ADMIN GENERAL Correspondence External 1944 S-W

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ADMIN GENERAL1944 Correspondence S-W
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ADMIN GENERAL Correspondence External 1944 S-W
May 1943 – December 1944

Admin General Correspondence External 1944 S-W. Mrs. Frances Ripley Willard to PMSS Director, William Webb, c. 1944. [076 gen_corresp_1944_s-w_076]

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ADMIN GENERAL Correspondence External 1944 S-W

Benjamin, H.M.S. – Director
Cobb, Alice – Publicist
Grant, Janet
Nace, Dorothy – Office Secretary
Webb, William D. – Acting Director

S. Mrs. J.O. – …, VA (Private – Concerning son, S., R.)
T. Mr. C. – …, KY (Private – Concerning son, T., C.)
Vitatoe, Sarah – Allais, KY
B., Mr. W.H. – …, KY (Concerning nephew, W., D.)
Wilder, Mr. Dorse – Pine Mountain, KY (Concerning daughter, Ann)
Williams, Marie and Patricia Hall – Wheaton (IL) College

Sanford, Frank – Waterford, ME
Satterthwait, Mrs. C.S. – Philadelphia, PA
Seagrave, Josephine – Kokomo, IN
Shoemaker, Victor – Harlan, KY
Simmons, Clara H. – Shepherdsville, KY
Simons, Harriet – Past National Chairman, Approved Schools Com, DAR, Marshall, MI
Sinclair, Mrs. C.S. – Hammond, IN
Smith, Mrs. Edna – Gilley, KY
Smith, Melville – Director Longy School of Music, Cambridge, MA
Stark, Dr. Charles – Harlan, KY
Stapleton, Jessie – Saginaw, MI
Steele, Miss Mary – Big Stone Gap, CA
Taber, Mr. L. Keith – Viper, KY
Taplin, Mrs. – Cleveland, OH
Taylor, Mr. Alva – Nashville, TN
Thomson, Mrs. Lillian H.  – Boone Tavern, Berea, KY
Thornbury, Miss Zita L. – Director, Vocational Bureau, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
Threlkeld, Dean Hilda – University of Louisville
Thruston, R.C. Ballard – Louisville, KY
Torgerson, Mr. Oscar C. – Madison, WI
Tucker, Mrs. W.B. – Chicago, IL
Valentine, Mrs. Arthur (Grace A.) – Westfield, NJ
Vandeveer, Mrs. Lucy F., Viroqua, WI
Vann, Miss Sue – Evansville, IN
Varley, Miss Mary E. – Longmeadow, MA
Waldrip, Mary R. – Lafayette, IN
Wardrup, Mr. C.A. – Wardrup Provision Company, Harlan, KY
Watson, Mrs. R.H. (Ino DeLong) – Springfield Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Glendive, MT
Webster, Miss Florence T.  – Daytona Beach, FL
Wertheimer, Joseph – The Travelers Insurance Co., Wertheimer & Wertheimer, Inc., St. Louis, MO
Whited, Miss Maxine – W.A.B.F.M.S., NYC, NY & Columbus, OH
Wilcox, Mrs. George C. – Baltimore, MD
Willard, Frances Ripley (Mrs. N.W. Willard) – Riverside, IL
Williams, Miss Gladys – Oberlin, OH

Draft Board #58 – Harlan, KY
Heard, Marian G. – Southern Highland Handicraft Guild & The Southern Highlanders, Inc. 
Henderson, Mr. G.E. – Assistant Chief, Agricultural Engineering Development Division, TVA, Knoxville, TN
Hutchins, Francis S. – President, Berea (KY) College
Social Security Board Field Office – NYC, NY
War Manpower Commission, U.S. Employment Service – Harlan, KY

CONTENTS: ADMIN GENERAL Correspondence External 1944 S-W

[NOTE: Letters from PMSS staff in the PMSS Collections are carbon copies, unsigned, and meant for the Office files. The original signed copies were sent to the correspondents. All letters are typewritten unless indicated otherwise. The following list of contents is in alphabetical order by the external correspondents’ last names and not necessarily in chronological order.]

