PINE CONE 1941 February

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 17: PMSS Publications

PINE CONE 1941 February, Vol. 5 No. 5

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“Majel Jones, Bob Blanton, Emma Lou Mullins Chosen”

Oral Howard, Fred Jones, and Bertha Lewis were re-elected. Other nominees were Mable Beeler, Ruth Ann Cornett, Calvin Jones and Bill Turner. Campaigners were Jewell Weaver and R.L. Huddleston.

“STUDENTS PLAN ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS FOR ENTIRE SEMESTER” – a play on Washington’s Birthday; exchange of anonymous valentines on Valentine’s Day; Lincoln’s Birthday program arranged by Miss Cold.

“BOOK PARTY TO BE HELD” in Laurel House for staff & students, dressed as their favorite characters; folk dancing

“WASHINGTON BALL” to be held – “Slow and stately dances”; girls in evening dress; table games; ice cream bazaar.

“PUPS ‘SHOW OFF” FOR SENIORS” at Senior’s Sunday night gathering at Zande House

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THE PINE CONE – “A school and community paper published monthly by the students of Pine Mountain Settlement School.”

Robert Blanton, Editor; Eleanor Ayers, Assistant Editor; Fred C. Jones, Business Manager; Willard Enix, Assistant Manager.

Reporters – June Anderson, Bonnie Ayers, Mable Beeler, Helen Cornett, Oral Howard, Theda Howard, R.L. Huddleston, Majel Jones, Emmy L. Mullins, Velma Peters, Nelle Shuler, Jewel Weaver

Adviser – Vera R. Hackman

“Member, Columbia Scholastic Press Association, 1940-1941”

“OUR GREATEST DEFENSE” – ”… the unity created by Washington and Lincoln is our greatest armament against totalitarianism.”

“MY TREE” – a poem by Lake Cress

“BOOKS TO ENJOY” – Cathedrals by Edwin Rayner and Book of Bells by Satis N. Coleman.

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“MASONS CROSS MOUNTAIN FOUR TIMES DAILY” – “Arnie Franklin, Frank Cornett, Woodard Cornett and Charlie Ingram, stonemasons working on the new girls’ dormitory and living on Linefork, cross Pine Mountain four times daily coming and going via Cumberland and Laden to reach their work.”

Helpers: Marsh Browning, Silas Turner, Hobert Coots, Harrison Cornett and Neal Wilder. Other workmen living near the school: John Vance Willie Baker, Elbert Harris, Chad Turner, Virgil Boggs, Henry Baker and Melvin Hall. Ed Leach is in charge of construction, as he was for the doctor’s house.

“WOODWORK ATTRACTS MANY STUDENTS” [photo” “Student Works at Lathe]; Supervisor: Mr. Callahan. Calvin Jones & Bill Turner, advanced woodworking students, worked under Ed Leach on the doctor’s house and the new Laurel House.

“ALUMNI NEWS” Mabel Weaver ‘38, Stella Taylor ‘38, Wilbur Wilder ‘38Lawrence Kelly ‘38, Nan Milan ‘37 married Albert Burns.

“CLASS OF 1940” Talmadge Dean, Burton Creech, Paul HayesMaxine Holbrook, Pauline Frost.

“VALUABLE BOOKS ADDED TO SCHOOL LIBRARY” – 12 volumes of the Smithsonian Scientific Series

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“NEW KITCHEN INSPIRES COOKS” in the new Laurel House. Students: Lake Cress, Sarah Shepherd, Irene Garrett and Ruth Ann Cornett with the aid of Ila Boggs and Emma Lou Mullins. Supervisor and dietitian: Miss Nancy Ward.

“MAN FALLS OUT OF FIELD” as told by Theda on a community home visiting day.



Pack Horse Library –  Bonnie Ayers. WPA library – Mrs. Jess Patterson

School Hospital – 5 community girls help Miss Rood.

ISAAC – Frances Hall, Willard Enix, Rev. Pinkey

DIVIDE – Mrs. Art Turner, Billy Wilder, Mrs. Nick Pennington

NAPIER – Mr. Felix Turner
LITTLE LAUREL – Mr. and Mrs. John O’Hern

New PMSS students: Hansel Nantz, Melvin and Della Coots, Louise Begley, Winifred Metcalf, Cleo Turner (sister of Alonzo Turner).

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“SURPRISES GREET DINERS” at the new Laurel House – Mr. Spelman & Mr. Dodd provide music; samples of citrus fruits; varied desserts; Mrs. Keith and her biology students prepared sassafras tea.

“NEW BOOKS ADDED” (Continued from page three.)

“CAMPUS COLUMN” – Myrtle Lee Green, Mrs. Preston van Kolken, Mildred Centers, Janet Grant, Louise Hawn, Rev. Matthew Smith, Mrs. Edith Jones.

“VESPERS HELD IN HOUSES” at Laurel House, Big Log, Boys’ House.

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“CO-OPS WRITE PLAY” –  “…to inform others of the growth and extent of the cooperative movement.” Guided by Miss Hill and Miss Hackman.

“PINE CONE TO PUBLISH A SUPPLEMENT” for May, which students named “The Conifer.”

“BOYS COOK AND SEW” – Miss Miller, Home Economics instructor.

“MABEL GILLIAM IN CITY” (Continued from page four.)
“ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS” (Continued from page one.)

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