WELLS RECORD 03 PMSS 1916-1917

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 03: Histories
Series 09: Staff/Personnel
Series 10: Built Environment

WELLS RECORD 03 PMSS 1916-1917

Annual record of construction, staff, student occupancy, gifts and events of the year. Note that some names and details have been expanded or alphabetized for clarity.

TAGS: built environment ; buildings ; Laurel House I ; Barn ; Far House ; Mary Sinclair Burkham Memorial School House I ; Lumber House ; Chicken House I ; chickens ; Farm House ; children ; students ; statistics ; gifts ; donations ; Mary S. Emery ; Reservoir ; water supply ; Cecil Sharp ; Maud Karpeles ; Country Dancing ; dancing ; Kentucky Running-Set ;


Mary Sinclair Burkham Memorial Schoolhouse, begun
Laurel House I, finished, cost $19,819
Chicken House I, built, cost $1,249 – Clearing ground, etc
Reservoir,  begun
Barn enlarged
Farm House, built, cost $3,353


Miss ? Blackwell, housemother
Miss Marguerite Butler
Miss Celia Cathcart
Miss Ethel de Long
Mr. Leon Deschamps
Miss Ruth Gaines
Miss Ruth Hellekson
Miss Norma Heist
Miss Lillie Knollenburg
Miss Euphemia Larrabee
Miss Angela Melville
Miss Beatrice Murray
Miss Katherine Pettit
Miss Joy Secor
Miss Clare Seymore
Miss Wilmer Stone
Miss Erica Thorp
Miss Evelyn K. Wells
Mr. Luigi Zande
Miss Marie Zulich


Capacity,  70.
Vacancy, 0


$3,000 for Reservoir from Mrs. Mary S. Emery of Cincinnati.


Miss Ethel de Long and Miss Celia Cathcart raised $50,000 for Road.

Mary Sinclair Burkham Memorial School House dedicated October 1916.

Visit of Cecil Sharp and Maud Karpeles in August, 1916 and beginning of Country Dancing.