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Housemother, October 1924 – June 1925
Housekeeper, Medical Settlement Big Laurel, June 1926 – July 1928

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CONTENTS: Anna Brockschlager Correspondence I
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[Note: All letters from PMSS administrators are carbon copies, typewritten, unsigned, and meant for the Office files. The initials at the bottom left of most PMSS letters indicate the writer (along with the initials of the secretary). For example “EZ” are the initials for Ethel de Long Zande, “KP” refers to Katherine Pettit, and “EKW” to Evelyn K. Wells. Letters from Anna Brockschlager are typewritten except where noted. The following list of contents is in chronological order and not necessarily in order of the image numbers. Transcriptions may be slightly edited.]


[001] – [001a] June 3, 1924. Two-page handwritten letter to Katherine Pettit from Anna Brockschlager, Vevay, IN, [001, p.1] who is interested in PMSS in place of her sister who cannot consider Pettit’s offer; asks for information [001a, p.2] about applying for assistant house mother or other position.

[002] – [002b] June 11, 1924. Three-page handwritten letter to Pettit from Anna, [002, p.1] who describes her work experience: “I am a librarian, but have had only high school education, the short course in library training, and an extension course in library methods.” Asks whether a volunteer position is provided a “living” by the school. [002a, p.2] Mentions that she is “convalescing” and “when I am stronger, I would love to serve in a volunteer position for a few months.” [002b, p.3] Will send her application “hoping to come to you later.”

[003] June 24, 1924. To Pettit from Anna, who describes her ill health and its treatments. Encloses the questionnaire but cannot make definite plans.

[004] June 26, 1924. Short handwritten note from [unsigned, likely Pettit], who records her response to Anna, telling her that she “must be strong & well here.”

[007] – [007b] September 4, 1924. Two-page letter to Pettit from Anna. Explains her health problem and cure; would like to come to PMSS Oct. 15 to do “volunteer service for a few months” if possible.

[008] September 9, 1924. To Anna from KP (Pettit), who is interested in her volunteering and perhaps later “fit in as a paid worker.” Will send for her references.

[009] – [009a] September 15, 1924. Two-page handwritten letter to Pettit from Anna’s reference, Alice Yonge, Vevay, IN. [009, p.1] “Miss Brockschlager is a very dear friend of mine….was a teacher in Sunday School of which I was Superintendent. She was so sincere and earnest in her work…. Very quiet in movement and speech….” [009a, p.2] Conscientious; was a librarian in the public library; member of the Woman’s Missionary Society; “Work with children has always been her special pleasure.”

[010] September 18, 1924. To Pettit from Anna, who must delay her arrival.

[015] September 22, 1924. To Anna in Vevay, IN, from KP (Pettit), who welcomes her whenever she can arrive; encloses traveling directions.


[005] September 3, 1925. To Miss Brockschlager, Pisgah Industrial Institute, Candler, NC, from KP (Pettit), who encloses a letter concerning her “qualities for mountain work” and a wish that she “might be strong enough to have come back here…”  Mentions Miss Davis.

[006] September 3, 1925. [Unsigned.] “To whom it may concern: Miss Anna Brockschlager was with us at Pine Mountain for nine months [October 1924 until June 1925] as a worker in various ways. She has an ideal disposition and temperament for work in a mountain school, a sense of humor, and is excellent at training children to do a job well. We should be happy to have had her return had she been strong enough for the work, which demanded a person of robust health.”

[011] – [011o] July 28, 1925. 16-page handwritten letter to Pettit from Anna in Candler, NC. “Mr. & Mrs. Waller – and all the workers have surely been lovely to me.” She is fighting discouragement and feeling stronger. Describes the [Pisgah] Sanitorium, where she is staying; and her health; sleeping outside; missing Miss [Ruth B.] Gaines’ cooking. Describes scenery outside a doorway; the Blue Ridge Mountains; the style of the students’ clothing. Remembers Pettit’s words to the children criticizing Red Bird. Compares Pisgah to PMSS; wonders about Delphie Turner and Line Fork Settlement. [No closing or signature.]

