Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 09: BIOGRAPHY – Staff
Louis Fliermans (1921-2005)
Home Economics Teacher & Dietician, Feb 1948 – June 1949
Correspondence III, January 1955 – April 1964


Louise Fliermans, c. 1947. [fliermans_louise_094.jpg]

January 1955 – April 1964

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 CONTENTS: LOUISE FLIERMANS Correspondence III After Pine Mountain

[Note: Letters from PMSS staff in the PMSS Collections are carbon copies, typewritten, unsigned, and meant for the Office files. The original signed documents were sent to the correspondents. Letters from Louise Fliermans are handwritten originals unless specified otherwise. The following list of contents is in chronological order and not necessarily in the order of the image numbers.]


061 January 22, 1955. To Mrs. Louise Fliermans, Danville, IL, from PMSS Director Burton Rogers, who mentions that in Dorothy Nace’s absence, Fern Hayes is transcribing from the Dictaphone. He welcomes her to visit PMSS anytime at staff rates to rest or do PMSS work. Suggests she might keep the Rogers’ house when they are on vacation.

062-062a N.D. Two-page letter to Burton and Mary Rogers from Fliermans on letterhead from Hotel Congress, Chicago, IL. She will have to take a full summer of study, so she will visit PMSS at the end of August. She and many others are sick with the flu.

063 March 23, 1955. To Fliermans from Rogers, telling of the L&N strike disrupting mail service and a telephone strike. Mrs. Holsinger is ill and may not be able offer weaving instructions.

064 May 18, 1955. To Rogers from Fliermans. “I’m still too stunned over Mrs. Holsinger’s passing…We always looked forward to being with her in our old abode at Boy’s House.” She states her travel plans and that she will be bringing Carl B, and two friends with her to PMSS.

065 May 24, 1955. To Fliermans from [unsigned, apparently Rogers], welcoming her to PMSS but regrets that the Rogers may possibly be on vacation at that time. The swimming pool will be ready for Carl B.

066 December 16, 1955. To Fliermans from Rogers, asking if there is any news about Eula Jean Cornett. Glyn was asking about her; Rogers gives updates about Glyn. In the meantime, the amount due on Jean’s scholarship loan will be put on hold.

068 N.D. to Rogers from Fliermans, who called Jean’s relatives in Chicago who said Jean went to Louisville but they didn’t know Jean’s address. Fliermans wrote, ”I haven’t heard Jean for almost a yr.”

067 December 29, 1955. To Fliermans from [unsigned, apparently Rogers], who tells of Jean’s ill health and whereabouts that he had heard from Glyn.


069 March 21, 1956. To Fliermans from Rogers, who will forward her card (asking for a sketch from a picture) to Mary Rogers in England. Glyn (now a Berea freshman) heard that Jean is ‘back at work.”


070 March 27, [no year]. To Burton and Mary Rogers from Fliermans, who may visit PMSS at Easter, bringing possibly four others.

071 April 5, 1957. To Fliermans from Rogers, welcoming her to PMSS during Easter. He invites her to join a staff excursion to Cumberland Falls.

072 Address side of postcard to Rogers with date stamp: “April 11, 1947, Danville, Ill.”
072a April 10, 1947. Message side of postcard to Rogers from Fliermans, with her travel plans; will bring five others.

073 Address side of postcard to Rogers with date stamp: “April 11, 1947, Danville, Ill.”
073a [Notation: “4-11-57”] Message side of postcard to Rogers. “We’ve had disappointing change of plans & can’t make it to P.Mt. this Easter.”

075 April 23, 1957. To Fliermans from Rogers, regretting that she cannot visit. He encloses part of an Advisory Board report. Laurel House will be closed for the summer “for economy reasons.”

076 June 2, 1957. To Fliermans from Dorothy [Nace] Tharpe, thanking her for her donation and regretting Fleirmans couldn’t visit PMSS.


074-074a N.D. Two-page note on card to Burton and Mary Rogers, describing her renewed plans to visit PMSS at Easter.

077 March 5, 1958. To Fliermans from Rogers, who welcomes her and Carl B. to PMSS for Easter; suggests that she stop at Berea College to see Kit Rogers.


078-078a March 25, [no year]. Two-page letter to Ruby from Fliermans on “Danville Public Schools” letterhead, telling Ruby of her plans to visit PMSS and asking if it will be convenient or not.

