PINE CONE 1940 December

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 17: PMSS Publications

PINE CONE 1940 December, Vol. 5, No. 3

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Page 01
[Vacation dates included in header]
“Christmas Celebration Will Begin December 15” [Pre-dedication for new Laurel House; campus-wide open house; carol singing; Nativity play; house groups to perform at evening meals]
“Students to Publish New History of Pine Mountain Co-op Movement”:

“This Is Our Home” [Assembly by Co-op English classes to observe American Education Week]
 “New School Co-op History to be Written Next Semester” [By the Co-op students under direction of Miss [Gladys] Hill, Co-op teacher, and Miss Hackman, English teacher; printed by school print shop; excerpts from brief report by Juanita Robinson.]

“Enter the Contest” [Contest to name new girls’ dormitory]

Page 02
THE PINE CONE – “A school and community paper published monthly by the students of Pine Mountain Settlement School.”
Editor – Robert L. Blanton
Assistant Editor – Eleanor Ayers
Business Manager – Fred C. Jones
Assistant Manager – Willard Enix
Reporters – June Anderson, Bonnie Ayers, Mabel Beeler, Helen Cornett, Oral Howard, Theda Hackman, R.L. Huddleston, Majel Jones, Emmy Mullins, Velma Peters, Nelle Shuler, Jewell Weaver
Adviser – Vera R. Hackman
“Member Columbia Scholastic Press Association 1940-1941”

“Heroic Action” [The story of the little match girl]
“What Youth Should Be” [Responsibly voting for U.S. leaders]
“Tell Me A Story” [Mistletoe traditions]
“A Senior’s Prayer” [poem]

Page 03
“India”: “Display on Stage”; “Describes Experiences” [A dramatization presented by William S. Willett]
“Skilled Workers Needed for Defense” [Mr. A.S. Webb Jr., counselor for Junior Placement Service, spoke at assembly about national defense program’s jobs.]
“Health Association Expands” [175 members; rates; rules]
“Line Fork Activities Underway” [Describes Rev. and Mrs. R.E. Baker’s recreation program; description of The Cabin; books catalogued by Elisabeth Lyman]

Page 04
“Defense (continued from page 3)” [Lists defense program projects]
“THE PINE CONE welcomes articles from any or all of the students….”
“A-Group Elects Roosevelt” [Debate by A-Group civics class taught by Mr. [Malcolm] Arny]
“Girls Help to Build” [Group-A girls in woodworking class installed plaster boards on Laurel House walls, led by Mr. (Boone]) Callahan.]
“Adventures in Reading” [Biography of Richard Halliburton, writer of travel books.]

Page 05
“Campus Notes” [Popularity of Scholastic; Co-op classes’ new history book; christening at Chapel; teachers hike to Abner’s Branch; using the new acetylene blow torch]
“Tell Me A Story (continued from page 2)”
“Students Photograph Cucumber Tree” [Activities of Mrs. Keath’s biology students]
“This Is Our Home (continued from page 1)”
“Nook O’Mirth” [jokes]
“What Youth Should Be (continued from page 2)”

Page 06
“Co-op History (continued from page 1)” [publications used by the Co-op class; upcoming studies and activities]
“Did You Know” [Statistics for U.S. natural resources and school populations]
“Students Try Printing” [Describes the print shop and classes led by Mr. August Angel]
“Up the Hollows” [News from Little Laurel, Big Laurel, Divide]
“[National] Book Week Observed” [Describes book exhibits]

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