[012] – [012e] August 1, [no year]. Six-page handwritten letter to Pettit from Anna, who tells of her activities at the Sanitorium; mentions receiving Pettit’s letter and literature in which the Pisgah guests are interested. She encloses questions from the guests and school which she has been unable to answer. Mentions the school’s interest in Mrs. Campbell and Miss [Marguerite] Butler.

[013] August 17, 1925. To Mrs. A.J. Ritchie, Rabon Gap School, Rabon Gap [Georgia] from KP (Pettit). Encloses Miss Brockshlager’s questionnaire and reference sheets and asks for their return. “She came here in early autumn and stayed until May…. We found her a most agreeable and interesting lady. I certainly would recommend her as far as character is concerned to have charge of boys and girls. She was not strong enough to do as much work as we have for a volunteer worker, but she is very pains-taking (sic) and a very fine woman. … She has been feeling a great deal better since she has been at Pisgah and I hope you can taker her at Rabon Gap.”

[014] September 18, 1925. To Miss Evelyn Bishop, Gatlinburg, TN, from KP (Pettit). Recommendation for Miss Brockschlager.

[016] October 14, 1925. To “Miss Anna” in Murphy, NC, from KP (Pettit), who updates her about PMSS; mentions Miss [Anne P.] Halliday from Memphis; Virginia; Henry; Miss Gaines; Mrs. Perkins’ car; fruit from C.W. Henderson, Knoxville, TN.

[017] November 27, 1925. To Miss [Evelyn] Wells from Anna, who orders six Kentucky baskets from the School before Christmas; mentions Mrs. [Ethel] Zande; her sister; being homesick.

[018] December 7, 1925. To “Miss Anna” from [truncated, apparently Pettit], who proposes a “real job” for her to replace Miss Little at Line Fork and fill in before Dr. and Rev. Stapleton arrive in September [1926], asking her to “come and live there and be a neighbor in that district….you would be there with Mary Baker.” Will pay her a salary; gives travel advice.

[019] – [019a] December 11, 1925. Two-page letter to Miss Pettit from Anna on letterhead for “Murphy College of Asheville University, Murphy, NC.[019] Eager to work at Line Fork; prefers that it is permanent; asks about salary. Describes her current work planning a library extension at Murphy College (a branch of Asheville University) and teaching Library Methods to the Public Library librarian. [019a] Also had an offer from an Indiana library.

[020] December 16, 1925. To Anna from KP (Pettit). Miss Hancock is coming to Line Fork, soon after New Year’s Day; Line Fork work isn’t permanent due to the Stapletons’ arrival in September; knows Dr. George A. Hubbell [President, Murphy College]; too late to send baskets before Christmas; asks about Mrs. Campbell and Miss Butler; describes Christmas at PMSS, beginning with “open house at all the cottages, and an hour of Christmas music in the church.”

[021] – [021a] December 28, [no year] Two-page letter to Pettit from Anna, [021] who is now living with Mrs. Hubbell. Tells of her plans to stay at Murphy College library until April. She was “thrilled to see the beginning of the Folk School, [when she] attended the first meeting.” [021a] Pisgah updates, including the presence of Mrs. Marshall, an old friend of Mrs. Zande’s; her health. 


[022] – [022a] March 29, 1926. Two-page letter to Mrs. Zande from Anna, Murphy, NC, [022] who asks about applying to work as housemother at Far House or replacing Mrs. Alderman, housemother at the Medical Settlement, if she is leaving. [022a] Prefers to work at Pine Mt. rather than at Murphy. Mentions Mrs. White, Miss King, Henry Hensley. 

[023] April 2, 1926. To Anna from EZ (Ethel Zande). Miss [Abby] Christensen is returning to Far House; Mrs. Alderman is not returning; hopes that Anna can take the job. Salary is $50 a month with a $25 allowance for living, and “you run the place on the board money that is paid by the various members of the family.” Miss Wood, Miss [Bessie V.] Gaunt, Miss Burger and Miss [Florence] Daniels will attend the Conference.

