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CREECH FAMILY HIGHLIGHTS lists Creech Family members whose names have been found in correspondence, biographies, narratives and other historical accounts in the PMSS Collections.

Highlights for William Creech Sr., Sally Dixon Creech, James Columbus Creech and Henry Clay Creech are not listed due to the large number of PMSS Collections pages that feature their names. For their information, see their biographies which include links to other pages with related information.

The following highlights are not in chronological order. Instead, they are in the order of first names.

Each highlight includes the name of the source page (in uppercase letters). That page can be accessed by using the SEARCH box on the main page at


Aaron Creech is listed in a chronology of the building of the Road as having been “paid by the School to survey the new grade [in 1931-32] and was boarded at E.M. Nolen’s house free…. In the spring of 1934, the CCC [Civilian Conservation Corps] workers began work on the new survey made by Aaron Creech.” LADEN TRAIL OR THE ROAD.

Abson (Absolom) Creech and Joe Creech were born on Poor Fork, according to Columbus Creech in 1963. AUNT SAL’S CABIN.

Alberta Creech was cast in the Women’s Chorus in the PMSS production of the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, “H.M.S. Pinafore,” in 1933. H.M.S. PINAFORE PRODUCTIONS. She is listed as a member of the 1934 GRADUATING CLASS. Her writing “Inflated People,” was published in the April Literary Supplement of the PINE CONE 1933.

Alonzo Creech is in the “Line Fork News” due to the birth of a baby boy, Jewel. The mother, Ida (Engle) Creech was a former PMSS student. PINE CONE 1934, p. 6.

A visit with Alta Creech and her husband is described in ALICE COBB STORIES “A Trip to Turkey Fork and Big Laurel, 1937.”

Amy Creech Metcalf and James H. Metcalf were parents of Sarah Metcalf, the grandmother who raised Dillard Metcalf. NOLAN FAMILY.

Angela Melville Album II – Part VII. “Angela Creech Morgan & Family.” [melv_II_album_325.jpg]

Angela Creech Morgan told several stories about the Creech Family members to Keith Morgan, transcribed by Ruth Smith Creech. GUIDE TO PERSONAL NARRATIVES (Written). Angela Creech is listed on page 3 of the October PINE CONE 1947 as having plans to attend Union College.

Mrs. Anna Jo Creech was the recorder for Youth Group “B” during the 1963 RURAL YOUTH GUIDANCE INSTITUTES REPORT.

Arwilla (“Arwilly” or “Arwillie”) Creech Lewis, born in 1895, was the granddaughter of William and Sally (Dixon) Creech. She married Gib Lewis on April 5, 1914. They had six children: Eva, Herbert, Omer, Una, Elmer and Owen. GIB LEWIS Biography.

Ben Creech was married to Henry Creech’s sister. COBB STORIES “VISIT TO HARMON …”

Bertha Creech Lewis, a member of the kitchen staff, and William Creech are listed as subjects of Ethel de Long’s May 1913 DIRECTOR’S LETTERS TO BOARD OF TRUSTEES. Bertha Creech, granddaughter of Uncle William, was among the earliest working staff of the School. PLANNING & BEGINNINGS.

Bertha Jean Creech of Bledsoe, KY, was listed as an editor of the Pine Cone and a student in the 1943 GRADUATING CLASS. She remained in the community as a teacher at Creech school.

Bill Creech, Uncle William Creech’s son, was one of the three men who built the PMSS Chapel, under the direction of Mr. Zande and using “stone hewn from two enormous boulders not far up on Pine Mountain.” WELLS RECORD 04 PMSS Physical Growth 1913-1928.

Marguerite Butler wrote in her letters of dinner at Bill Creech’s and Delia Creech’s. 1920 MARGUERITE BUTLER LETTERS, image 015. Bill Creech’s opinion concerning federal officials who wanted his land is recorded in “ALICE COBB STORIES March of Time in Greasy Valley, 1936.” ALICE TRUMBULL (SCOVILLE) BARRY, Community School Supervisor 1944-1947, was friends with “Aunt Dealy” and Henry Creech. Bill Creech was described as a stonemason who would repair the reservoir in a letter in the collection of DARWIN D. MARTIN 1930 CORRESPONDENCE [image # P1050701].

