GLADYS HILL Correspondence Part 1

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 09: Biography – Staff/Personnel

GLADYS HILL CORRESPONDENCE, April 11, 1929 – January 28, 1952

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Gladys Hill, c. 1929. [hill_g_bio_086_xx.jpg]

April 11, 1929 – September 5, 1939

Note: Letters from Gladys Hill are in her own handwriting. All others are carbon copies of typewritten letters to be placed in the PMSS Office files. As the latter are not the originals, they are often unsigned. The original letters would have been signed and sent to the addressees.


[001] n.d.
Angela Melville, Member, Executive Committee, to Miss Cora Lee, Critic Teacher in Training School, Eastern Teachers’ College, Richmond, KY: Requests information about Hill’s ability to teach at PMSS. Completed form attached, dated April 11, 1929.

[002] n.d.
Angela Melville, Member, Executive Committee, to Roy B. Clark, Acting Head of Eng. Dept., Eastern Teachers’ College, Richmond, KY: Requests information about her ability to teach at PMSS. Completed form attached, dated April 02, 1929.

[003] n.d.
Angela Melville, Member, Executive Committee, to Miss Eunice M. Olson, Wolfe County Health Nurse, Campton, KY: Requests information about her ability to teach at PMSS. Completed form attached, dated April 1, 1929. [003a] April 01,1929 – reverse side of 003.

[004] March 20, 1929
Gladys Hill’s completed application blank. [004a] Reverse side of application form.

[005] Aug 31, 1929
Mary F. McKinney, Critic, Math and Science, Eastern KY State Teachers’ College “To Whom It May Concern”: Miss Gladys Hill’s experience at the college.

[006] March 13, 1929
Gladys Hill, Principal, Campton (KY) High School to Miss Margaret Motter, PMSS Principal: Interested in a teacher position at PMSS; describes education and training.

[007] March 18, 1929
[unsigned: “AM”] to Hill: Answers Hill’s letter to Miss Motter; encloses questionnaire and literature about the School; possible position in a nearby district school [Big Laurel].

[008] March 26, 1929
Hill to Melville: Returns completed application blank; sends her photograph and a letter of recommendation.

[009] Feb 15, 1929
W.B. Walker, Supt., at Campton Grade and High School “To Whom It May Concern:” Confirmation that Hill is principal at Campton for 1928-9 term and has “given perfect satisfaction.”

[010] April 1, 1929
[unsigned: “AM”] Received photograph and letter of recommendation; salary offer.

[011] April 9, 1929
[unsigned: “AM”] to Miss Hill: Offers a teaching position (7th and 8th grades) at Pine Mountain; salary offer.

[012] April 11, 1929
Hill to Angela Melville: Accepts position.

[013] April 13, 1929
Hill in Richmond, KY, to Melville: Will be in Louisville to attend KEA and suggests a meeting with any of the PMSS teachers.

[014] April 15, 1929
Melville to Hill: Gives school starting date as August 21.

[015] April 18, 1929
Melville to Hill: No one can meet her in Louisville.

[016] May 31, 1929
[unsigned] to Hill: Reminder of school opening date; details to come from Miss Motter; write to Mr. Wilson Lewis of Nolansburg, KY, to arrange for a mule.


[017] Aug 6, 1930
Gladys Hill (letterhead: Dr. J.W. Hill in Richmond, KY) to Miss Gaines: Asks for date of arrival to get Big Log in order before school starts.

[018] Aug 12, 1930
[unsigned; “HH”- Hubert H. Hadley, Director] to Hill: Big Log is ready; arrive by August 22.

[019] Nov 18, 1930
Hadley to Hill: Repair list given to Mr. Callahan; requesting wood from Mr. Moller; in favor of moving girls’ study hall to upstairs.

1931 & 1932

[020] June 1, 1931
Contract between PMSS and Hill: $65.00 a month and living for school year 1931-32. Signed by Evelyn K. Wells, Acting Director, and Hill.

[021] July 30, 1931
[unsigned; “GAM”- Glyn Morris] Director to Hill in Richmond, KY: Scheduling meeting of housemothers before school starts.

[022] Aug 10, 1931
Hill to Morris: Arrival date.

[023] July 1, 1932
Contract between Hill and PMSS for school year 1932-33 at $65.00 a month and living.