079-079a February 19, 1959. Two-page letter to Mary from Fliermans on “Danville Public Schools” letterhead, asking about Ruby who didn’t answer her letter. She offers to donate used clothing from her freshman girls. 

081 March 2, 1959. To Fliermans from Mary Rogers, explaining the School’s policy for used clothing donations: “We feel that the job the school has to do has been immensely hampered by the ‘something for nothing’ attitude that seems to be growing so much among the people. There has been a lot of abuse of the federal aid sent for mining camps by the same sort of attitude….”

080 March 2, 1959. To Fliermans from “BR” [Burton Rogers]. “Mary has answered correctly, as far as our general situation is concerned.” However, the Presbyterian Child Welfare Agency may use a donation for the West Wind or Buckhorn children.

082 N.D. Note to Rogers from Fliermans, regretting that she cannot visit PMSS at Easter.

083 Address side of postcard to Rogers with date stamp: “October 5, 1959, Danville, Ill.”
083a N.D. Message side of postcard to Rogers from Fliermans, who offers to donate a 36-volume 1950 encyclopedia set. [Notation in margin from Mary Rogers, accepting the books.]

084-084a October 8, 1959. Two-page letter to Fliermans from Rogers, [084] thanking her for the offer of the encyclopedia set. He describes the School’s effort to accommodate two more classrooms by moving the two School House elementary and high school libraries to Boys House and the necessary renovations. [084a] Rogers tells about their summer trip to the West; visiting the Richard Bakers, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin on the way and Mrs. Keith, and Miss Cold in California.

085 N.D. Typewritten letter to Rogers on “Danville Public Schools” letterhead, asking him to sign the enclosed voucher concerning her encyclopedia donation to fill with her income tax report, [Notation in bottom margin: “Also sent good used children’s books.”]


086-086a March 11, 1960. Two-page letter to Fliermans from Rogers. As a followup to Mary’s letter, he thanks her for the books she sent. He describes the many snowstorms this winter; a clinic run by Dr. and Mrs. Tootell; six students attending the Council of the Southern Mountains in Gatlinburg; the Boy Scout troop.


088-088a April 16, 1962. To Rogers from Fliermans on letterhead for “Danville Public Schools.” [088] She is sorry about his back ailment and surgery; offers to send Acme juicers. “I’m glad we’re, at last, finding ways to use foods for healing — rather than medicines & drugs.” She proposes the idea [088a] that “teachers could be given opportunities to spend summers helping in areas such as yours or Mr. [Arthur W.] Dodd’s…- pay their way – but go to fulfill a need.” She gives examples of teachers who could help.

087-087a May 19, 1962. Two-page letter to Fliermans from Rogers, [087] stating reasons for the delay in responding; describes his health, including back trouble. He thanks her for offering a juicer but the School already has one. He appreciates her “suggestion about purposeful vacations for teachers,” but he feels it would not work at PMSS. He describes the progress the School is having with the community through Community Councils “which the people feel are their own, and at last they are taking real initiative themselves.” [087a] He suggests contacting Rev. John Bischoff, Superintendent, Red Bird Mission in Beverley, KY, or the Council of the Southern Mountains in Berea, KY, about her idea. Christopher Rogers graduates from Berea College in two weeks, then leaves with the Berea Country Dancers on a Latin American tour “under the State Department’s auspices.”


089 March 17, 1964. Typewritten letter to Rogers from Fliermans on letterhead for “Danville Public Schools.” “How I have wished many times that I could wave a magic wand and be back at Pine Mountain!” She will look for a suitable candidate for the secretary-bookkeeper opening. Carl is studying pre-med at Asbury College.

090 March 23, 1964. To Fliermans from Rogers. He agrees to send “the statement you need on out-of-state experience.” He provides updates on his sons Christopher and Peter, as well as his health.
091 March 23, 1964. A verification from Rogers that “Louise Richards Fliermans taught high school at Pine Mountain Settlement School, Pine Mountain, Kentucky from February 1948 to June 1949.”

092 April 9, 1964. To Rogers from the Assistant Secretary from the Teachers’ Retirement System of the State of Illinois, Springfield, re: Marguerite Louise Fliermans. The secretary asks for additional information on his statement and encloses “an affidavit which should be completed to make it a legal statement to permit us to grant credit.”
093 April 14, 1964. To the Assistant Secretary of the Teachers’ Retirement System from Rogers, responding to her requests. He describes PMSS at the time of Fliermans’ employment as “a privately operated high school under a board of trustees….”



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