Bill Leach (Dr. William Matthew Leach) and George Robert Leach: Great-grandsons of Henry and Delia Creech.

Carol Creech Smith obituary and photo, 1997, are located in the Library File for SERIES 04: PINE MOUNTAIN SETTLEMENT SCHOOL HISTORIES, #45, A-1-9.

Bonnie Creech was in the cast of the NATIVITY PLAY: MARY ROGERS LETTER TO MARY RUBY YOCUM, December 1953(?).

Burton Creech was listed as part of the chorus in the 1940 TOMFOOLERY, the sixth year of the satirical comedy and informal play by the PMSS boy students. Burton was among seniors in the 1940 GRADUATING CLASS. He was among the Creech family members who were in WWII MILITARY SERVICE.

Friends & Neighbors – VI-51 – 1725x. Charles Creech, Mattie Ayers Hayes and Ruth Smith Creech. [VI_51_friends_neighbors_1725x_mod.jpg]

Charles Creech, son of Henry Creech,  is listed under “The Alumni” in 1944 PINE MOUNTAIN FAMILY ALBUM as being in the service along with his brother Bob Creech. He is described as visiting home for “a short time just before Christmas” in ALICE JOY KEITH CORRESPONDENCE, January 1946, image 034. His oral history is recorded on a cassette tape, donated to the PMSS Collections by his nephew Bill Leach. GUIDE TO AUDIO RECORDINGS. His correspondence of 1950-1952 (#9, 10) is in Box 4 of the BURTON ROGERS FILES. He was among the Creech family members who were in WWII MILITARY SERVICE.

Chester [Creech?] is a grandson of Uncle William. 1915  MARGUERITE BUTLER LETTERS.

“When we got to the Begley settlement we stopped and passed the time of day with Mrs. D.B. Creech and July, who were gathering beans in the garden.” EVELYN K. WELLS 1916 EXCERPTS FROM LETTERS HOME (#028-029, pp.3a-3b).

Uncle Dan Creech is mentioned in 1915 MARGUERITE BUTLER LETTERS, image 078. He received a Christmas tree from PMSS students in 1915 (16?). CHRISTMAS AT PMSS The Beginning. Dan Creech’s place is mentioned in a CLARA DAVIS narrative in 1913. (image 002).

14 Friends & Neighbors. Delia Creech at wash basin inside cabin. [Vl_34_1095a_mod.jpg]

Delia Creech invited Marguerite Butler and friends to supper, per 1915 MARGUERITE BUTLER LETTERS, image 074. A 1916 letter refers to Delia Creech’s daughter Christel’s death from a kitchen fire. (images 028-033). A 1920 letter states that Delia was on the Girl Scout Council. (image 025). She exhibited crafts and vegetables on 1919 and 1935 COMMUNITY FAIR DAY(S). She is mentioned as mourning Miss Pettit’s death in ALICE COBB STORIES “…Time of Miss Pettit’s Death, 1938.” EDUCATION – CHILDREN’S WRITING I includes a notation (on Oma Creech’s letter #7 of May 1916) by M. Butler Bidstrup on the death of Delia’s child, William.

Deliah Creech’s husband, Henry Wilder, “goes down to Ross Point across the mountain for the mail and brings it over to Incline on two mules.” EVELYN K. WELLS 1915 EXCERPTS FROM LETTERS HOME (#13).

Earl Creech was among the Creech family members who were engaged in WWII MILITARY SERVICE.

Elmer Creech was among the Creech family members who were engaged in WWII MILITARY SERVICE.

Elsie Creech’s letter tells of the death of William Creech, Delia’s child, dated May 1916. EDUCATION – CHILDREN’S WRITING I, #11. When she graduated from high school, she spoke on “Do the Mountains Need Me?” EVELYN K. WELLS 1920 EXCERPTS FROM LETTERS HOME. Elsie was the oldest of Henry and Delia Creech’s 8 children, who are described in the biography for HENRY C. CREECH. Elsie Creech was among the 1926 PMSS graduates and continued her education at Berea (KY) College. WELLS RECORD 10 PMSS Academic 1913-1928.

