HISTORY PMSS Summary 1951-1952

Pine Mountain Settlement School
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HISTORY PMSS Summary 1951-1952

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History of the Pine Mountain Settlement School

Staff Members:

Matthew Boggs, Farm
Dr. Gordon Brown, Doctor (resigned in October)
Harrison Cornett, Maintenance
Charles Creech, Maintenance (until November)
Rachel Gampert, Library
Bill Hayes, Farm Manager
Gladys Hill, Teacher, Grades 5 & 6 (deceased February 1952)
Mary Holsinger, Weaving, Office, Boys House
Dr. Tracy Jones, Doctor
Elizabeth Kirkwood, Nurse (Nov.-Dec. 1951)
Ruby Lanier, Bookkeeper
Omer Lewis, Bus Driver and Maintenance
Naomi Lucas, Hospital Cook, Practical Nurse
Dorothy Nace, Office, Publicity
Alice Pennington, Laurel House
Golda Pensol [Baker], Teacher, Grades 3 & 4
Edith Roberts, Teacher, Grades 2 & 3
Grace Rood, Nurse
Frank Scearse, Bus Driver and Maintenance
Mabel Snyder, Nurse
Atha Stahl, Teacher, Grade 1
Robert Starbuck, Maintenance Superintendent
Harriet Turner, Dietitian
Myrtle Turner, Laurel House
Adah Wells, Teacher, Grades 5 & 6
Brit Wilder, Maintenance
Ruby Yocum, Teacher, Grades 7 & 8
Mart Baker, Night Watchman
Burton Rogers, Director


The local Council for Education took charge of the Fourth of July celebration. Materials for playground see-saws and swings were purchased with the concession proceeds.

Two Berea College students conducted a summer recreation and Bible School program for neighborhood youngsters.

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Page 2, 1951-52

An American Friends Service Committee summer work camp helped to construct an implement shed – tool house.

Rachel Gampert, Geneva, Switzerland, worked four months organizing an elementary library. A volunteer staff committee worked with her, and carried on the project after her departure.

Dr. Tracy Jones, Harlan, served as clinic and hospital doctor on a part-time basis. A new kitchen and laundry section was created in the West Wind (hospital) basement.

Mary Holsinger, weaving instructor and Boys House (guest house) hostess, organized a gift shop in the Co-op store room.

Grace Rood, nurse, worked on a project to get birth certificates for every person in the school district. There were 600 people in the school district, almost half of them under age 16. There were 120 families; 40 are engaged in lumbering, 20 in mining, 11 in farming.

The elementary school students participated in weekly chapel services. For the Thanksgiving chapel service the altar was decorated with produce by Bill Hayes.

The poultry house was extended to house a larger flock. 1600 baby chicks were purchased in January and March.

Grades 2 – 8 had weekly sessions singing folksongs.

The 1952 calendar featured 12 traditional songs, illustrated by Mary Rogers.

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