KATHERINE PETTIT Correspondence 1922

Pine Mountain Settlement School
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KATHERINE PETTIT Correspondence 1922, January – May

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GALLERY: Katherine Pettit Correspondence 1922

CONTENTS: Katherine Pettit Correspondence 1922

January 3, 1922. J. A. Stucky, M.D. to Miss Lillian Pettit. Asked for quotes concerning “mountain needs” to use in information he will be sending to his friends. [001]

[n.d.] Newspaper clipping titled “Dr. Stucky Makes Plea for Aid in Caring for Mountain Folk by J. A. Stucky (In Lexington Herald)”. [002-003]

January 16, 1922. [unsigned] EKW to Miss Katherine Pettit, Lexington, KY. Asks if Will Nolan is excused from paying entrance fee. [004]

January 16, 192[2]. [letterhead: United States Post Office] M. Kaufman, Postmaster to “Sir”, Lexington Herald. Supt. R.M.S. advised that a paper was being delivered regularly to K. Pettit. [handwritten notation: “I wonder if this is true now….”]. This is stapled to a letter from Robert J. Breckinridge to K. Pettit [005; see 006].

January 17, 1922. [letterhead: The Lexington Herald Circulation Department, etc.] Robert J. Breckinridge to K. Pettit, Harlan, KY. Tracer’s response after her complaint of not receiving the Herald. [006]

January 19, 1922. [letterhead: Pine Mountain Settlement School, Inc., etc.] Evelyn Wells to Miss Pettit, Lexington, KY. Asks if Malcolm [Arny], and [pregnant] Minnie can live in Little Laurel place. [At bottom of this letter and continued on a second page are Pettit’s handwritten thoughts on the matter.] [007-008]

January 20, 1922. [unsigned] EKW to Miss Pettit, Lexington, KY. F.W. Griffith’s letter; The Middleton children can live in the Farmhouse. [009]

January 20, 1922. [unsigned: Evelyn K. Wells?] EKW to Miss Pettit, Lexington, KY. Current and future status of funds for the road; Mr. Boggs; Sen. Brock; Road Dept. [010]

January 31, 1922. [handwritten] K. Pettit to “Ethel” [de Long], Lexington, KY. Thanks for road news; thoughts on hiring workers. [011-015]

January 31, 1922. [unsigned] ? to Miss Pettit, Lexington, KY. Asking KP’s approval of her creek bed plan; Cow; Miss Butler‘s horse;… [Remainder of letter is missing.] [016]

February 3, 1922. [unsigned: Evelyn K. Wells?] EKW to Miss Pettit, Lexington, KY. Ninnie and Malcolm’s move; need for volunteer workers; Miss Gilbert; Miss Atkins. [017]

February 4, 1922. [unsigned] ? to “Kate” [Pettit]. Piano is tuned; re-hiring Miss Brewster; opinions on hiring couples. [018-019]

February 5, 1922. [unsigned] EZ to “Kate” (Miss Pettit), Lexington, KY. Judge Wilson; economy of P.M. owning mules and horses. [020-021]

February 15, 1922. [unsigned] ? to Miss Pettit. Miss [Mabel] Mumford; Miss Wilson; Celia [Cathcart] Holton; victrola. [022]

February 20, 1922. [unsigned] ? to Miss Pettit. Newel Combs came; subscriptions; Evanston giving to general fund. [023]

February 20, 1922. [unsigned] ? to Miss Pettit. Mrs. Storrow offered Natl Training Camp scholarships for 2 P.M. Girl Scouts: Allie Callahan and Kitty Ritchie. [024]

March 24, 1922. “To the Workers at P.M., from the Executive Committee.” Budget details; asks workers to help raise funds and economize. [025-026]

April 4, 1922. [unsigned] KP to Alice Lewis, Dillon, KY. Sending blue bells. [027]

April 25, 1922. [unsigned] KP to “Min” (Mrs. Waller Bullock), Lexington, KY. Shuck rugs; Mr. Gratz to marry Fanny Rogers; hike to Jack’s Gap; Hindman reunion plans. [028]

April 28, 1922. [unsigned] KP to Mrs. Higgin Lewis, Lexington, KY. Thanks for clothing; Hindman Club; Hindman reunion plans; baptisms. [029]

May 26, 1922. [unsigned] KP to “Min” (Mrs. Waller Bullock), Lexington, KY. Flowers; Medcalf trail; visiting Hindman teachers; Rockefeller Institute. [030]








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