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Anna Brockschlager, Housemother at PMSS 1924-1925
Housekeeper at Medical Settlement Big Laurel 1926-1928
Anna Brockschlager Correspondence II, 1927


Medical Settlement, Big Laurel. “Out our window. – Horses.” [nesb_059_mod.jpg]

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ANNA BROCKSCHLAGER Correspondence II, 1927

Housemother, October 1924 – June 1925
Housekeeper at Medical Settlement Big Laurel, June 1926 – July 1928

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[Note: All letters from PMSS administrators are carbon copies, typewritten, unsigned, and meant for the Office files. The initials at the bottom left of most PMSS letters indicate the writer (along with the initials of the secretary). For example “EZ” are the initials for Ethel de Long Zande, “KP” refers to Katherine Pettit, and “EKW” to Evelyn K. Wells. The letters from Anna Brockschlager are typewritten originals except where noted. The following list of contents is in chronological order and not necessarily in order of the image numbers. Transcriptions may be slightly edited.]

[045] – [045a] January 5, 1927. Two-page letter to Zande from Anna. [045] Miss (Pearl) Fightmaster asks to meet with Zande about some of the Big Laurel children attending PMSS; praises Fightmaster’s work as teacher who might stay at Big Laurel if Anna were staying also, but Anna “think[s] it best to have another housekeeper for Medical Settlement for next year.” Thanks Zande for the “Xmas cheer“ she brought to Big Laurel and its neighbors. Anna attended the Nativity Play with Ella Jane Cornett; [045a] made Christmas stockings for the Big Laurel family; visited Uncle Elec and Aunt Stacey; attended Xmas service given by Mr. Fields. Describes other Xmas activities and food at Big Laurel; invited Miss Carpenter and “her little folks.”  Tells Zande that “In many, many ways you know I think you are wonderful. I will be so happy to know there is no longer a fight for health. ….”

[046] January 12, 1927. To Anna from EZ (Zande), who thanks her for the box of candy; mentions having “the grippe.” Gives the address for Mary Dodge in Newburyport, MA; sending the Ladies’ Home Journal to Big Laurel, a gift from a friend. Luigi [Zande] can show Anna and Miss Krause how to to fix the faucet and pipe. 

[047] – [047a] February 4, 1927. Two-page letter to Anna from EZ (Zande). [047] who regrets that Anna won’t work as Big Laurel housekeeper next year and urges her to stay; a new nurse and another teacher will be there. Miss [Anna] Wulf has accepted the community work position at Big Laurel for 1928; describes Wulf’s work experience. [047a] “I confess to a good deal of anxiety, if I am tired, about fires in every building at Pine Mountain …” 

[048] February 4, 1927. To Zande from Anna. Miss Whitis offered to take Maggie [Turner] home [in Pleasantville, NY] with her but Maggie is thinking of attending Berea College next year. Asks for lime to use for packing eggs. “I feel that I cannot be as happy anywhere for awhile as a Big Laurel but I feel that I cannot afford to give another year to the work I have been doing since July.” 

[049] February 7, 1927. To Anna from [unsigned, apparently Zande], who hopes Maggie goes to Berea; encloses bill of lading for the oil barrel. Both Pettit and Zande feel that Miss Wulf is the “best adapted person” for Big Laurel House next year, instead of Anna who wanted the position; Zande regrets hurting Anna’s feelings. Sends thanks to Miss Krauss for caring for Maisie with the measles.  

[050] February 16, 1927. To Anna from [unsigned, apparently Zande], who had told Maggie she would try to get her a scholarship if she goes to Berea. Suggests paying Sallie (sic) Harris $1.25 a day for gardening; Nance Smith is paid $1.50 for laundry; “down Greasy children” (the older ones) get 10 cents an hour.

[051] – [051b] February 17, 1927. Three-page letter to Zande from Anna [051]  on letterhead for “Anna M. Brockschlager, Medical Settlement Big Laurel, Harlan County, Kentucky.” Describes Sally’s enthusiasm for working on the Settlement garden. Asks about vacation if she comes back. [051a] Give reasons why she “should not consider coming back.” [051b] List of vegetable seed packets that will be needed for the Medical Settlement garden; asks for advice.

[052] February 21, 1927. To Anna from Zande, who will send garden tools; agreed to pay Sallie 15 cents an hour at her request; agrees to some of the terms Anna proposed if she returned, including addition of $5 a month to her salary, maybe $10. Gives garden advice.

[053] March 3, 1927. To Anna from EZ (Zande), who congratulates her that there is no deficit in the Medical Settlement statement. Suggests that she leave on May 15 if she finds a housekeeping replacement. Mentions measles in the Harris family.

[054] March 23, 1927. To Anna from EZ (Zande), who is traveling to Baltimore for a few weeks; arranges to visit Big Laurel along with some of the workers and Berto and Elena.

[055] March 30, 1927. To Anna from EZ (Zande). Henry Creech will deliver manure; Mentions that Lewis and Henry Harris worked for Mr. [William] Browning and Mr. Zande, earning 9 cents and 7.5 cents.

[056] April 6, 1927. To Anna from KP (Pettit), who hopes Anna can come to PMSS on Easter when the service includes Mr. Manchett from Antioch and Miss Cunningham providing music.

[057] April 14, 1927. To Anna from EZ (Zande), who responds to Anna’s complaints of treatment by Mrs. McCracken and Miss Whitis; has told Dr. [Alfreda] Withington, who “will be able to help if she understands what it means when you are not treated with consideration and courtesy.”

