Watson “Buster” McIntyre Student Records


468 Emily Hill, Audrey McIntyre, Buster McIntyre, Jack Cornett, Columbus. [creech_columbus_4_468]

WATSON “BUSTER” McINTYRE Student Records 1935-1942 & 1945
(Student 1936-1942)

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[NOTE: Letters from PMSS staff in the PMSS Collections are carbon copies, unsigned, and meant for the Office files. The original signed copies were sent to the correspondents. All letters and reports are typewritten unless indicated otherwise. The following list of contents is in the order of the image numbers and not necessarily in chronological order.
The last names of the family members vary in the letters and documents as “McIntire” or “McIntyre.” Buster appears to have preferred the latter spelling.]

001 N.D. STUDENT APPLICATION BLANK, page 1. For Buster McIntyre, born in Jeff (Perry Co.), Ky, on November 18, 1924. Last attended Creech School in Harlan Co. in 1939 (1934?). Will be entering 9th grade. Parent or Guardian: Emily Creech, housekeeper. References (not related): Jess Cornett, Herbert Lewis, and Kermit Wilder, all of Harlan Co. 

002 MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY, page 1. My address is Pine Mountain. My mother’s maiden name was Mary Hill.
003 MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY, page 2. I have 2 sisters. We own our home and land. The chief farm crop is corn. We have 1 car, 1 truck, 4 head of stock. Our home is a 7-room painted frame house, heated by fire and lighted by lamps. We get water from a well.
004 MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY, page 3. We have about 500 books in our home.
005 MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY, page 4. What I like to do; “Go driving in the car.”
006 MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY, page 5. I am not a member of a church. I do not belong to the young people’s society of the church.

007 July 22, 1936. To Mrs. Columbus Creech, Pine Mt., Ky., from Glyn Morris, Director, reporting on Buster: “Buster has ability which he is not using, and we should be gratified if you would speak to him about trying harder for the coming year.” He does not live at the school; “His conduct was good….”
008 June 14, 1940. To Mrs. Mary McIntyre, Jeff, Ky., from [unsigned, likely Morris], sending a summary of Buster’s progress for this year and a letter from Buster about his own development. Morris goes on to write that Buster’s irregular attendance has made him deficient in his school work and will need remedial work to catch up.

Morris suggested to Mrs. Emily Creech that Buster should attend Berea Junior High School next year as a half-day student; otherwise, he would benefit as a boarding student at PMSS [instead of a day student]. 

009 May 31, 1940. Handwritten letter to “Mother” (Mary McIntyre), from her son, Buster. “…I am getting along good in school and having a nice time.” He is taking mechanics class three times a week, and wants to be a mechanic when he grows up.

010 June 14, 1941. To Mrs. Emily Creech from [unsigned, likely Arthur W. Dodd], Principal, who quotes from one of Buster’s teachers: “He became a better workman, more patient, diligent, and took more care…He learned to be respectful toward others’ opinions.” Dodd feels that this positive statement “seems very hopeful and, when put alongside the good report by his civics teacher, gives reason for feeling that many gains have been made this year.” Buster’s chief interest is in auto mechanics. Buster was absent when the students wrote their own appraisals. “Perhaps you can get him to give you this orally.’

011 December 20, 1941. To Mrs. Mary McIntyre from [unsigned, likely Arthur W. Dodd], Principal, enclosing Buster’s letter of self-appraisal. “He has made more gains this term than at any other period….Several teachers report great gains in cooperation, courtesy, and effort to prepare his lessons. He is becoming a man now, as you can see, and we are hoping that he will become a useful one.” Dodd concludes, “in this grave period of our national life,” that every student becomes a useful citizen and appreciates Mrs. McIntyre’s “continued sympathy and support” of this “American ideal.” He asks that this letter is sent to Mrs. Creech, ”because she is greatly interested in Buster’s growth, too.”

012, 012a, 012b December 16, 1941. Three-page handwritten letter to “Mother” (Mary McIntyre), from her son, Buster. “I have learned the most in co-op,” taught by Miss Hill. He explains the value of cooperation and the operation of the School’s co-op store. He has a part in Our Town, an English class play. Tells about mechanics class and his plans to take welding, biology and history classes. “In the beginning of the fall my attitude was not so good as it should have been, but I think it has improved very much….”

013 June 13, 1942. To Mrs. Mary McIntyre from [unsigned, William D. Webb], Acting Director. (Carbon copy to Mrs. Columbus Creech.) Describes the 1942-42 school year as “a year in which sweeping changes have come about in our national life; a year in which we as teachers and students have tried to find out just how we can be of most service to our country.” Encloses Buster’s self-evaluation letter; praises Buster’s gains in the Co-op group and in his attitude. 

