ALUMNI RELATIONS 1997 Newsletter

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 20: Alumni & Alumni Relations

 ALUMNI RELATIONS 1997 Newsletter

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Printed letter with letterhead for “Alumni & Friends Newsletter, Pine Mountain Settlement School,” dated March 25, 1997. To “Dear Alumni and Friends of Pine Mountain!” from Mildred Mahoney, Acting Director. The letter welcomes alumni and friends to Homecoming on August 9, 1997, and states the following:

 “The new Far House is lovely…The Search Committee is looking at applications for the position of Director. School groups are coming on a full spring schedule, cabbage plants and onion sets are in the early garden, and the wildflower seed is waiting on the shelf. …”

[1997_alum_friend_newsletter_002.jpg] Printed 2-page report. Page 1 of 2.

“Pine Mountain Association of Alumni and Friends 1996 Annual Meeting Minutes.” Minutes of a meeting held in Laurel House, Pine Mountain, on August 10, 1996, with Jack Martin as president and 96 attendees. The following subjects were covered:

50th anniversary of Class of 1946 – Evelyn Ayers Howard and David Martin from that class were present;

Moment of silence for August Angel, Joan Bird (wife of Ray Bird), the mother of Jack and David Martin and others who passed away in the past year;

Welcoming and thank-you statement from Paul Hayes, PMSS Director;

Vote for approval of meeting minutes of August 12, 1995; 

Treasurer’s report; and new business, with the Nominating Committee submitting the following slate:
— Carl Whitehead, President
— Betty Collier Nichols, Vice President
— Genella Boggs Amburgey, Secretary
— Fred Hall, Treasurer
— John Deaton, Densel Duncan and Paul Leach, members at large.

Members to represent Alumni to PMSS Board:
— Ray Bird, one year to complete term of August Angel
— Walter Blackson, three years, 1997-1999

Jack Martin recommended amendments to the Charter of the Pine Mountain Association of Alumni and Friends: “Article II – Objectives (d) To elect every year one nominee (instead of three) as alumni representative to the Pine Mountain School Board of Trustees. The Board has approved a total of three alumni representatives who will each serve three years. …[whose] terms shall be overlapping, not concurrent. …”

[1997_alum_friend_newsletter_003.jpg] Page 2 of 2.

“ … Article IV — Governance (d) The Treasurer of the Association will establish an account for Association funds at an appropriate location. The persons authorized to sign checks will be the Treasurer and/or the President of the Association. Only one signature is required. …”

Special thanks to the:
— Pine Mountain staff, especially those in the kitchen for excellent meals
— Nominating Committee: Lois North Ensor, Ray Bird, Dave Martin, and Lois Hoskins
— Outgoing officers who have served the past two years.

The agenda for the 1996 annual meeting program was listed, including a concert in the Chapel by Jennifer Rose, a dance party and Chapel service with John Kleber, Kentucky historian as speaker.

Respectfully submitted,
[signed] Lois Skidmore Hoskins, Secretary

The report ends with the Treasurer’s Report for the fiscal year of August 12, 1995, through August 10, 1996.

[1997_alum_friend_newsletter_004.jpg] USPS mailing address side of newsletter with a Calendar of Events for 1997.

[1997_alum_friend_newsletter_005.jpg] A printed list of names and addresses, “taken from the guest register 1996.”

[1997_alum_friend_newsletter_006.jpg] Continuation of list of names and addresses; Homecoming 1997 Reservation Form; form for indicating the guest’s Accommodation Requirements.


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