Emily (Emma Jane) Hill Creech (Mrs. Columbus Creech) is described in ALICE COBB STORIES “Visit to Line Fork. Time of Miss Pettit’s Death, 1938.” See her biography, EMILY HILL biography. She assisted Ruth Gaines in the PMSS kitchen from 1921 to 1934. RUTH B. GAINES biography.

“Evelyn and Rosalie Creech.” [kingman_067.jpg]

Uncle Enoch Creech made the old hand mill that was part of a display at AUNT SAL’S CABIN, September 1964. According to Columbus Creech, he was Josiah Creech’s father; “bought Gabes (?) Branch and when he moved to Loyall, he had 16,000 acres of land and $8,000 in money. Sold his poplar but had his walnut and oak.” AUNT SAL’S CABIN. Mrs. Enoch Creech was listed as attending William Creech’s funeral. EVELYN K. WELLS 1918 EXCERPTS FROM LETTERS HOME (#052-053).

Evelyn Creech’s file, 1943, is in BOX 24 DIRECTOR’S OFFICE FILES 1913-1949 – PERSONNEL A-C, (#78).

Fair Anna Creech’s Pine Mountain experiences is recorded on a cassette tape (n.d.) in the PMSS Collections. GUIDE TO AUDIO RECORDINGS.

Freddie Creech is referred to as “one of our (PMSS’s) children” in a November 1915 letter (018) from EVELYN K. WELLS 1915 EXCERPTS FROM LETTERS HOME. Pettit’s letter of January 8, 1920, to Miss Pettit suggests that Fred Creech was a PMSS worker. KATHERINE PETTIT LETTERS 1920 [#001].

Friends & Neighbors: “Dan Creech and Granny Creech,” seated in the doorway. [Vl_35_1127.jpg]

Granny Creech is mentioned in NOTES 1945. A photograph of her with a group of children and adults is in the AILEENE LEWIS NESBITT ALBUM. [nesb_029_mod.jpg] Her housekeeping activities & grandchildren (Mary Elizabeth and Reny Begley) are described in ALICE COBB STORIES “Visit to the Harmon Turners, 1934.” ALICE COBB STORIES “Taking Moving Pictures Down Greasy…1935” describes encountering 70-year-old Granny Creech, who still walks across Pine Mountain when she goes to “Harlan-Town.” “Grannie Creech” is mentioned in a November 1923 letter from Delia Creech to Marguerite Butler. EDUCATION – CHILDREN’S WRITING I (#9) and in LEON DESCHAMPS CORRESPONDENCE (#043, #045).

Grant Creech’s field corn, popcorn and summer squash were listed as items exhibited on 1919 COMMUNITY FAIR DAY. Grant is mentioned in a November 1923 letter from Delia Creech to Marguerite Butler. EDUCATION – CHILDREN’S WRITING I (#9).

“All of us who had lived in the state for a year were entitled to vote for school superintendent, so I voted for Mrs. Jennie Forester Creech, an ‘awful good woman’, though we hear today that she didn’t get it.” EVELYN K. WELLS 1917 EXCERPTS FROM LETTERS HOME, (#037, p.4).

“‘Little’ Henry Creech (so-called to distinguish him from Uncle William’s son Henry) got the magistrate’s office by a majority of forty votes a sweeping majority here. So this country is looking up.” EVELYN K. WELLS 1919 EXCERPTS FROM LETTERS HOME (Nov. 13, 1919).

J.A.C. Creech was paid $213.80 on February 1, 1905. WILLIAM CREECH FAMILY BUSINESS RECORDS.

James Creech was among the Creech family members who were engaged in WWII MILITARY SERVICE.

Joe Creech and Abson (Absolom) Creech were born on Poor Fork, according to Columbus Creech in 1963. AUNT SAL’S CABIN. Joe is mentioned in 1917 letters in CELIA CATHCART CORRESPONDENCE and EDUCATION – CHILDREN’S WRITING II (#21). Joe Creech’s name is listed as the owner of one of the local stores in HELEN F. LITTLE’s “Plan and Suggestions” for Line Fork Settlement, 1925.

