KATHERINE PETTIT Correspondence 0000 Undated

Pine Mountain Settlement School
KATHERINE PETTIT Correspondence 1910-1938
and Newspaper Clippings (n.d.)

KATHERINE PETTIT Correspondence 0000

Woman {Pettit ?] on horseback on trail. Katherine Pettit Album I. [pettit_35_004.jpg]

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Katherine Pettit Correspondence 0000 UNDATED

The items in this folder – KATHERINE PETTIT CORRESPONDENCE 0000 – are undated but some may be moved to the approximate dated folder as the material is analyzed. The folder also includes clippings gathered by Katherine Pettit and most of those materials are also undated.


[020a – 020k] February 18, [no year]. Handwritten by Miss Pettit, Nashville, TN, to Ethel [Zande]. Mrs. Riker fears loss of convict labor; Board of Control; hiring Lura Parsons.

[021a – 021c] March 15, [no year]. Handwritten by Miss Pettit, “en route” [letterhead, “The Polly”] to Miss Gaunt[?]. Sending loom to Miss Stone; upset about Express Co.

[022a – 022b] [n.d.] Two typewritten paragraphs by E.K.W[ells]. concerning Boone’s lateness and a suggested change to the mail pickup schedule as a remedy.

[023a – 023d] February 9, [no year]. Pettit, Lexington, KY, to “Ethel” [Zande], Hazard, KY. Pettit suggests talks by Miss Wells to interest the Kentuckians in TX about PMSS.

[024] [n.d.] “Memorandum for Miss Pettit from Mrs. Zande.” Talked with dentists about a clinic at P.M; Chad Shoope applied to return next year; Miss Wells.

[025a – 025d] February 14, [no year]. Pettit [handwritten on PMSS letterhead] to “Ethel” [Zande]. Meningitis deaths; Big Log repairs; stove safety; benefit Mt. plays in NY.

[026a – 026f] [n.d.] Pettit [handwritten on PMSS letterhead] to “Ethel” [Zande]. Visiting Antioch College with May Stone; “Sun Up” play; how PMSS might have a benefit.

[027a – 027f] April 29, [no year]. Pettit [handwritten “On Board the Cunard R.M.S. “Laconia”], Arabian Sea, to “Ethel” [Zande]. Moving Aunt Sal’s house; her travels.

[028a – 028d] [n.d.] Pettit, [handwritten on “Grand Hotel, Naples” stationery], to Miss Wells. Asks for someone to help her at Big Log when she returns.

[029a – 029b] [n.d.] Pettit [handwritten “On Board the Cunard R.M.S. “Laconia”], to Miss Wells. Asks again for someone at Big Log; Miss Davis; staffing needs at Line Fork.

[030a – 030d] [n.d., no addressee]. Pettit [handwritten on PMSS stationery]. Reasons she is against selling old clothes in the mts; quotes Southern Highlander.

[031a – 031g] [n.d., no addressee]. Pettit [handwritten on PMSS stationery]. Approves sending Misses Reeves and Siderbury to Knoxville; hiring and training workers.

[032a – 032c] April 29, [no year]. Pettit to Mr. Morris, Gilley. Thanks for bequests list; Dr. Philip Roettinger’s contributions to PMSS; Henry Creech’s letters and gift.

[033a – 033d] July 24, [no year]. Pettit to Miss Gaunt. How to respond to Jacob Wilson’s billing complaint; Miss [Angela] Melville sent book titled “Co-operative Banking”.
[033e] [n.d., previous page missing] Lula Hale [handwritten on letterhead for University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture, Quicksand, KY] to [?]. Preparing for fair.
[033f – 033g] [n.d., previous page missing] Handwritten by Miss Pettit to Mr. Gund[?]. Placing workers in various tasks; getting a pipeless furnace at Big Log.

[034] [n.d., previous page missing] Handwritten by Miss Pettit to [?]. Staffing arrangements for Big Log, study hour.
[034a – 034b] [n.d.] Miss Pettit to Mr. and Mrs. Zande. Wishes to discuss putting pipeless furnace in Big Log.
[034c-034d] [n.d., previous page missing] Suggests that Miss [Rachel H.] Davis take charge of Pettit’s house in her absence; discussses salary. [034cc is duplicate of 034c].

