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HOWARD FAMILY, 1919 – 1961

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HOWARD FAMILY: Highlights from the PMSS Collections

HOWARD FAMILY HIGHLIGHTS lists Howard Family members whose names have been found in correspondence, biographies, narratives and other historical accounts in the PMSS Collections.

The following highlights are not in chronological order. Instead, they are roughly in the order of first names.

Each highlight includes the title of the source page (in uppercase letters). That page can be accessed by copying and pasting the page title in the SEARCH box on the main page at

Bill Howard contributed to PINE CONE 1949, writing about his enjoyment of farm work in the article “What We Enjoy Here” (pages 2-4) and bridge work led by William Hayes in “Busy Scenes” (pages 7-9)

Clay Howard provided accompaniment during Chapel service at the August 1981 PMSS Homecoming. 1981 ALUMNI RELATIONS. The “beautiful solos” by Clay and Elizabeth Howard were mentioned in the August 1983 PMSS Homecoming brochure. 1983 ALUMNI RELATIONS.

Dr. Howard of Harlan is mentioned visiting Miss Pettit in a December 7, 1915, letter (p. 15). EVELYN K. WELLS 1915 EXCERPTS FROM LETTERS HOME.

Elizabeth Howard, the daughter of “Ebb” Ayers Howard and her son were part of the Christmas “Mummers Play” at the June 1979 PMSS Homecoming. 1970s ALUMNI RELATIONS.

A visit with Enoch Howard, the Ross Point postmaster, is described by Evelyn K. Wells in her July 18, 1918 EXCERPTS FROM LETTERS HOME, image 048, p.5. “Enoch has been taken off this week to be tried for stealing…”. 1920 MARGUERITE BUTLER LETTERS.

Evelyn (“Ebb”) Ayers & Jack Howard and Elizabeth & Clay Howard, Harlan, KY, were listed as attending the 1981 Homecoming. 1981 ALUMNI RELATIONS. Evelyn Ayers Howard helped provide and serve early refreshments at the August 1983 PMSS Homecoming. 1983 ALUMNI RELATIONS. “Ebb” Ayers Howard’s memories of classmates, “Reflections,” and her photo with Elizabeth were included in the 1986 PMSS Homecoming Report. She was a 1946 PMSS graduate. 1986 ALUMNI RELATIONS.

Genevieve Howard, Axie Jean Howard and Billy Howard are listed as students in the CONIFER – 1949 May Supplement. The three also contributed to articles in PINE CONE 1949.

Harriet (Harriette?) “Hattie” Howard (Bright), who learned weaving as a PMSS student, set up her own loom at home and created a coverlet which paid her whole year’s schooling. She taught her mother, Margaret Howard, coverlet weaving and vegetable dyeing. WELLS RECORD 13 PMSS FIRESIDE INDUSTRIES 1913-1928.

Harriet Howard was teaching weaving at Berea (KY) College when the Nace sisters attended her classes in 1943. DOROTHY NACE. Reference to a letter from Harriet and Julia Gunn on weaving at Hindman Settlement School, c. 1939, is listed in the PMSS SUBJECT FILE I.

Harriet Howard received a silent moment of remembrance during the tenth annual meeting of the Association of Pine Mountain School Alumni and Friends during the August 1983 Homecoming. 1983 ALUMNI RELATIONS.

Hazel Howard‘s letters of November 9 and October 14, 1920, were among those written to Marguerite Butler from students and neighbors. EDUCATION – CHILDREN’S WRITING I and II (image #28).

Hulda Howard exhibited her “green dress” at the 1919 COMMUNITY FAIR, page 3.

Mary Howard was among the PMSS students in the GRADUATING CLASS 1947.

Martha Jane (Nolan) Howard (1882-1941) of Ross Point, KY, was one of 6 children of Harlan County pioneer Calvin H. Nolan and Sarah Jane (Blanton) Nolan. CALVIN NOLAN Biography.

Maude Howard (married to Frank) was mentioned in ALICE COBB STORIES “Handing Over Divide Sunday School to Miss Cold, June 1937” as sending her children to Sunday School.

Nora Howard’s letter to Marguerite Butler, dated February 2, 1925, is excerpted on EDUCATION – CHILDREN’S WRITING II (image #31). Images of Nora’s description of her PMSS education are located on BOARDING SCHOOL ALUMNI REFLECTIONS ON THEIR EDUCATION 1936.

Oral Howard‘s narrative “Fear of the War” was published in the January CONIFER – 1941. He was featured in the “Chorus” of the TOMFOOLERY PLAYS, Part II. Oral Howard was included in PMSS’s 1940 “H.M.S. Pinafore” operetta. H.M.S. PINAFORE PRODUCTIONS. The December 1940 issue of Pine Cone mentions Oral “at the Linotype” in the article “Students Try Printing.” PRINT SHOP

Oral Howard was listed as one of several who had passed away and was remembered by the Alumni at a Chapel service during the 1979 PMSS homecoming. 1970s ALUMNI RELATIONS.

Sarah Howard is recorded as the wife of James Branson (1824-1862; son of Henry and Elizabeth Branson), in Early Settlers on the Poor Fork of the Cumberland River…. by Jackie Owen (1990). WILLIAM & SALLY CREECH FAMILY.