014, 014a May 20, 1942. Two-sided handwritten letter to “Mother” (Mary McIntyre), from Buster. “…I think I have improved very much…I think I have got along fine in all my classes except Biology and I am doing better in that class now.” Tells about his other classes: Mechanics, history, co-op, English. He missed a month of school during the epidemic.

015 December 11, 1945. To “Registrar’s Office, Pine Mountain High School” from Veterans Education Director, Veterans Institute of Hillsborough Co., Tampa, FL. Requests Watson McIntyre’s transcript of his credits, as he is “now enrolled in the Veterans Institute, part of the Public School system of Hillsborough County, Florida.”

016 N.D., MEMORANDUM. “Buster MacIntyre (sic) left in Nov. 1942 (Junior Year) for Navy”


[NOTE: The images of the following school records [017 – 056a] are considered private material and are not generally publicly displayed. Their access may be provided on request, pending approval of Pine Mountain Settlement School and the archivist of the PMSS Collections. Contact the main PMSS Office for information.]

017, 017a June 1940. Two-sided REPORT CARD for Buster McIntyre at Creech School, Grade VIII. Eula B. Doughty, Teacher. Signature of parent; Emily Hill Creech.

018 Fall Semester 1942. Buster McIntyre’s progress report in mathematics by Gladys Hill, Instructor.
021 First Semester, 1942-43. English – Edith Cold, Instructor. 
022 First Semester, 1942-43. Current History _ Arthur Dodd, Instructor. 
023 N.D. Note. Art – “V.F.”
024 N.D. Note. [Possibly in English; instructor unspecified]
025 Second Semester 1937. Social Studies, spelling, language, reading, arithmetic – “EEW
026 November 27, 1935, and April 30, 1936. [Subject unspecified] – G.T.
027 N.D. Manual Training – B.C.C.
028 May 1940. Home Economics – A. Lee Goins, Instructor.
029 May 27, 1940. Manual Training (Shop) – [Instructor unspecified.] 
030 May 31, 1940. Health – G.M. Rood, Instructor.
031 January 8, 1940, and May 30, 1940. Vocational Civics – Arthur Dodd, Instructor. 
032 May 31, 1940. Reading, Bible, and History (English) – “BWN,” Instructor. 
034 December 16, 1940. Handwritten report on Woodworking – B.C. Callahan, Instructor.
035 December 10, 1940, and May 23, 1941. Science and Geography – Alice Joy Keith, Instructor. 
036 December 15, 1940. Singing – E. Trufant, Instructor. 
037 May 1941. Agriculture Survey – Wm. Hayes, Instructor. 
038 May 29, 1941. Home Economics – W. Miller, Instructor. 
039 December 17, 1940, and May 20, 1941. English, Bible, and History – Edith Cold, Instructor. 
040 December 16, 1940, and May 23, 1941. Penmanship – “Spelman,” Instructor. 
041 May 1941. Civics – M. Arny, Instructor. 
042 December 1940. Civics – M. Arny, Instructor. 
043 December 22, 1941 and May 25, 1942. Handwritten report on Biology – Alice Joy Keith, Instructor. 
044 December 1941. Mechanics – Jess Burden, Instructor.
045 December 16, 1941. Handwritten report on English – Miss Kean, Instructor.
046 December 20, 1941. Co-op – Gladys Hill, Instructor.
047 December 20, 1941. History and Economics – Gladys Hill, Instructor.

048 April 18, 1940. Note concerning Buster McIntyre’s attitude in the Shop from “bcc.”

049 N.D. SCHOOL RECORD for Buster McIntyre, showing his grades for a school year. Principal: Arthur Dodd.

050 1935-1936. Buster McIntyre’s grades for the second semester.

051 September 1945. Health record for Buster McIntyre (height and weight only).


052-052a May 6, 1941. STANFORD ACHIEVEMENT TEST: Advanced Battery – Complete Form D. [052] Buster McIntyre, age 16, grade 9. [052a] PROFILE CHART.

053-053a May 11, 1942. STANFORD ACHIEVEMENT TEST: Advanced Battery – Complete Form E. [053] Buster McIntyre, age 17, sophomore. [053a] PROFILE CHART.

054-054a October 31, 1940. NEW STANFORD ACHIEVEMENT TEST: Advanced Examination – Form W. [054] Buster McIntyre, age 15, grade A II, PMSS. [054a] PROFILE CHART.

055-055a N.D. NEW STANFORD ACHIEVEMENT TEST: Advanced Examination – Form Y for grades 4-9. [055] Buster McIntyre, age 12, grade A. [055a] EDUCATIONAL PROFILE CHART.

056-056a N.D. NEW STANFORD ACHIEVEMENT TEST: Advanced Examination – Form W for grades 4-9. [056] Buster McIntyre, age 12, grade A, Creech School. [056a] EDUCATIONAL PROFILE CHART.

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