lucille Christian McKinney, Pine Mt. graduate, George McKinney, husband, and Helen Fresce ; all 3 are Berea graduates. George McKinney works for the Federal…[069b – reverse side of page 2]…Reserve Bank in Richmond, VA; Helen Fresce teaches weaving at R.P.I. [Rochester Polytechnic Institute].

[070] Aug 24, 1948
Hill to Nace: Leaving for visit with the Cobbs at Huckleberry Mt; then to Pine Mt.

[071] n.d.
Christmas Vacation Memorandum: Miss Hill’s schedule; will be charged board of $5.00 for the week she is staying during the vacation period.


[072] June 7, 1949
Hill to Mr. Benjamin: Hill requests statement from W. B. Walker that Hill taught in high school at Campton, KY, during 1928-1929 school year; asks that PMSS send copy from her file to Miss Louise Combs, Frankfort, KY., and Mr. Cawood.

[073] June 9, 1949
Hill to Burton Rogers, Director: In order to get her life certificate for teaching in KY public schools, Hill requests that a statement from W. B. Walker that Hill taught in high school at Campton, KY during 1928-1929 school year be sent from her file to Miss Louise Combs and Mr. Cawood. Margaret Motter is sending recommendation for 1929-30, 1930-31; indicating that Hill taught 3 consecutive years after graduation. [073a] Cannot locate Mr. Walker.

[074] July 4, 1949
Hill at Radford (VA) College to Burton Rogers: Attending a small college for a month; observing teaching of 5th and 6th grades in the McGuffey Elementary School and taking a course in methods. [074a] Page 2: Asks to arrive at PMSS early instead of returning to Richmond.
[074b] Miss Combs has not returned my certificate yet.

[075] July 7, 1949
[unsigned, possibly Burton Rogers] to Hill at Radford (VA) College: PMSS staff updates concerning Miss Binford, Sally (?), Ida Cornett (hospital staff); Hill’s room will be in Laurel House with Miss Parker; Hill can work for her week’s vacation stay at PMSS by serving as Laurel House hostess to visitors and supervising kitchen workers (Janice, Mona Sue, Marjorie Harris, Delphia Baker); Mrs. Holsinger, housemother; Miss Ruby; Miss Davis; work will begin on West Wind hospital ; Heid, Lonnie, and J.A. at Boys House with Hobart ; the Tuckers ; Brit ; Junior Boggs ; Mr. and Mrs. LaRue ; hope to sell milk to Chappell Dairy in Baxter ; installed a milking machine ;

[076] July 10, 1949 : [letterhead seal: “Radford College Women’s Div. of V.P.I, Radford, VA”]
Hill to Burton Rogers: Thanks Burton for a letter; agrees to live and work in Laurel House;
[076a] Page 2: Hope Miss Binford can return. [076b] Page 3: Hill confirms that she will be a paid worker for August; glad to have attended Radford; Travel plans. [076c] Page 4; Hill sorry that she will miss seeing the Rogers family.

[077] July 12, 1949
Burton Rogers to Hill in Radford, VA: Staff updates: Ida Cornett, Sally, Miss Binford; Hill’s work assignments; Dorothy Nace has been given a Standard Elementary Certificate for Kentucky.


[078] July 1950
Fern Hall Hayes (Secretary to Mr. Rogers) to Hill in Richmond, VA: Needs to know the length of term of schooling that teachers and staff are taking so that Dr. Hutchins (board member) will “make the proper adjustment in helping them financially.”

[079] Aug 14, 1950
Hill to Mr. Rogers: Hill is taking two courses; child development and language arts; arrival plans ; will stay overnight with the Arnys ; [079a] Page 2: Hopes to get back to her “Laurel House abode” soon; Cawood wrote Hill that she has been placed tentatively at Pine Mt.

[080] n.d.
Burton [Rogers] to Arthur Dodd at Columbia University, NY: Asks Dodd to meet Hill en route to PMSS.

[081] Aug 17, 1950
Burton Rogers to Hill: Charlene Lewis Wilder was placed tentatively at Turkey Fork school; arrival of Georgia (Ayers) Dodd and Mr. Dodd; Dodd may be able to meet Hill in Radford en route to PMSS to avoid bus travel.

[082] n.d.
Hill at Eastern State College, Richmond, KY, to Mr. Rogers: Hill hopes her report book is correct; used (Hayes) Bunch’s adding machine to check it; Mr. Pope also checked the work; Hill registered for 6 hours in education and nutrition; ran into Geraldine, who is working, and Hoyd who hopes to continue his pre-med course.

1951 & 1952

[083] June 6, 1951
Burton Rogers to Hill at Eastern State College in Richmond, KY: Hayes Bunch found the error in the report book; updates on Dorothy (Nace), President Hutchins (Berea College & PMSS Board Member), Jess and Robert who mow the lawns.

[084] Jan 28, 1952
Hill to Mr. Rogers: Lists her education from 1928 through 1951.

[085] n.d.
CHARACTER SKETCH OF A WORKER by Lois Collins, Co-op – Description of Miss Hill as a teacher.

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