[058] April 20, 1927. To Anna from EKW (Wells), relaying a message from Mr. Zande about pruning the trees.

[059] May 3, 1927. To Anna from KP (Pettit), who apologizes for not visiting on Easter and gives the reason.

[060] May 5, 1927. To Anna from EZ (Zande), who invites her to the special Chapel service and dinner during the Board weekend; Mr. Wilson will preach.

[063] May 6, 1927. To Zande from Anna on “Miss Anna M. Brockschlager…” letterhead, [063] who has packed her saddle bags for a trip to Red Bird with Miss Krauss. If her substitute doesn’t arrive by May 15, “I will look after the M.S. [Medical Settlement] family until [063a] June 1st.” Sally’s boys want to be paid more for gardening. 

[061] May 14, 1927. To Anna from [unsigned], [061] reporting that Miss [Nina] McReynolds may not come to PMSS; tells Anna she “ought to go the first of June.” 

[062] May 17, 1927. To Anna from [unsigned, likely Zande], who is leaving tomorrow with Miss [Abby] Christensen and Miss Burger to Beaufort, SC. Advises on what to tell the Doctor, Miss Krauss about leaving; Maggie about hosting a boy (Weston); and about not hiring Sallie’s boys for gardening. 

[064] – [064a] May 30, 1927. Two-page letter to Zande from Anna. [064] Maggie’s visiting friend, Weston, is not a problem; Miss Krauss is willing to share her room with Maggie; “…Dr. Withington thinks some of my actions are unwise. Of course, I do not think so, neither do I think you would think so.” Asks for seeds and lock for garden gate. [064a] Mentions Billie and Maud; invites Zande to Vevay. “I expect to start for home tomorrow, [for summer vacation] my sisters are counting the minutes, wondering if they will know the little sister who had grown so stout….”

[065] June 30, 1927. To Anna in Vevay, IN, from EZ (Zande). Encloses $50 check for Anna’s month’s vacation that is allowed for all year-round workers. “… I am almost recovered from my real trouble.” Miss McReynolds is “doing very well in many ways…as a temporary worker.” 

[066] July 11, 1927. To Anna from KP (Pettit), who wants to hear about her trip to Red Bird; tells about the flood in the mountains.

[067] July 11, 1927. To Zande from Anna, who regrets that pay for two-month’s vacation isn’t possible; describes her health; will return on August 15th instead of the 1st.

[068] July 20, 1927. To “My dear” (Anna) from EZ (Zande), who agrees to her arrival on August 15. The doctor (Withington) says there is “almost nothing to eat.” Miss McReynolds does little cooking but with Miss Wulf’s arrival and that of the new school teacher (Miss Fightmaster) she may do more. Renie’s Johnny has died; doctor and Miss Krauss busy with “flux” (flu ?) cases; Mr. John Turner is in a Harlan hospital. “The doctor [Withington] has held up wonderfully through all the long hard trips she has had with so many sick people. I have really been surprised at her physical endurance.” Zande is enjoying her summer with Berto and Elena.

[072a] – [072cc] N.D. Three handwritten postcards and three photos to Zande from “A.M.B.” [Anna], [072a] who spent a week at Riverair Camp near Vevay on the Ohio River. [072aa] Image of “Scene Near Vevay, Ind.[072b] Quotes Aunt Judy about “unhandy names.” [072bb] Image of “Edw Eggleston’s Birthplace, Vevay, Ind.” [072c] Will return on the 15th. [072cc] Image of “Scene Near Vevay, Ind.

[069] August 9, 1927. To Anna from EZ (Zande), who asks if Anna’s dentist can hold a clinic at PMSS this year. 

[070] August 18, 1927. To Anna at Big Laurel from EZ (Zande), who, along with Dr. Withington is “raising tuition” for two little girls. Zande is getting the supplies that Anna requested; encloses Miss McReynolds’ statement of expenditures.

[071] September 20, 1927. To Anna from [unsigned, likely Zande], who regrets that Mr. Soudah cannot visit; refers to funding the “Turner child” and others; lantern, briars; sent money to pay Abner; sorry to see Miss Krauss leave; [Luigi] Zande will attend to the sled and harness.

[073] October 20, 1927. To Anna from [unsigned], writing about the malfunctioning stove; cutting down the tree by the community house; Mr. Browning and she are sending supplies.

[074] October 24, 1927. To Anna from [unsigned, likely Zande]. Mr. Browning is investigating the 16 cabbages that were sent to Anna; Encloses check; mentions Will Turner returning to eighth grade as a day scholar.  

[075] October 28, 1927. To Zande from Anna. “Oscar Bagley is looking after the water supply. … We have been without for several days. The well is dry.” Will Turner and Cecil Lewis will be seeing about attending school. Miss Wulf had coal put in for the Community house, 3 loads, $15.

[076] October 28, 1927. To Anna from [unsigned], relaying Zande’s message that “we shall be glad to try Will Turner in school.”  

[077] October 31, 1927. To Anna from [unsigned], wondering why “the boys didn’t come up to apply yesterday.” Suggests what to do about Cecil Lewis and Will Turner. “We find it is better to assimilate them little by little.” 

[078] – [078a] November 1, 1927. To Zande from Anna, who is sorry Will Turner turned down attending PMSS and Cecil Lewis attended Big Laurel one half day before leaving. Harmon Turner is grubbing briars in the field.  

[079] November 9, 1927. To Anna from [unsigned], who is sorry about Willie Turner. Cecil Lewis may not be able to succeed at PMSS.  

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