Jo [Joe] Creech, son of Uncle William, was Postmaster at Incline Post Office. “His house is quite pretentious, being one of the painted-frame variety, but the kitchen is a little log house at the back, and in the kitchen is the post office…. Mrs. [Joe] Creech is a ‘right quaint little woman who has raised seven young ‘uns.’” Tilford and Elhannon worked at PMSS; Ethel, 15, was sworn in as deputy postmistress. EVELYN K. WELLS 1915 EXCERPTS FROM LETTERS HOME, #13.

Rev. John Creech was paid $8.75 by William Creech for furniture and tools(?) on February 1, 1905. WILLIAM CREECH FAMILY BUSINESS RECORDS.

Jona Creech is listed under “Weaving Done By Outside Weavers – 1926-1929”; She wove 2 blankets but “had to stop weaving because of heart trouble. WELLS RECORD 13 PMSS Fireside Industries 1913-1928.

0038 P. Roettinger Album. “Josiah Creech.” (Man with rifle standing on porch of Old Log House.) [roe_038a.jpg]

Josiah Creech is mentioned in AUNT SAL’S CABIN as someone who may have known about the “broad ax and b’ar trap” that were on display. He was Enoch Creech’s son.

Aunt Katy Creech was listed as attending William Creech’s funeral. EVELYN K. WELLS 1918 EXCERPTS FROM LETTERS HOME (#052-053).

Kermit Creech came from Cumberland with soap to exhibit on 1935 COMMUNITY FAIR DAY. According to ALICE COBB STORIES Sunday School at Divide…1937, Kermit had been married to Mary Turner “but he left her some time ago.”

“Uncle Lewis Creech and Aunt Nance Dixon from across the mountain, William Creech’s brother and sister, came over to Pine Mountain for the first time in years” to attend William’s funeral. EVELYN K. WELLS 1918 EXCERPTS FROM LETTERS HOME (#045, p.1). Pettit’s letter of March 24, 1919, to Uncle Lewis Creech, Poor Fork, KY relates that William Creech has moved back to Missouri; asks Lewis to find a guide; and mentions Uncle John Dixon. KATHERINE PETTIT CORRESPONDENCE 1919 [#006].

0060a P. Roettinger Album. “Uncle Lewis and Aunt Katie Creech, Poorfork (Kentucky).” (Three women at left, an older man and woman, and two young girls.)[roe_060a.jpg]

Marie Iona Creech Wooton, born in Leslie County, and Hansford Wooton were parents of Quinten Wooton (1924-1947), who was a PMSS student in 1940-1941. QUINTEN WOOTON biography, #0287.

Mary Louise “Polly” (Creech) Nolan (1838-1919) and Samuel L. Nolan, a farmer (1853-1882) had four children: Elhannon Nolan (born February 7, 1862), two older siblings, Lafayette and Martha, and one younger brother, John G. Nolan. ELHANNON MURPHY NOLAN.

Maude (Maudie) Creech’s letters of 1920 and 1921 to Marguerite Butler are among those on the page for EDUCATION – CHILDREN’S WRITING I (#8), II (#34) and III (#41).

Old Mr. Creech “believes his first wife was one, and I didn’t know until last week that he was a descendant of President Harrison. His mother a Harrison, and her father William Henry Harrison.” 1917 MARGUERITE BUTLER LETTERS, images 071-072. Her comforter was part of an exhibit of old-fashioned household items on 1944 COMMUNITY FAIR DAY.

Oma Creech. Excerpt from “1943 PMSS Family Album.” [pmss_archives_photo_oma-creech.jpg]

Oma Creech is mentioned in 1921 MARGUERITE BUTLER LETTERS as a “brilliant” 11-year-old. (images 003-004). Featured in 1943 PINE MOUNTAIN FAMILY ALBUM. Her comforter was part of an exhibit of old-fashioned household items on 1944 COMMUNITY FAIR DAY. Katherine Pettit wrote to Miss Bolles in June 1925 about a “demonstration of weaving at State University by Becky May and Oma Creech in Lexington, KY. Came home with 20 dollars for their efforts.” DOROTHY BOLLES CORRESPONDENCE GUIDE. 1925-1935. [image: corr_005.jpg] Mentored by Dr. Alfreda Withington, Oma became a doctor. DR. ALFREDA WITHINGTON. A file for the Oma Creech Fund is in BOX 16 DIRECTORS’ OFFICE FILES 1913-1949…. See OMA CREECH Biography.

