BECKY MAY HUFF Correspondence 1930-1932

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Becky May Huff Correspondence 1930-1932

BECKY MAY HUFF Correspondence 1930-1932

BECKY MAY HUFF CORRESPONDENCE is dated April 12, 1930, to December 8, 1932. The 1930 letters indicate Miss Huff’s interest in coming to Pine Mountain Settlement School to work for the weaving department and recount her application procedure to do so. In 1931 Miss Huff received a contract to work at PMSS. Letters in 1932 include the effort of Glyn Morris, Director, to find another position for Miss Huff because PMSS had ended the weaving program.

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CONTENTS: Becky May Huff Correspondence 1930-1932

Note: Letters from Becky May Huff are handwritten. All others are carbon copies of typewritten correspondence which are unsigned and filed in the PMSS Archive. The original typewritten letters were signed and sent to the addressee.


[004, 004a] April 2, 1930
[unsigned] KP (Katherine Pettit) to Huff at Methodist School, Aiken Hall, Olive Hill, KY: Asks Huff about her plans for next year concerning the weaving department. Encloses questionnaire; mentions Mrs. (Helen) Wilmer Stone, weaver in Saluda, NC; Mrs. Campbell & Miss [Marguerite] Butler; J.C. Campbell Folk School; Miss Bolles.

[005, 005a] April 4, 1930
Huff to Pettit: Huff’s delay in writing due to scarlet fever in her school; agrees to come to Pine Mountain to work for the weaving department; Assures Pettit she’s not interested in getting married for several years yet; interested in going to NC for dyeing lessons under Miss Stone.

[006] April 8, 1930
Pettit to Huff: Welcomes her for next year; gives start date.

[001] April 12, 1930
Becky May Huff’s completed Application Blank for Pine Mountain School, Inc.

[002] n.d.
Doris E. Jennings of Aiken Hall, Olive Hill, KY, returns a completed questionnaire to office of Katherine Pettit, PMSS Director.

[003] n.d.
Harriet R. Quintes, Superintendent of Aiken Hall, Olive Hill, KY, returns a completed questionnaire to office of Katherine Pettit, PMSS Director.

[007] April 13, 1930
Huff to Pettit: Encloses the questionnaire; will accept any salary the School would offer.

[008, 008a] May 18, 1930
Huff at Olive Hill, KY, to Miss [Ruth B.] Gaines: Hill received letter from Miss Bolles informing her that Miss Wells was getting an Amherst scholarship (for folk dancing school) for Huff.

[009] June 3, 1930
[unsigned] “KP” (Katherine Pettit) to Huff at Olive Hill, KY: KP has asked Miss Stone (now Mrs. Viner) to let Huff know if she could still come to PMSS for dyeing this summer; Hopes Huff can visit Brasstown, then Amherst folk dancing school.

[010] July 3, 1930
[unsigned] “HH” (Hubert Hadley, Director) to Huff (c/o Bertha Huff at Berea College): Has given permission to Evelyn K. Wells to have Huff stay for an additional week at the folk dancing school, even though school begins on August 25. Asks for her plans.

(011) July 12, 1930
[unsigned] “HH” (Hubert Hadley, Director) to Office of the Recorder, Berea (KY) College: Requests transcripts of records of Huff and Mr. Boone Callahan, both of whom attended Berea; Needs this information to apply for accreditation in the State of Kentucky.

(012, 012a) July 25, 1930
Berea College and Allied Schools Statement of Credits in the Normal School for Huff, Becky Maye (sic); lists Huff’s subjects and credits that Berea accepted from PMSS and subjects, credits and grades she earned at Berea.
(Reverse side; Marking System, Explanation of Credits, Discipline)


(013) June 1, 1931
Contract between Becky May Huff (crossed out) and PMSS for school year 1931-32 as teacher of weaving; salary of $55.00 and living expenses. Signed by Evelyn K. Wells, Acting Director.

(016) Aug 17, 1931
[unsigned] “GAM” (Glyn Morris) to Huff, c/o Frazier, Elsiecoal, KY: School opening date.


(014, 014a) July 8, 1932
Mrs. Ova Sexton in Sackett, KY, to Glyn Morris (Director): Has a coverlet she would like to sell to the Fireside Industries.

(015) July 22, 1932
[unsigned, probably Morris] to Mrs. Ova Sexton: Will accept the coverlet and try to sell it; no weaving at PMSS this coming year as Fireside products are moving too slowly.

(017) Aug 22, 1932
[unsigned] “GAM” (Glyn Morris) to Mrs. Ova Sexton at Little Laurel, KY: Coverlet has arrived; asked for a fair price; PMSS may buy it.

(018) Aug 24, 1932
[unsigned, probably Morris] to “Gentlemen” at Churchill Weavers, Berea, KY: Asks if they have any weaving openings; “we have been compelled to discontinue our weaving here for the present, and our teacher of last year, Mrs. Ova Sexton, is now out of work.”; Describes her credentials.

(019) Aug 29, 1932
Charles H. Churchill, The Churchill Weavers, Berea, KY, to Morris: No opening at present, but may have one soon, as business is picking up slightly; Pay is on piece work; we will be glad to meet with her; describes Berea’s looms.

(020) Sept 2, 1932
[unsigned] “GM” (Glyn Morris) to Sexton: Encloses Churchill’s letter; urges Sexton to follow through.

(021) Nov 30, 1932
Mrs. Sexton in Sackett, KY, to Morris: A community school teacher is anxious to visit PMSS for two nights during Christmas holidays.

(022) Dec 8, 1932
Morris to Mrs. Sexton: We should be glad to have visitors during the holidays; charge for board and room is the same as at other times.

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