Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 09: BIOGRAPHY – Staff
Louis Fliermans (1921-2005)
Home Economics Teacher & Dietician, Feb 1948 – June 1949
Correspondence I, August 1947 – July 1950


Louise Fliermans, c. 1947. [fliermans_louise_094.jpg]

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LOUISE FLIERMANS Correspondence  I, August 1947 – July 1950


[Note: Letters from PMSS staff in the PMSS Collections are carbon copies, typewritten, unsigned, and meant for the Office files. The original signed documents were sent to the correspondents. Letters from others are handwritten originals unless specified otherwise. The following list of contents is in chronological order and not necessarily in the order of the image numbers.]


006 August 2, 1947. To “Superintendent” at PMSS, from Mrs. C.W. [Louise] Fliermans, Urbana, IL, who expresses interest in the vacancy in the Home Economics Department. She describes her current schooling. “Dr. Burt of the Wesley Foundation, of which I am a member, has suggested that I write….” She plans to visit Pine Mountain soon.

005-005c August 3, 1947. Four-page letter to Georgia and A.W. [Dodd] from their friend Janet [Owens] in Urban, Illinois, [005] who tells about encouraging the interest of “a friend of mine [Louise Fliermans] in the position of Home Ec. there.” [005a] Janet then explains how she knows Fliermans and what she knows about her. “Her major here [at the University of Illinois] has been Smith-Hughes Home Ec….” [005b] She describes Fliermans experience and personal qualifications. “Her mother, I believe, came from the mountains of [Kentucky] and she herself has lived on a farm a good bit of her life.” Several Fliermans family members will be visiting Pine Mountain; Louise has written to PMSS Director H.R.S. Benjamin. Mentions Cullen, [005c] Carol, and Nan.

007frag August 4, 1947. [Image is truncated on the right.] To Mrs. C.W. Fliermans from [unsigned, apparently Benjamin], thanking Fliermans for her letter, welcoming her visit to PMSS, and providing travel instructions for bus or train. “If you come by train…get off at Putney….Then at Putney get into…a half ton pick up Chevrolet truck (red) driven by Mr. John A. Lewis, and he will bring you across the mountain for .50, and tell you where to get out of the truck if you ask him.” [Top margin: A fragment of a paragraph which is the continuation of the letter.]
007a [Reverse side of unsigned letter to Mrs. Fliermans with carbon copy image of a paragraph in reverse.]

008-008a September 5, 1947. Two-page letter to Benjamin from Fliermans, [008] thanking the Benjamins for their hospitality. Mentions reading Virginia Mathias’ article in the Survey Graphic, [008a] meeting Mr. and Mrs. Henderson in Urbana, and a letter from Mr. Dodd. She can arrive at PMSS when fall semester ends February 7.

009 October 6, 1947. To Benjamin from Fliermans. She mentions Spear’s The Emerging High School Curriculum which has a chapter about PMSS. She is still interested in the Home Economics position, although she hasn’t heard from PMSS.

010 October 8, 1947. To Fliermans from Benjamin. The Board executive committee has met and is interested in her as an employee. He encloses an application blank and will contact her references.

011 October 10, 1947. Typewritten note to Benjamin from Fliermans, enclosing her application.

Name: Marguerite Louise Richards Fliermans
Home Address: Olivet, Illinois
Date of Birth: March 19, 1921
Education – Training: Education, Home Economics, Science, Educational Practice.
How did you become interested in work at Pine Mountain? “Through a visit made there in Aug. 1947.”
What line of work at Pine Mountain interests you?: “Home Economics”
Training and experience? “In Feb. 1947 will receive B.S. degree from University of Illinois in Vocational Home Economics. (Includes five hours of practice teaching.) Two years of homemaking before husband’s death. Two years of managing a home for students.”
Experience with rural life?: “Was born and lived in a rural community until time of my marriage. Father farmed for about five years. Several relatives are farmers. Parents now live in a rural community.”

001a [APPLICATION BLANK, continued]
Interests and Experience: Student Clubs (F.H.A. work); Nature Studies (Girl Scout Advisor)
How did you become interested in Pine Mountain…?:

Dr. Burt of Wesley Foundation told of your need and Mrs. Cullen Owens, who has visited Pine Mountain, informed me of the school and its organization. It was through her that I became most interested. Because my Mother was born and reared in Kentucky, I have a special interest there, but most of all, I would be happy for the opportunity of helping boys and girls live more effectively within their own community.|

…. Names and address of references. .…
Additional remarks: “I have a son 3 1/2 years old and it is through his care that I hope the girls at Pine Mountain may gain an experience in child development and guidance.”

