HISTORY PMSS Summary 1949-1950

Pine Mountain Settlement School
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HISTORY PMSS Summary 1949-1950

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History of the Pine Mountain Settlement School

Staff Members:

June Allen, Nurse
Golda Baker, Teacher Grades 2 & 3
Myra Binford, Dietitian
Bill Hayes, Farm Manager
Fern Hayes, Office Secretary
Dr. Elizabeth Henderson, Doctor
Ronald Henderson, Teacher Grades 7, 8 & 9
Gladys Hill, Teacher Grades 5 & 6
Mary Holsinger, Weaving, Office
Ruby Lanier, Bookkeeper
Dorothy Nace Teacher Grades 3 & 4
Alice Pennington, Laurel House
Loretta Peterson, Nurse
Violet Radle, Nurse (Jan. – )
Grace Rood Nurse, Hospital
Superintendent Atha Stahl, Teacher Grade 1
Alma Whittaker, Nurse (1 mo., Fall)
Brit Wilder, Maintenance
Hobart Wilder, Farm Assistant
Mart Baker, Night Watchman
Burton Rogers, Director
Rev. and Mrs. Baker, Line Fork Cabin

Number of students: Two school buses and a truck brought in 186 students, Grades 1 through 9, on opening day. (147 had been enrolled in the 5 schools last spring.) At the end of 3 months, 198 had enrolled. 182 were enrolled at Christmas, 186 in April, at the close of school. A total of 216 students were enrolled during the year.


Youngsters brought lunches for 3 weeks, then hot lunch program was started.

The hospital was moved to West Wind building in September. Dr. Clark Bailey, Harlan physician, Pine Mountain Trustee, helped to obtain a nurse and X-ray equipment.

The Pine Mountain Fair Day was held in September, with the assistance of neighbors. A neighbor has been named Chairman of the Fair for next year.

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Page 2, 1949-50

The traditional Nativity Play was presented by the elementary school youngsters in December.

A Smith College Workshop Girl (assigned through the Council of the Southern Mts.) spent 5 weeks doing singing, story-telling, handwork & games with school children.

An eye clinic was sponsored by the Harlan Lions Club.

Dr. J. W. Craft, Harlan dentist, had a dental clinic in 4 half-day sessions.

A 4-H Club was organized for older students.

Board of Trustees:

Francis Hutchins, President of Berea College, Chairman
Richard Bentley, Chicago, IL
Barry Bingham, Louisville, KY
Thomas Cooper, Lexington, KY
E. S. Dabney, Lexington, KY
Elmer Gabbard, Buckhorn, KY
Louis Karnosh, Cleveland, OH
Carl Michel [Mickel?], Cincinnati, OH
Charles Ward Seabury, Chicago, IL.

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