NOTES – 1941

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 17: PMSS Publications (Published by the School)

NOTES – 1941
“Notes from the Pine Mountain Settlement School”



NOTES – 1941 OCTOBER: William Creech ; medical service ; community work ; Cooperative Store ; recreation ; institute ; camps ; WWII ; Kansas City ; New York City ; Harlan County; religion ; medicine ; Mr. and Mrs. Harris ; Mrs. Ethel de Long Zande ; Miss Katherine Pettit ;

Our problems and opportunities have multiplied together, as the world has come to us by way of the railroad, the road, the radio, and the telephone.

We are struck … with the similarity of the times —1913 and 1941. Now, as then, we are on the verge of entering into a European war.

Here at Pine Mountain, the great difference between 1915 and 1941 is that we are no longer apart and protected from the main current of the industrial revolution.

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