PUBLICATIONS Mary Rogers Topical Index to NOTES 1918-1950

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Mary Rogers Topical Index to NOTES 1918-1950

PUBLICATIONS Mary Rogers Topical Index to NOTES 1918-1950

NOTES – 1950 November, page 1. [PMSS_notes_1950_nov_001.jpg]

PUBLICATIONS Mary Rogers Topical Index to NOTES 1918-1950

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A selective index to “Notes from the Pine Mountain Settlement School” based on handwritten INDEX prepared by Mary Rogers (Librarian 1942 – 1983)

(Prepared by Mary Rogers and OTHER later additions)

Christmas See Christmas at Pine Mountain S.S.
 Clothes  Feb ’28  Sheep owners using [ inells ??]  Looms “Old Truck” dyes. Using older other skills. Shuttle [of] rhododendron. Creech memories of when mother took to weavings
Nov ’21  Patterns and dyes
 Crafts See Crafts at Pine Mountain S.S.
See above “Clothes”
Oct ’25  Ison’s hearth brooms
Nov ’21  Patterns & dyes [weaving]
Feb ’23  A girl revives family tradition
Feb ’29  Income from crafts
 Creech Family  Mar ’22  Aunt Sal’s Song
Oct ’25  Aunt Sal’s memories
Dec ’28 Cabin working
Oct ’30 Aunt Sal’s Day.  Moving
Nov ’26 Aunt Sal’s Cabin
Jan ’46  100th Birthday
 Events Nov ’20  Lura Parson’s murder
Nov ’20   Airplane
Nov ’24  Elections
Oct ’39  Walk down Greasy [Creek]
 Farm & Forest Nov ’24  Logging on Isaacs [Creek] Forestry laws
Dec ’28
Nov ’44  Stir-off
 Food May ’19  Old Fashioned dinner
May ’24  Sallet greens
Nov ’26  Goose Creek for salt. “Sanging” for coffee & ammunition. Cooking accomplishments of girls.
March ’27  Sallet greens
Oct ’30  Hoe cake
Oct ’30  Old fashioned dinner
 Gatherings  Nov ’24  Funeralizing
April  ’26  Shooting matches for beef or turkey
 “Hardtimes”  Nov ’29  Flood
Oct ’30 Drought.  Flood.
Feb ’32  Fire
Feb ’32  Coal crisis
Health  See Pine Mountain S.S. Healthwork
Homes & Housekeeping Nov ’23  Laundering feather bed
Nov ’23  Housekeeping and snakes
Feb ’31  Home on Gabes Branch. Dipping in water
May ’24  Fatty Pine lighting (see also passages in PMSS Centers)
Indians Nov ’26
Language May ’24
Literature about Mountains May ’24  Booklist.
Oct ’32  Devil’s Ditties. Here to Yonder Girl
Mining Camps Nov ’24  Children from mining camps [admitted]
Dec ’28  Contrast country and camp children
PMSS Buildings Oct ’19  Office
Feb ’19  School House fire
Feb ’20 School House
Nov ’20 Medical Settlement – Gift of Mrs. Emery of Cincinnati.
Nov ’20 Playhouse, Friends in New England.
Nov ’20 Boys House -[Gift of] Mr. [J.S.]  Duncan of Chicago.
Nov ’20  Infirmary moved from Old Log
Nov ’22  Gift for Chapel
Feb ’23  Swimming Pool planned
Nov ’23  Model Home
Nov ’23 Health House, Line Fork
Nov ’24  Dedication of Chapel
Nov ’24 Playground. Drinking Fountain [Creech]
Nov ’27  Little Log [Dr.’s Cabin]
Nov ’29  Line Fork Cabin burned. Rebuilt
Nov ’29 Diesel or Power Line ?
Oct ’36  Moving of [Creech] Cabin
Oct ’31  Re-working of Reservoir
Nov ’33
Feb ’49  Changes at West Wind
PMSS Christmas March ’20  “The ritual” [explained]
Feb ’29  Ritual & Community parties
Feb ’30  Gifts at the [Nativity] Play. Miss Gaines’ party
Feb ’31  Taking out Christmas – Nativity Play, etc.
Feb ’32  “Ritual”
Feb ’45
Feb ’49  Dick [Richard] Chase & Mummer’s Play
Nov ’49  Grade School Kids
PMSS Centers & Extension Work  See also Health, Crafts, Schools, and Religion
Oct ’19 Lilliath Robins on Little Laurel
Nov ’20 Miss Melville raises funds.  M. Butler’s work
Nov 21  Medical Settlement
March ’22  Line Fork
Nov ’23 Health House at Line Fork. Water at Medical Settlement
Nov ’29 New Line Fork Cabin
Nov ’26  Cooking School
