PINE CONE 1935 October

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 17: Publications PMSS

PINE CONE 1935 October, Vol. 3 No. 1

TAGS: The Pine Cone 1935 October, student writings, Tomfoolery, Halloween, editorials, Fair Day athletics, student activities, Big Laurel News, talks, Line Fork News


Page 1
“Students Give Second Version of Tomfoolery: Many Skits Keep large Audience in Uproars” (Wilbur Wilder, Arnie Hall, Mr. (E.K.) Wilson, James Morrissey, Homer Combs, George Brock,  August Angel, Luther Burkhart, Tom Madon, Bill Hayes, Mary St. John, Lucille Christian, Caleb Shera)

“Halloween” (in the dining room; Mr. Morris told a ghost story.)
“Editorial” by J.L. Faulkner (installation of wiring and the light plant engine, a new diesel engine at the power plant.)
Mr. [Arthur] Dodd Visits Winnetka [Illinois] School System”

Page 2
Editorial Staff

“Educational Guidance” by E.K. Wilson (effects of corporal punishment & standardized learning; focus on individualism at PMSS with the assistance of visitor, Dr. O.L. Hatcher, President of the Southern Women’s Educational Alliance)

“Bullfrog Hunting” by Celia Holmes
Untitled, by Lela Christian

Page 3
“FAIR DAY ATHLETICS: Big Laurel Defeated in Ball Game”
“Pine Mountain Boys Score 18 Runs in Annual Game” (baseball; Haywood Harris of Big Laurel)

“Woodworking Department: Shop Work a Help to Home Makers” by B.C. Callahan (Girls limited to 2 hours a week in the shop. Students create personal items as well as contributions to building maintenance.)

“Rotation of Crops Plus Proper Land Care Helps Farmer” by Howard Burdine

“Combined English Forces Launch D… for Better Speech: Two Assembly Programs” (English Department; Better English Week; English Scouts)

Page 4
“BIG LAUREL NEWS” (Mrs. B. Wolf married James Boggs, son of Bish Boggs; Mr. And Mrs. Jack Edwards; Mrs. Becky May Sexton; Mr. and Mrs. Homer Boggs; Frank Turner; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Peters; Mrs. John Boggs; Mrs. Lillian Bulkner; Mrs. Hiram Turner; Mrs. Ran Boggs; Felix Turner; Doctor Dyley; new bridge across Little Laurel; Miss Eva Lewis; Medical Center Community House.)

“Detroit Policewoman Visits Pine Mountain” (Miss Viola Kidder, Women’s Division of the Detroit Police Dept.)

“Opening Day Picnic” (old students greet new students at the Big Log Lean-to)

“Mountain Day Hike to Fire Tower” (3-mile hike up the dinkey track; returned on new road built by CCC)

“Qualifications Required for Member of Citizenship Committee” (new subcommittees to deal with grounds, visitors, assembly programs, playground and library: qualifications for nomination)

“Chapel Talk by Mr. Benton Fielder” (Instructor of Agriculture, Berea College spoke on “Prohibition.”)

“Boys Entertain: Farm, Boys’ and School House are Scenes of Entertainment” (boys entertain girls at house parties)

“LINE FORK NEWS” (Miss Lonnie Hogg; Ellis Boggs; school bridge at Coyle Branch School; Frank Hall; Miss Medcalf (Mrs. Esterbrook); Mr. H. Lewis; Labor Day picnic at “The Cabin”; Winfield, Wilson & Morgan Cornett; Lawrence Lewis; Jasper Cornett.

“New Equipment Bought for Horseshoe Pitching”