[035a] February 13, 1926. Menu from the Alexander Young Hotel, Honolulu, T.H. of luncheon dishes for Clark’s Around the World Tour.
[035b – 035c] July 13, [no year, no addressee]. Miss Pettit, Honolulu, HI, to [?]. Asked that questionnaire be sent to Isabel Whitenuck[?], Honolulu, to hire for Line Fork.

[036a-036b] [n.d., no addressee] Note in Miss Pettit’s handwriting. Informing recipient that she has never mentioned the school, workers, or settlements in a critical way.

[037a – 037b] [n.d., no addressee] Note in Miss Pettit’s handwriting on PMSS stationery. Hiring for Boy’s House. [Possibly missing subsequent pages.]

[038a – 038b] [n.d.] Miss Pettit to Mr. [Glyn] Morris. Asks Morris to visit her in Lexington en route to Chicago.

[040a – 040b] July 1, [no year]. Miss Pettit, Lilley, KY, to Mr. Morris. Thanks for negatives; Pettit asked for list of her possessions at Pine Mt.

[041] [n.d., no addressee] Note in Miss Pettit’s handwriting to [?]. Asking about relief money for completion of Pine Mt. road.

042] [n.d., no addressee] Lower part of an unsigned typewritten page. Fourth of July event; motoring to Hindman and “funeral occasions.”

[043_frag – 043_frag2] [n.d., no addressee] Page 2 of a handwritten letter from Miss Pettit on PMSS stationery. Big Log vacancies; Mabel’s leaving; Lyttle Coldiron….

[044a – 044e] February 5, [no year]. Handwritten by Miss Pettit to Miss Melville. Hiring for Little School, Line Fork, Boy’s House. }
[049: Handwritten note by Miss Pettit on reverse side of 044e requests updates on Boy’s House hiring soon.]

GALLERY: KATHERINE PETTIT Correspondence 0000 (n.d.)


[001] Newspaper clipping.”The Fall Festival.”.10th annual September fair at Robinson Experiment Station, Quicksand; improvements and accomplishments.

[002-002a] Newspaper clipping. “Homeplace [Ary, KY] Workers Review Activities of Past Year.” The Jackson Times. Miss Lula Hale; describes Homeplace.

[003a – 003h] Eight-page brochure, “Highland Institution – A Lengthened Shadow” by Rev. Dr. Robert W. Miles, Lexington, KY. Visiting Highland Institution.
[003i-003j] Two-page fundraising brochure, “What the Mail Mule Brings” by Cary R. Blain, Highland Institution. Excerpts from applications for admittance to the school.

[004 – 004a] May 23, 1930. Handwritten letter from Emaline Roberts to Miss Pettit. How to dye baskets. Handwritten by Miss Pettit: “Put this in the vegetable dye folder.”

[005] Clipping regarding preservation of “every book…no matter how worthless or ephemeral it may seem.” Handwritten note by Miss Pettit: “The Library.”

[006a – 006d] February 3, [no year]. Handwritten letter from Miss Pettit, Lexington, KY, to Miss Sheltinan[?]. Pettit’s policy that only mountain materials are used [possibly for Fireside Industries].

[007] September 20, [no year]. Newspaper clipping from The Leader. “Fair Indicates Good Harvest: Interesting Exhibits are Seen at Quicksand Festival”. 10th annual Robinson harvest fair at Agricultural Experiment Substation.

[008a – 008b] December 26, [no year]. Handwritten by K. Pettit, Lexington, KY, to [?]. Provides names of contacts to see about speaking in Chicago area; “Quare Women.”

[009] Newspaper clipping. “Kentuckians Form Club [of Dallas]”. A club of former Kentuckians to give scholarships to PMSS and other KY aid; lists officers.

[010] March 2, [no year]. Newspaper clipping. “Housewife Builds Telescope; Invites Friends to See Moon”. [Pettit’s handwriting: “Perhaps Pine Mt. pupils cd. do this.”]

[011] Newspaper clipping. “J.M. Feltner is Kiwanis Guest; Speaks on ‘The Future of Eastern Kentucky’.’“ [Pettit’s handwriting: “The S[?] man that I know who is at work in our mts.”]

[039] July 27, [no year]. Newspaper clipping, “Use of Federal Funds Pondered: State Highway Commission Discusses Utilization of Kentucky’s Share.” Lists counties’ bids, including Hindman.









KATHERINE PETTIT – “Weaving at PMSS – Beginnings”