PINE CONE 1949 February

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 17: PMSS Publications

PINE CONE 1949 February, Vol. 13 No. 4

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THE PINE CONE [Photograph of campus entrance]
Vol. XIII No. 4 February 19 [year is truncated]

Inside Front

EDITOR – Bonnie Reynolds
COVER EDITOR – Bobbie Jean Johnson
BUSINESS MANAGERS – Walter Blackson & Ray Bird
PRINTERS – Ray Bird & Joe Bramlett
ADVISOR – Mary Ruth Heil
CUB WRITERS – Joe Bramlett, Janice Spencer, Jean Carol Warren, Virginia Walker, Lois Collins, Shirley Boggs

“This month’s issue of THE PINE CONE has been published by the Cub Writers with the assistance of Miss Spinney and Miss [Minerva] Sparrow. The assuming of this responsibility has been greatly appreciated by the Seniors, who have spent their time on the Senior Play.”

Page 1
“Editorial: After Graduation…..What?” – Joe Bramlett [22 seniors; prepare now for post-graduation.]
“Ace of Hearts” – Lois Collins [Thanks to Miss [Abbie] Christensen for teaching dancing for George Washington Ball.]
“St. Valentine’s Day” – Shirley Boggs [Origins]

Page 2-4
“What We Enjoy Here” – Sue Ellen Creech (Chapel) ; Alma Jean Couch [Nature]; Lois Skidmore [Folk dancing] ; Bill Howard [Farm work] ; Lois Collins [Swimming pool] ; Rex Reynolds [Softball] ; Lila Ruth Reasor [Singing Vespers] ; Alma Jean Couch [Snow sledding] ; Virginia Walker [Saturday night movies at the Schoolhouse] ; Lois Collins [Chapel]

“Being in a Play” – Shirley Boggs [“Get Up and Bar the Door”]

Page 5
“A Bow to Mr. Dodd” – Sue Ellen Creech [Thanks to Mr. Arthur Dodd for piano music at George Washington Ball.]
“Dancing” – Jean Carol Warren [Classes for George Washington Ball and other events]

Page 6
“Expectations!” – Lila Ruth Reasor [Waiting for visitors to arrive.]
“Patience is a Virtue” – Lois Skidmore [Mrs. Fliermans, Home Economics, helps with Ball gowns; son, Carl B. Fliermans]

Page 7-9
“Home Economics” – Beatrice Gambrel [Sewing Ball gowns, “Family Relationships,” fundraising for Jr-Sr Banquet]
“Busy Scenes” – Rex Reynolds [Milking the cows] ; Jacquelynn Hyde [kitchen work] ; Bill Howard [Bridge work led by Mr. (William) Hayes] ; Lois Collins [Infirmary work led by Miss (Grace) Rood] ; Joyce Polly [Life at West Wind]

Page 9
“Weaving” – Mattie Mae Adams [Taught by Miss Christensen]
“Valuable Training” – Robert Alan Winstead [Woodwork shop, taught by Mr. Cheney]
“Life Gets Tedious, Doesn’t It?” – Poem by Ozal Caldwell [Mr. Hayes; farm work and studies]

Page 11
“Our Journey to Kingdom Come” – [Basketball game]

Page 12
“With Stinnett at Hyden” – Lee Roy Baker and Carl Whitehead [Ballgame]
“The Most Fun I Had During Vacation” – Rufus Fugate [Sledding]
“Mountain Murmurs” – George [Campus observations, songs]

Page 13
“Character Sketch of a Worker” – Geraldine Boggs [Unnamed worker]
“Our Newest Staff Member” – Janice Spencer [Mrs. Carrie L. Brown, Paine, Ohio, Big Log housemother]

Page 14
“Charity Fund” [Lists charities and funds raised by P.M.Christmas activities.]

“Guests of the Month” — Janice Spencer [Invited by Board of Trustees to report on education: Dr. Francis S. Hutchins ; Dr. Howard Beers, Rural Sociology, Univ. KY ; Dr. William J. Baird, Pres., Morehead State ; Dr. Leonard Meece, College of Ed. Univ. KY. Studied P.M. buildings, equipment, and program: Mr. B.F. Reed, President of Big Sandy Coal Operators Association, Drift, KY ; Mr. S.M. Cassidy, President of Consolidated Coal Company, Jenkins, KY. Introduced by E.R. Price, Board Member & superintendent of Inland Steel Company at Wheelwright, KY.]

Inside Back?
“Pine Cone Calendar of Coming Events” [Dancing Party, “Guadalcanal Diary,” Spring Vacation, “The Sullivans”]

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