Polly Campbell Creech was the mother of Uncle William Creech, according to Columbus Creech, 1963. AUNT SAL’S CABIN.

Raleigh Creech was among several PMSS students remembered in a letter from Fred J. Burkhard. RUTH SHELER DIETER APPRECIATION ALBUM I, #010. He was among the Creech family members who were engaged in WWII MILITARY SERVICE.

Rhoda Creech Wilder’s children (Kermit 8, Brit 10, Sallie 12, holding ?, Mary 1, Margaret 3, Cindy 6, Polly 4) are shown in a photograph [Vl_37_1195a.jpg] on ETHEL DE LONG PINE MOUNTAIN SCHOOL A SKETCH….

Robert Creech was Charles Creech’s brother. PINE CONE 1933 (Oct.) reports of breaking his arm in an accident as an 11-year-old. He was among the Creech family members who served in the military during WWII. Robert, U.S.M.C., died in the South Pacific on  September 22, 1944. WWII MILITARY SERVICE.

Rosalie Creech is mentioned in a letter from Alice Cobb to Wilbur Wilder, December 6, 1945, which tells of her marrying Marion Floyd and living on a farm near Bowling Green, KY. EDUCATION – CHILDREN’S WRITING I.

Ruth Smith Creech was among those recognized during the annual business meeting of the Association of Pine Mountain School Alumni and Friends during the 1983 HOMECOMING. She and her husband, Charles Creech, both PMSS workers, built and lived in CREECH COTTAGE in the 1950s. Ruth Creech transcribed “Bill Leach’s Memories,” written by her nephew, Dr. William Leach, a Creech descendent and PMSS Trustee. GUIDE TO PERSONAL NARRATIVES (Written). See RUTH SMITH CREECH biography.

R.W. Creech, manager of the Creech Coal Company, Inc. in Twila, Ky., wrote to Ethel de Long Zande on August 9, 1919, asking about a pledge to PMSS by his coal company. Zande responded, writing that his company’s pledge is needed. LADEN TRAIN OR THE ROAD CORRESPONDENCE, PART I, [cath_350.jpg].

Sally Dixon Creech, b. 1846, wife of William Creech, PMSS School founder.

Sara Ann Creech was one of the Kodak Elementary School students who attended Pine Mountain Settlement School. ALLEN LONG.

Aunt Sis Creech was among the community residents who received a Christmas tree from PMSS students in 1915 (16?). CHRISTMAS AT PMSS The Beginning.

Squire Creech and his family appear in a photograph in the AILEENE LEWIS NESBITT ALBUM. [nesb_024_mod.jpg]

Stella Creech Taylor’s 2001 biography is in the SERIES 19: STUDENTS files, #6.

Wilma Creech House and Vernon House, June 30, 1946, in the Chapel.[nace_1_069a.jpg]

Sue Creech is among the PMSS students listed in CONIFER – 1949, page 4. Sue Ellen Creech wrote about the Chapel in “What We Enjoy Here,” (pages 2-3) and “A Bow to Mr. Dodd” (page 5), articles in PINE CONE 1949.

T.Y. Creech came from Putney area to attend the 1935 COMMUNITY FAIR DAY and “work Uncle William’s famous nine-ring puzzle.”

William Creech, PMSS School founder. Donated land for PMSS.

Wilma Creech is listed as a member of the 1934 GRADUATING CLASS. Wilmer (sic) Creech’s writing “The Fatal Day in May,” was published in the April Literary Supplement of the PINE CONE 1933.

W.C. Creech exhibited vegetables on 1919 COMMUNITY FAIR DAY.

Brit Wilder, a PMSS farm worker, was a grandson of Uncle William Creech; Uncle Jake Smith was Aunt Sal Creech’s brother-in-law. 1949 COMMUNITY FAIR DAY. Brit describes the history of the acquisition of land in eastern Kentucky by the Creech family in a video (n.d.; transferred to DVD #8) in the PMSS Collections. GUIDE TO VIDEO HOLDINGS.

Uncle William Creech “is distantly related to this line of the Campbell family and the Campbells of southeastern Kentucky.” ANGELA MELVILLE – “WOODBOO, 1957” BOOKLET.

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