PINE CONE 1938 November

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 17: Publications PMSS

PINE CONE 1938 November, Vol. 5, No. 3

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Pine Mountain Settlement School
Pine Mountain, Kentucky

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Student Publication of the
Pine Mountain Settlement School
Pine Mountain, Kentucky


John Blanton, Lucille Christian, Mary Louise Williams, Ruth Shuler, Burton Creech, Geneva Miller, Maxine Holbrook, Ruby Ayers

Set-up and Printed by Students of the Pine Mountain Settlement School, Pine Mountain, Kentucky

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“EDITORIAL” – Home Economics; the homemaker. “The higher the standard of the home, the greater will be the efficiency of the nation.”

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“WITH THE ALUMNI” by Mary Louise Williams

Chloe Smith ‘35, Anne Anderson ‘37, weaving

Mrs. Arthur W. Dodd (nee Georgia Ayers ‘37), Miss [Grace] Rood

Lawrence Kelly ‘38, Marion Turner ‘37, Teachers College, Richmond, KY, Lees Junior College, Jackson, KY

Mrs. Elswood Hensley (nee Hazel Pennington), Cawood, KY.

Oscar Peace ‘35 married Audrey Padgett of Harlan; Black Motor Company

Elizabeth Miniard

Mr. and Mrs. Otis Adams (nee Margaret Wilder, ‘35); Jess Cornett

Mary St. John married M. H. Scott

Jane Frazier


Boys House players: Blanton, Dean, Wilder, Centers, [Paul] Hayes, Gordon, R. Blanton, Collins, Creech

Far House players: Harris, Haverly, Browning, Jones, Nickels, Davis, Morris, [Fred] Burkhard, [Bill] Hayes

“OPEN HOUSE” description, Uncle William Creech, Mary Rockwell Hook, Katherine Pettit, Ethel de Long Zande, Marguerite Butler, Ethel McCullough, Columbus Creech

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“PERFECTION” Description of the perfect man.

“MRS. ZANDE’S PERFUME” by R.S. A lead tank at Zande House once contained a bottle of perfume sent from Egypt to Mrs. Zande.

“BOX SUPPERS IN COMMUNITY” by G.M. Held at Little Laurel School House and at Divide and supervised by Miss Rachel Rowland; to raise money for model kitchens in each school. Entertainment by the Community Girls.

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“THE LEDGER: A Laconic Annal of School Events” by Lucille Christian

Dr. [Wilmer S.] Lehman talk on Africa

touch football & softball games

Harold Rodenbough, Rotogravure Editor of the Courier-Journal, his wife & sister-in-law visited & took photos.

Students worked outside; dancing party

Tomfoolery show was directed by Glyn Morris; piano music by Arthur Dodd, stage direction by Mr. [John] Spelman, Lighting by Mr. Gordon.

Home Economics class provided dinner for Mr. Burkhard and Mr. Gordon.

Mrs. Kieth’s (sic) boat was found on Grapevine Knoll due to a Halloween prank.

Morris, Burkhard, & 35 boys assisted the CCC men in fire-fighting.

Halloween mask ball in the dining room

Silver Jubilee dancers left for NYC

“POEM? Said to be by Arnie Hall”

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“CURRENT EVENTS As Interpreted by Burton Creech”

Post-war problems in the U.S., labor, Federal Wages and Hours Bill (minimum wage 25 cents an hour/max hours shall be 44 per week with increases in future years), President Roosevelt, child labor law

“POEM” found in an old dictionary sent to the Print Shop for a new binding.

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“JOKE ON MR. DODD as reported in a 1933 Pine Cone” Frona and Mellie in disguise.

“CALENDAR OF EVENTS” Movies, parties, speeches, ballads, co-op meeting, Citizenship Committee election.

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