NOTES – 1935

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 17: PMSS Publications (Published by the School)

NOTES – 1935
“Notes from the Pine Mountain Settlement School”
January and November

Two special issues with full lyrics of mountain ballads collected at Pine Mountain Settlement School were produced in 1935 by Evelyn K. Wells and the staff at Pine Mountain.

GALLERY: NOTES – 1935 January


NOTES – 1935 JANUARY: songs ; folk songs ; music ; lyrics ; lonesome tune ; Aunt Sal‘s Song ; “releegious” songs ; “Singing Willie” Nolan ; Child ballads ; Minnie Callahan Wells ; Edna Feltner ; May Ritchie Deschamps ; Florence Hudson Botsford  ; G. Schirmer Inc. ; Evelyn K. Wells ; “Aunt Sal’s Song” ; “The Nightingale” ; 

We print here, most of them for the first time, a few songs learned from our neighbors and school children. – Evelyn K. Wells

GALLERY: NOTES – 1935 November


NOTES – 1935 NOVEMBER: The Ballad Singer ; Greasy Creek ; “flood of progress” ; Big Laurel Creek ; Lige Jackson ; Alice Cobb ; Silas [Si] Turner ; financial statement ; budget ; music ; lyrics ; Sally Bell ; “Lolly Toodum” ; Hell-fer-Sartin ; ballads ; 

[“The Ballad Singer,” a story by one of our neighbors, is printed for the charm of the character [Lige Jackson], and [is] also a rather accurate picture of life down Greasy Creek, as it is being lived today. – Alice Cobb

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