Wells Record 03 PMSS 1926-1927

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 03: Histories
Series 09: Biography – Staff/Personnel
Series 10: Built Environment

Wells Record 03 PMSS 1926-1927

WELLS RECORD 03 PMSS 1926-1927 [Page 9] – An annual documentation by Evelyn K. Wells of construction, staff, student occupancy, gifts and events of the year. Note that some names and details have been expanded or alphabetized for clarity.

TAGS: built environment ; buildings ; roads ; creeks ; paths ; irrigation ; creek straightening ; land use ; Kendall Bassett ; Rev. Robert Stapleton ; Dr. Ida Stapleton ; Dr. Alfreda Withington ; Tri-School Meet ; 1926-1927 ; yearly record ; Clifford H. Pope ; salamanders ;


Roads, paths, creek straightening


Miss [Katherine] Pettit
Mrs. [Ethel de Long] Zande
Mr. [Luigi] Zande
Miss [Ruth] Gaines
Miss Evelyn K. Wells
Miss Wright
Miss Dennis
Miss Hill
Mrs. Burns
Mr. Browning
Mrs. Browning
Miss Bolles
Miss Cunningham
Miss [Bessie V.] Gaunt
Miss Wood
Miss Heney
Dr. Alfreda Withington
Miss Work
Miss [Abbie Winch] Christensen
Miss Wheeldon
Miss Daniels
Miss Burger
Miss Everitt
Mr. Eversole
Mrs. Hotttenstein
Miss Wulf
Miss Heins (Heinz ?)
Miss Emerson
Robert Stapleton, Rev.
Dr. Ida Stapleton
Miss Dayhuff
Miss Jones
Mr. Kendall Bassett
Miss Weber
Miss [Rachel H.] Davis
Miss [Anna} Brockschlager
Miss Ratliff
Miss Whitlis
Miss Hobart
Miss Swisshelm
Miss McReynolds


Capacity 100


[none detailed]


Tri-School meet at Pine Mountain
21 Pine Mountain children at Berea
Mr. Pope’s [Clifford H. Pope]┬ávisit and collecting of salamanders