Nov ’33
Oct ’40  3rd Kiwanis Camp
Oct ’41  School outreach
PMSS Curriculum Nov ’20  High School [State Law requires]
May ’24  No grades for kids under 14. First High School graduates
April ’26 Full description of the current program
Nov ’27 “Salamanders”
Nov ’29 Summer School
Feb ’30  Re-grouping Academic department
Oct ’31 Classes in agriculture, need for industrial skills
Oct ’32 Printing
Nov ’33
Nov ’38  Co-op store
Oct ’39  Institute [guidance]
Feb ’45 No grades -self-report
Nov ’46  Miss Motter reports on changes
Oct ’48  Counselor and visits
Feb ’49  Home Ec
May ’46  Co-ops described
Nov ’49  Change to grade school. [End of boarding school]
PMSS Community Fair Day Nov ’29
Nov ’44
PMSS  Review of Current Assets & Programs Apr ’26
Nov ’33 Review of current assets
PMSS Folk Dance & Song
May ’19   May Day. Running Set. Cecil Sharp.
March ’22  Ballads. May Day.
Nov ’22  Songs & May Day
Nov ’24  Cecil Sharp’s death. Preparations for.P.M Song Book
Nov ’26  Song Collected
March ’27  Maud Karpeles
Nov ’29 Miss [Dorothy] Bolles
Nov ’30  A square dance incident
Oct ’31 Opening party
Oct ’32  May Day & Tragedy
Jan ’35  Folk Songs
Nov ’35  A Ballad Singer
Feb ’49  May Gadd & Esther Avril
May ’46  May Day
PMSS Forest, Farm & Garden Nov ’19  Deschamp’s work
Nov 21 Deschamp’s work
Nov ’26  Garden
Nov ’27 Ayrshires
Oct ’31 Garden
Oct ’32  Garden for Depression
Nov ’44
Feb ’45
Oct ’48  Spraying
Nov ’49  Change [in farm]
PMSS Handicrafts Nov 21 Patterson – 50 [natural] dyes
Feb ’23  Spinning & Weaving
Oct ’25  Brooms
March ’27  Summer Winter weave, Blue Pot, Woodwork
Nov ’27 Sale of coverlets
PMSS Health Program Feb ’19  Cases dealt with
Oct ’19 A Doctor
Oct ’19 Dental Clinic
Nov ’20 Medical Settlement
Feb ’23  Eye, ear, nose, throat operations
Nov ’23 Treatment of students
April ’26  Goiter, etc.
Nov ’29 Dental Clinic & country inoculations
Feb ’30 Medical Work
Feb ’31  Country doctor’s work
Oct ’32 Pine Mt. Health Association & other health work
Nov ’33
Oct ’39 Health Association
Oct ’40  Full hospital
Oct ’43  Drs. Tucker & Journal
Nov ’50  X-ray
PMSS Plays May ’19 Midsummer Night’s Dream
Oct ’30  Pageant
Nov ’27 Sun Up
Nov ’29 Robin Hood
March ’20 Pageant
Feb ’31  Charades and parties
Feb ’32  Mikado
Oct ’48  Devil and Daniel Webster
PMSS Religious Work Nov ’20 Bible work at Centers
March ’22 Chapel
Nov ’24 Funeralizing in Chapel
April ’26  Religious training
Oct ’31 Chapel service. Bible in school
Nov ’33
Oct ’41
March ’42
PMSS Road May ’19 
Oct ’19
Nov ’20 Description
PMSS Scouts March  ’22  Girl Scouts
March ’25
PMSS Workers May ’19 
May ’19  List
March ’20 List
Sept ’28  Mrs. Zande
Nov ’22
Nov ’36 Katherine Pettit
Oct ’42  Glyn Morris Letter
Oct ’43  Glyn Morris Letter
PMSS Attitude to Old Clothes Oct ’25
Oct ’32
Bible Reminiscences & Anecdotes May ’19  Holcomb’s “Social distinctions”
Nov ’20 Uncle Fiddler John (Aggravations)
Nov 21 Nolans
Nov ’23 Andy and the gun (feuding)
Nov ’23 Love Powders
Nov ’24 Expedition in knickers
March ’27  Uncle John Shell and the bear
Nov ’27 Taxi drivers story (See also Creech Family
Oct ’40 Chris Anderson)
Feb ’29  Aunt Louize remembers Civil War
May ’46  Visit to Sarah Bailey
Schools Rural Oct ’19 Little Laurel
March ’20 Line Fork and “Good Teacher”
March ’22 Line Fork and “Good Teacher”
May ’24  “Goin’ to school destroys the mind”
March ’27
Dec. ’28 7 Month’s School
Feb ’29  Miss [Marian] Kingman’s Extension Work
Feb ’30 Little School on Isaac’s Run
Roads & Transportation Dec. ’28 (See also PMSS ‘The Road’)
Salamanders Nov. ’27

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