1933 & 1934

Postcards: (1) “The Sulphur Springs [WV] Greenbrier Hotel”; (2) “Old St. Paul’s Church, Norfolk, VA.” [024a] [Reverse sides of postcards] (1) August 18?, 1933, Hill to Morris: Arrival plans.
(2) August 3, 1933, Hill to Morris: Mother is ill; returning in a few weeks.

[025] Aug 7, 1933
Morris to Hill in Richmond, KY: Would like Hill’s return on August 18 for a meeting; housemother at Big Log is to be Miss Marion Frenyear.

[026] Aug 14, 1932 (sic)
Hill to Morris: Arrival plans.

[027] Aug 4, 1934
[unsigned] to Hill: Please arrive on August 22 for meetings and tea at Zande House.

[028] Aug 18, 1934
Hill to Morris: Arrival plans.

1935 & 1936

[029] Aug 23, 1935
Hill to Morris: Arrival plans.

[030] Jan 3, 1935
[Letterhead: Mrs. Julius W. Hill in Richmond, KY] Hill to Morris: Arrival plans.

[031] July 16, 1935
M.E. Mattox, Registrar, Eastern KY State Teachers College in Richmond, KY, to Morris: Encloses form that certifies Hill’s teaching experience.

[032] July 23, 1935
[unsigned] July 23, 1935
Dictated by Morris to Hill in Richmond: “You know a lot about this anyway….I expected to see Don here before this.”

[033] Aug 7, 1936
[signature not visible] to Hill: Please arrive Aug 27. “…Miss Jessie Munger, who gave us our chapel in memory of her aunt, Miss Charlotte F. Hedges, has given us a pipe organ for the chapel.”

[034] Aug 25, 1936
Hill to Morris: Arrival plans.

1937 & 1938

[035] July 19, 1937
Morris to Hill: School begins Aug 29; planning a guidance institute for Aug 25-28; please arrive on the 24th.

[036] Aug 20, 1937
Hill to Morris: Arrival plans.

[037] Dec 31, 1937
Dr. J. W. Hill in Richmond, KY certifies Hill’s health.

[041] July 29, 1938
[unsigned] to Hill: Planning for next year; Hill will teach economics, history and possibly math, and maintain the Cooperative Store; suggests several books that Hill should read in preparation. Mrs. [Alice Joy] Keith will teach science and health with assistance from Miss Goins; Miss [Edith] Cold will teach English composition and history; all should coordinate.

[038] Aug 15, 1938
[unsigned] to Hill: Encloses a list of Erpi Sound Teaching Films, developed by the Univ of Chicago as teaching aids; please submit your order.

[039] n.d.
[handwritten] “Reading List,” signed by Hill.

[040] Aug 18, 1938
[unsigned] to Hill: Ninth grade will be large this year; asked Hill and Mrs. Powell to teach them arithmetic. Students are: Bud Pennington, Henry Hendrix, Grace Lewis, Nora Begley, Fred Hoskins, Christine Turner, Emily Rose Lewis, Elizabeth Minyard, Louie Hawn, Bertha Lewis, Jack Geoge, Arlee Baker, Bill Haverly, Mary Pace, Frank Harris, Isabell Lewis.

[043] Aug 22, 1938
[unsigned] to Hill: Arrive by September 7 for informal conferences; advised about teaching coop group.

[044] Aug 29, 1938
Hill (letterhead: J.W. Hill, M.D., Richmond, KY) to Morris: Arrival plans.

[045] Oct 17, 1938
[unsigned; Dictated by Morris] to Hill: Please answer enclosed letter inquiring about Coop Group.

[046] n.d.
Hill to “Joan” [PMSS letterhead]: Hill’s forwarding address in Richmond, KY.


[047] Jan 4, 1939
Dr. J. W. Hill in Richmond, KY certifies Hill’s health.

[048] Aug 21, 1939
[unsigned] to Hill: Arrive by September 7; currently meeting with Guidance Institute
consisting of consultants and 57 county teachers for the week.

[049] Sept 5, 1939
Hill (letterhead: J.W. Hill, M.D., Richmond, KY) to Morris: Arrival plans.

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April 11, 1929 – September 5, 1939



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