PINE CONE 1938 February

Pine Mountain Settlement School
PINE CONE 1938 February, Vol. 5 No. 4

PINE CONE 1938 February

Pine Cone 1938 Feb, Vol. 5, No. 4. Front and back covers. [pinecone_1938_02_cvr.jpg]

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PINE CONE 1938 February, Vol. 5 No. 4


Front Cover
“The Pine Cone: Pine Mountain Settlement School, Pine Mountain, Kentucky”

Back Cover
“Reproduction of a painting by John A. Spelman

Pages 00-01
Editor: Lawrence Kelly
Associates: Lucille Christian, Stella Taylor, Mabel Weaver, John Blanton
Contributors; Ruth Shuler, Maxine Holbrook, Ruby Ayers

“Set-up and Printed by Students of the Pine Mountain Settlement School, Pine Mountain, Kentucky”

“Annual Book Party” [need for student participation]

Pages 02-03
“The Lass That Loved a Sailor” [coming event: H.M.S. Pinafore, a 2-act comic opera]
Uncle William Creech‘s Letters Reprinted” [Print Shop reprints 1915 letter in booklet form with Ruby Ayers’ pen-sketch of barn.]
“‘O Boy,’ Said Sunny Jim” [Miss (Grace) Rood‘s horse]
Laurel House Redecorated” [workers living room redone by Mrs. Ollinger and girls; also, work done on dining room floor and girls’ and boys’ waiting rooms]
“Have You Seen It?” [a 1937 painting in the Art Room by Mr. Spelman’s father]
“Books to Read” [talk at assembly by Mr. (Glyn) Morris on “Books We Should Read”, listing biographical, romantic and adventure stories].
“The Wakeup of Old Log” [official opening begun by three breakfasts on Sunday]
“A Letter” [Nancy Jude to “My English Class”; appreciation during revisit to P.M.]

Pages 04-05
“The New Nurse” [Miss Grace M. Rood]
“It Helps” [describes “What is Happiness?”, Chapel talk by Mr. Morris]
“New Milk House Built” [description]
“Will It Stay With Us?” [Chapel talk by Mr. Young on where to find happiness]
“Director Gives Talk in Asheville [NC]” [Speech at Asheville Normal and Teachers College on meeting unexpected situations in life]
“Stories behind Words: Jubilee”
“Hall of Terror Given in Assembly” [Lists actors in Group C civics class play]
“You’ve Seen Him” [ghost on campus]
“Helpful Hints: Helpful Hints About the Kitchen” “Hints About Dishes”

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