[024] April 7, 1926. To Mrs. Zande from Anna, who assures her of her strength to work at PMSS; will be glad to come.

[025] April 14, 1926. To Anna from EZ (Zande), who welcomes her and asks her to arrive July 1st.

[026] April 19, 1926. To Zande from Anna, who plans to arrive at PMSS July 1.

[027] May 10, 1926. To Anna in Vevay, IN, from EZ (Zande). “Mrs. Warren hopes you can come by the first of July….”

[028] May 16, 1926. To Zande from Anna, who will arrive June 20. Her niece, Miss Josephine Ogle, is interested in teaching or volunteering in summer at PMSS.

[029] May 19, 1926. To Anna from EZ (Zande), who will ask the county superintendent, Mr. Jones, whether a teacher will be funded at Little Laurel next year; encloses questionnaire for Miss Ogle. PMSS just had a tonsils clinic.

[030] June 16, 1926. To Anna from EKW (Wells). “Mrs. Zande is away for three weeks, visiting her family and attending her twenty-fifth reunion at Smith College….”  

[031] June 19, 1926. To Anna at Big Laurel, KY, from EZ (Zande), who is sending her some household materials; suggests getting Manila Boggs or someone to clean the cellar.

[032] July 23, 1926. To Anna from EZ (Zande), who suggests that she try to keep Maggie by recommending a pay raise. Dr. Wehner is not coming to PMSS and will try for Dr. Craven.

[033] July 29, 1926. To Ann from EZ (Zande). Mentions Mr. Warren; suggests asking Dr. Wehner to do a clinic at Big Laurel.

[035] – [035a] August 9, 1926. Two-page letter to Zande from Anna at Big Laurel, [035] who encloses her financial report. Still needs payments for board from Mrs. Warren and Dr. [Alfreda] Withington; Mr. Warren will pay in stove wood. Describes her relationship with Maggie and Maggie’s work habits. Ask for material to sew aprons. [035a] Too busy canning to rest or visit neighbors. Mentions Miss Gaines and Miss Krauss.

[036] August 10, 1926. To Anna from EZ (Zande), who explains  that Mrs. Warren agreed to help with suppers “in return for the privilege of staying at the Medical Settlement so that her husband could fulfill his contract.” Tells Anna to rest.

[034] August 11, 1926. To Anna from EZ (Zande), who asks her to advertise the opening of school at Big Laurel; teacher is Mr. Siler. PMSS dental clinic is in September.

[037] August 20, 1926. To Anna from KP (Pettit), who asks her to come to PMSS for a night; to write to Mrs. Pickett.

[038] August 30, 1926. To Anna from EZ (Zande), who wonders about charges for Mr. Siler’s meals, and others’ room and board, allowances for laundry, heat, light, etc.; leaves the decisions to Anna. Mentions Dr. Withington’s floor finish, “donkey oil.” May send her mother to stay a night.

[039] September 13, 1926. To “Miss Anna” from KP (Pettit), who is having a “working” with several neighborhood ladies; encloses notes to be delivered to others at Big Laurel.

[040] October 1, 1926. To Anna from EZ (Zande). Has talked with Miss Whitis about her dog and to see that Anna rests every afternoon.

[041] November 16, 1926. To Anna from EZ (Zande), who asks her to come for a conference; worries about the malfunctioning kitchen stove; must get the tree by the community house cut down.

[042] November 30, 1926. To Anna from EZ (Zande). She gets sliced bacon and dried beef in jars from Kingan and Company, Indianapolis, IN.

[043] December 6, 1926. To Anna from EZ (Zande). Would like Maud’s help for Miss Daniels twice a week.

[044] December 13, 1926. To Anna from EZ (Zande), who had asked Henry Creech “about the men in the camp and your safety.” He said, “They’re really nicer than our own people…..” Mentions Clara, Miss Heney, Reny. Suggests that Anna arrange a “sale” in the neighborhood house.

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