003-003a November 13, 1947. Two-page reference from Elizabeth K. Lawson, Dean of Women, Eastern Illinois College, Charleston, IL. “I have known Mrs. Fliermans since 1939 and consider her a splendid young woman of fine character and high standards. She has much to give to students.”

004-004a November 13, 1947. Two-page reference from Anna Belle Robinson, Assistant Professor, Home Ec. Education. 

After the death of Mr. Fliermans, Mrs. F. came to Champaign [IL] to finish her teaching requirements. In order to make money she rented a house and took in roomers. … Of course, she could carry but a few courses since she had the baby to care for. Her little son is a very well behaved and lovable child. One cannot help but admire Mrs. Fliermans for so bravely facing her problems with a smile & never complaining or offering excuses. ….

002-002a November 18, 1947. Two-page reference from Ritta Whitesel, Assistant Professor, Textile and Clothing, University of Illinois.

012 November 19, 1947. To Members of the Appointments Committee from Benjamin, who introduces Fliermans, describing her background and character. He mentions that Miss Lois Fenn will be taking on the library and teaching.

013 November 25, 1947. To Fliermans from Benjamin, reporting that the Board appointments committee agreed to her employment.

014 December 8, 1947. To Benjamin from Fliermans, confirming her arrival at PMSS on or before February 1. 

015 December 11, 1947. To Fliermans from Benjamin, welcoming her to PMSS. Miss Dorothy Nace, his secretary, can help with any questions Fliermans may have.


016 January 8, 1948. To Nace from Fliermans, asking what she may need at PMSS.

017 January 13, 1948. To Fliermans from [unsigned, apparently Nace], suggesting the items she should bring and shipping instructions. She will be living this term at Boys House where Miss Merrill is housekeeper.

018 January 31, 1948. Western Union telegram to Arthur Dodd, PMSS Principal, from Fliermans, who is stopping at Boone Tavern [Berea, KY] due to bad roads.

019 N.D. Note to Nace from [unsigned, apparently Dodd], asking her to send a telegram to Fliermans at Boone Tavern, with travel instructions. “Will need chains.”


020-021 April 26, 1950. Two-page letter to Burton [Rogers] from Fliermans in Columbus, OH, suggesting a “new plastic floor covering” she learned about at the Columbus Annual Home Show. 

022 May 5, 1950. To Rogers from Fliermans in Olivet, IL, asking questions about “Correna” summer visitors, telephone installation, summer budget, and “Sally.”

023 May 8, 1950. To Fliermans from [unsigned, apparently Rogers]. In answer to her questions he mentions Miss Kingman, Correna, Beatrice Dixon, Jean Warren, Marjorie Bennett; the groups that will be on campus this summer. “It is disappointing to hear that you are job hunting at home, but we can understand….”

024-024a May 10, 1950. Two-page letter to Rogers from Fliermans, [024] giving the possible dates of her arrival at PMSS. “We are still endeavoring to make arrangements for next fall and I appreciate very much your kindness and understanding of our situation. We too wish it could be Pine Mt., but feel this would be the best thing to do.” She suggests how to accommodate the girls who will be arriving for summer. [024a] Asks that Rogers talk with Margie Bennett; asks about Alice and Mary’s plans for the summer.

025-025a May 15, 1950. To Fliermans from Rogers. [025] Sallie Cornett is leaving at the end of May for another position, so Louise’s arrival is urgent. He mentions Correna, Marjorie Bennett, Mrs. Pennington, and Mary Wilder. [025a] He describes the current state of the budget, with added income from upcoming conferences and camps. 

026 May 26, 1950. To Rogers from Fliermans. Her arrival has been delayed until June 6 “because of urgent business here at home.” [The rest of the letter is missing.]

027 May 30, 1950. To Fliermans from Rogers, acknowledging her need to arrive late. He updates her on Margie Bennett, Mrs. Pennington, Mary Wilder. Gladys Hill will be in charge until Fliermans arrives.

[030-030a July 6, 1950. Two-page letter to Rogers [who is away on vacation] from Fliermans [030] with updates on the girls; asks if she can raise the pay for Jean Cornett and Ruth Wilder from 24 to 30 cents per home. She tells about the work camp and mentions Miss Corrine Lilly, their dietician, and Mr. Darlington. [030a] July 10. Asks about purchasing the kitchen floor covering from Pope Cawood Lumber Supply, Harlan.

028-028b and 029-029a [August 1950 – SEE PART II for images and contents.]


LOUISE FLIERMANS Correspondence II (August 1950 – July 1954)

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