ABBY WINCH CHRISTENSEN Correspondence 1937

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Abby Winch Christensen

Abby Winch Christensen Correspondence 1937

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NOTE: The Abby Winch Christensen Correspondence is signed “Abby,” a name that Abby Winch preferred. Most likely that was to distinguish between her mother AbbyMandela Holmes Christensen and her given name which was also spelled “Abby.”

LIST: Abby Winch Christensen Correspondence 1937

The following lists the image titles and contents, in chronological order, of letters of Abby Winch Christensen, a PMSS worker who taught folk dancing, weaving & mechanical drawing at various times from 1924 until 1949. The images displayed after this list are in numerical order.

NOTE: The address on letters to and from Christensen is Beaufort, SC, unless otherwise noted. PMSS letters are carbon copies of typewritten pages meant for the PMSS office files and therefore unsigned. Letters from Christensen are handwritten.

September 8, 1937. To Abby W. Christensen in Greenville, SC from [unsigned, likely Glyn Morris]. Declines offer of a cocker spaniel.
September 14, [1937]. To Mrs. Morris from A. M. H. Christensen in Greenville, SC. Asking about her letters to “Winnie.”
September 28, 1937. To Mrs. A.M.H. Christensen in Greenville, SC., from [unsigned, likely Glyn Morris].
christensen_abby_II_00201, 00202, & 00203 (3 pages)
February 13, 1937. To Morris from Christensen. Asked whether a Pine Mt team will attend the Knoxville Folk Festival; “As a means of furthering (appreciation for) English folk dancing, it seems quite worthwhile.”
christensen_abby_II_00204, 00205, 00206 (3 pages)
February 21, 1937. To Morris from Christensen. Asks for details & provides suggestions about the Pine Mt team’s plans to attend the Knoxville Folk Festival. Asks if she’s expected for the “dancing month (April).”
March 3, 1937. To Christensen from [unsigned, likely Morris]. Lists the students attending the Knoxville Folk Festival & dances to be performed.
christensen_abby_II_00208, 00209, 00210, 00211 (4 pages)
March 4, 1937. To Morris from Christensen. Concerning the program for the Knoxville Folk Festival,  “…when a Pine Mt. team goes to meet other dance teams at a folk festival it represents not only Pine Mt. but also English folk dancing as passed on by me.” Comments on upcoming May Day.

March 24, 1937. To Christensen from [unsigned, likely Morris]. Sends information from Mr. Dodd; a check for the [Dorothy] Bolles Fund. “…children would not be enjoying country dancing if it had not been for her.”
christensen_abby_II_00213, 00214, 00215 (3 pages)
March 28, 1937. To Morris from Christensen. Gives opinions & suggestions about [Arthur] Dodd’s Dance program.
May 4, 1937. To Christensen from [unsigned]. Thanks Christensen for her recent visit to PMSS to teach dancing; sent thanks to her mother for gift.
christensen_abby_II_00217, 00218, 00219, 00220 (4 pages)
May 5, 1937. To “Friends” from Christensen. She and her mother thank the School staff for their hospitality during their recent visit.
christensen_abby_II_00221, 00222, 00223, 00224, 00225 00226 (6 pages)
June 4, 1937. To Morris from Christensen. Received check for $50 from PMSS for dance instruction. Cannot teach at PMSS summer school, “for want of a musician.” Asks about Morris’s visit to Sarasota, FL; invites the Morris family to visit her at Edisto Beach; asks whether her mother, Miss [Sally] Putnam and herself can board at PMSS this summer.
christensen_abby_II_00227, 00228, 00229, 00230 (4 pages)
June 14, 1937. To Morris from Christensen. She repeats the topics in her June 4, 1937, letter in case he didn’t receive it in Sarasota, FL.
christensen_abby_II_00231, 00232, 00233, 00234, 00235 (5 pages)
June 20, 1937. To Morris from Christensen. Responds to Morris’s description of his vacation; appreciates his letting her come to Pine Mt. with her mother in July; would like to help Emily Hill Creech with the Laurel House garden.
christensen_abby_II_00236, 00237 (2 pages)
June 27, 1937. To Morris from Christensen in Greenville, SC. “I’ve just been looking at pictures of the May Day dancing on the playground taken with Mr. Patterson’s Leica. There is one of Peascods that is quite a beauty.”

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