Theda Howard, Third Senior, and Oral Howard, Class President, were among the PMSS graduates at the 1942 COMMENCEMENT. The predicted or current occupation of Theda was “Dry Cleaning” and Oral as “U.S. Navy” in 1942 Conifer. 1942 GRADUATING CLASS. Her report “Why Laurel House Nodded a Gable” was published in the January CONIFER – 1941. Her alumni file is #5 in SERIES 20: ALUMNI AND ALUMNI RELATIONS.

HOWARD FAMILY: In the Pine Mountain Valley Community, 1937

Howard Family Frank & Maud 1937 COBB STORIES “Logging in Gabes…”; “Handing…” Frank Howard & Maud’s children: Miller, Sara Jane (Sara Ann?), Walter, Paul


None found.

HOWARD FAMILY: PMSS Boarding School Students, 1921 – 1949

Howard, Adrain Jack 1938-39
Howard, Axie J. 1948-49
Howard, Beacher Oneil 1938-39
Howard, Billy Eugene 1947-49
Howard, Billy (Wm.) 1946-48
Howard, Callie 1926-29
Howard, Calvin
Howard, Cam and Hulda 1919-25, 1935
Howard, Charles Petrie 1946-47
Howard, Dixie 1927-28
Howard Family (Nora and Hazel) 1921
Howard, Genevieve 1947-49
Howard, Georgia Rose 1942
Howard, Harriet (“Hattie”) 1921-28 [?]
Howard, Hazel & Mary 1922
Howard, Iris 1939-40
Howard, Jacky 1943-44
Howard, Mary [?]-1947
Howard, Mary E. 1936-37
Howard, Mary Theda 1946-40
Howard, Miller 1945-46
Howard, Noel 1937-39
Howard, Nora 1921-28 [?]
Howard, Oral Austin 1938-42
Howard, Paul 1948
Howard, U.S. 1921-22

HOWARD FAMILY: PMSS Community School Students 1938 – 1961

Howard Allene (sic) 1944-02-01 1951
Howard Christine 1944-07-24 1960
Howard Edith Irene 1938-08-10 1951
Howard Florence Gail 1939-05-12 1955
Howard Francis Irene 1949-11-12 1959
Howard Helen 1944-08-17 1955
Howard Irene 1948-10-12 1961
Howard Geraldine 1944-01-31 1956
Howard Joyce Dean 1943-07-19 1960
Howard Crit Jr. 1938-08-03 1951
Howard Laures Faye 1946-05-14 1959
Howard Lester 1941-04-07 1955
Howard Lester Lee 19__-10-08 unknown
Howard Lois Fay 1942-11-07 1951
Howard Owen Jr. 1945-09-24 1954
Howard Phyllis June 1945-08-09 1955
Howard Ralph 1939-09-06 1953
Howard Raymond 1941-03-16 1955
Howard Roger 1946-06-21 1957
Howard Roy 1943-09-14 1959
Howard Walter R. ____-__-__ 1954
Howard Wayne 1947-06-12 1961

HOWARD FAMILY: Nora Howard and Harriet Howard

The Howard Family folder contains information about Nora Howard and Harriet “Hattie” Howard who were students at Pine Mountain Settlement School during the Boarding School years in the early 1920s. They were born at Partridge, Kentucky, and lived for a time in Wallins Creek [Wallins Point ?], Kentucky, and other locations, where their father, John N. Howard, worked as a farmer and a miner. Their mother Margaret Jane (Jenkins) Howard, kept house.

The folder largely contains correspondence regarding an incident that occurred on a vacation the two girls took down Cutshin [?] or to Wooten Creek near the School. The events of the vacation are disputed by the girls. Many letters that were written by Nora, Hattie, and their parents, as well as by Ethel de Long Zande and Katherine Pettit, co-directors the School, detailing the events. The disagreement regarding the incident was apparently resolved successfully as both girls completed the Pine Mountain School program and went on to attend Berea College.

Their records show two very bright and socially gregarious girls who established strong connections with the staff at the School, particularly Ethel de Long Zande and Katherine Pettit. They sometimes challenged the staff with their curiosity and social interests and their record is a testimony to the struggle of young women as they asserted their independence from family as well as the institutional authority during the years of the Roaring Twenties. It is their will to learn and their successes that, however, ultimately remain from their record. Both went on to successful careers and lives.


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“Howard.” BOX 31 STUDENTS – D-Ho, c. 1919-1930 ; PINE MOUNTAIN VALLEY COMMUNITY RESIDENTS LIST 1910s-1940s ; GUIDE TO BOARDING SCHOOL STUDENTS, 1929-1949 ; COMMUNITY SCHOOL STUDENTS LIST Gi-Z. Series 09: Biography – Families. Pine Mountain Settlement School Institutional Papers. Pine Mountain Settlement School, Pine Mountain, KY. Internet resource.


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Owen, Jackie. Early Settlers on the Poor Fork of the Cumberland River, Harlan County, Kentucky, and Adjoining Counties: Families Included Are Adams, Ball, Blair, Branson, Caudill, Chadwell, Collier, Creech, Day, Ely, Ewing, Howard, Kelly, Napier, Nolan, Parker, Posey, Scott, Sims, Spencer, Turner and Many Other Related Connections. Salisbury, North Carolina: Jackie Owen, 1990. Print.

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