DARWIN D. MARTIN Correspondence Guide

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 05: ADMINISTRATION – Board of Trustees
DARWIN D. MARTIN Correspondence Guide

Darwin D. Martin Correspondence Guide

Darwin D. Martin Correspondence Guide by Year 

Correspondence with William E. Martin at PMSS. Darwin’s brother, William E. Martin, vividly describes his first visit to Harlan County and Pine Mountain Settlement School in 1916.

Ethel de Long, Katherine Pettit, Uncle William Creech, Aunt Sally Creech, Luigi Zande, schools, education, Southern Appalachians, Buffalo NY, Frank Lloyd Wright, Atlanta GA, Oak Park IL, Chicago IL, Old Laurel House, Big Log, Far House, Sawmill, Little House in the Woods, trains, catamounts, hospitality, health, dentistry, children, schools, Wellesley College, Smith College, John Lewis, politics, President Woodrow Wilson





Correspondence with Ethel de Long Zande and Evelyn K. Wells regarding the School’s orders from his company for boots, awnings, kitchen equipment, and toys; his advice on PMSS insurance; and his donation of books, Bibles, and flowers. 

Correspondence with Ethel de Long Zande concerning orders for School needs, the Road, insurance, and prospective donors. An introductory narrative examines the similarity of his dreams with those of Aunt Sal and Uncle William Creech and the mutual admiration and ambitions of Martin and Ethel de Long Zande.


1927 Part 1 – Correspondence with Ethel de Long Zande, Katherine Pettit, and Evelyn K. Wells regarding orders for School needs, student labor, donations, gifts, by-laws, liabilities, Frank Lloyd Wright, mailing lists, printshop, postal service, C.N. Manning, fundraising, flooding, L. & N. train service, Columbus Creech, filing cabinets, auditors, laundry machinery.
1927 Part 2 – Correspondence with Ethel de Long Zande, Katherine Pettit, and other staff regarding a Ford dump-truck, the reservoir, Delco generator, moonlight schools, upright piano, beechnuts, stoves, fire extinguishers, coal mine, Elizabeth Hench, Fair of the Iron Horse, American Laundry Machinery Company, Luigi Zande, forest fires, Martha Berry Schools.

Darwin sends Mrs. Zande a letter with a Lindbergh airmail stamp; donates an upright piano, fire extinguishers; pitchers from an Ohio pottery, encyclopedias, and a Ford truck; advises on growing fruit trees and is concerned about Caney Creek High School. Also letters to and from Angela Melville, Evelyn K. Wells, and Luigi Zande.

Unsigned letter to Martin, dated July 12, 1929, reports on advice received from Mr. Browning, State University farm engineer, about creek straightening.

William Creech Memorial Fountain, land deed for Medical Settlement, straightening of Isaac’s Creek, May Day, Pageant, potatoes, agriculture, foodways, Celia Cathcart Holton.

Boy’s House, Mary Rockwell Hook, Hubert Hadley, Dr. Alfreda Withington, road conditions, Katherine Pettit, Evelyn K. Wells, Dr. Louisa Martin, Pine Mountain movie, the reservoir, Pleasant Hill Academy.

Mary Rockwell Hook, Glyn Morris, printing presses, White Leghorn hens, Oscar Kneller, Bertha Cold, water closets, silo, Katherine Pettit, Alec Day.



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