NOTES – 1938

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 17: PMSS Publications (Published by the School)

NOTES – 1938
“Notes from the Pine Mountain Settlement School”
October and Silver Jubilee Edition

GALLERY: NOTES – 1938 October


NOTES – 1938 OCTOBER: commemoration ; history ; folk dances ; running set ; honorary committee ; patrons ; box holders ; committee in charge of Jubilee ; Katherine Pettit ; Ethel de Long Zande ; William Creech ; Spelman linoleum cut ; student print shop ; English Folk Dance and Song Society of America ; 

When the ground was being cleared for [Pine Mountain School’s] first building, school was held in the upper story of the local store and post office.

GALLERY: NOTES – 1938 Silver Jubilee Edition


NOTES – 1938 SILVER JUBILEE EDITION: Silver Jubilee 1913-1938 ; Hindman Settlement ; religion ; recreation ; swimming pool ; Pine Mountain Health Association ; camp ; athletics ; Ethel de Long Zande ; Katherine Pettit ; Uncle William ; May GaddJohn A. Spelman III ; linoleum cuts ; 

Even in far away England this summer we saw a demonstration, by young English people, of a folk dance seen and recorded for the first time at Pine Mountain nearly twenty years ago.

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