[NOTE: The full names of students that appear in certain sensitive material are considered private. Therefore, in the list of Contents below, the students’ names are replaced with their initials and the corresponding images are not publicly displayed in the Gallery. Access may be provided on request, pending approval of Pine Mountain Settlement School and the archivist of the PMSS Collections. Contact the main PMSS Office for information.]

Administration Correspondence: S

001 January 24, 1944. To Mrs. C.S. Satterthwait, Philadelphia, PA, from (unsigned), Secretary, who provides directions for reaching PMSS: from Ashland via bus to Harlan, then 10 miles on highway 119, then use either a taxi, the mail train, or the School truck to travel 8 miles over the mountain.  

002-002a July 9, 1944. Two-page handwritten letter to Glyn Morris from Frank Sanford, Waterford, ME, who “was with the Bakers and Halls at Gilley for several springs.” Has taught manual arts at a high school near Portland for two years; asks if there is a position open at Pine Mt. (Notation at bottom of second page: “Bakers coming back — seen picture in their album. News of Morris. For time[?] having places filled.”)

003 February 6, 1944. Two-page handwritten letter to “Friends of the Mountains” from Clara H. Simmons, Shepherdsville, KY. Comments of the Calendar; hopes to visit PMSS with help from Mrs. Leach. Has two sons in the Army: Robert Hays and William R.

004 May 10, 1944. To Mr. Victor Shoemaker, Division Special Education, Harlan, KY, from William D. Webb, (Acting Director), who looks forward to his visit. His letter will be passed on to Mr. (Burton) Rogers, student counselor, and his medical forms to Dr. Tucker.

005 July 14, 1944. To Frank Sanford from (unsigned, apparently Mr. Webb), Acting Director, who explains that “Mr. Morris is no longer at Pine Mountain. His last letter tells of his experiences as a chaplain in the fox-holes of invaded France.” The writer has seen Sanford’s photo in the Bakers’ album. “The Bakers (Richard and Lutrella Baker) are returning to the Line Fork Cabins in August. … We expect back our former manual arts man. I regret that there is no place here which you might fill for we always like to have people who know and understand our set-up and philosophy.”  

006-006a July 22, 1944. Two-page handwritten letter to Director of Pine Mountain School from Josephine Seagrave, Kokomo, IN., asking about staff vacancies for the coming year. She has taught in a mountain mission in Virginia and at the Martha Berry School; has visited PMSS and remembers the logging train; asks for information.

007 July 25, 1944. To Miss Seagrave from Mr. Webb, Acting Director, regretting that the School already has a full staff for fall. Mentions the students’ work and the two camps that PMSS is hosting: Harlan Kiwanis Club for 30 underprivileged children and American Friends’ group of 12 high school students “from the north east to help improve appearance and sanitary facilities of local one room schools.”

008 July 25, 1944. To Mr. Webb from Harriet Simons, Past National Chairman, Approved Schools Com, DAR, Marshall, MI, asking for pamphlets about PMSS to use when she speaks in Michigan “about our boys and girls.” 

009 December 23, 1943. To Mrs. C.S. Sinclair, Hammond, IN, from Mr. Webb, responding to her letter of inquiry about vacationing at PMSS with her child. December guest rooms will be full; suggests a visit another time. Rates are $2 a day for West Wind guest room and Laurel House Dining Room meals. 
010-010a December 29, 1943. Two-page handwritten letter to Mr. Webb from Mrs. Sinclair, who expresses interest in a June or July visit to join the canning group. Describes her needs and asks for more information.

011 September 19, 1944. To Mr. Melville Smith, Longy School of Music, Cambridge, MA, from H.R.S. Benjamin, Director. Sending a copy of a book Smith had referred to. Mentions that Mr. (Arthur) Dodd and Miss Cobb remember him. Margaret and Dorothy Nace recalls him as “a member of the music staff of their Alma Mater, Western Reserve.”

012 November (no day), 1944. (No salutation) from Mrs. Sinclair, asking for information about vacationing at PMSS.
013 January 12, 1944. To Mrs. Sinclair from (truncated page), explaining that PMSS is not a health resort and describing the School’s operations. Suggests she visit to help with canning.

014 April 29, 1944. To Mrs. Edna Smith, Gilley, KY, from Mr. Webb, responding to her inquiry about a caretaker summer job at Line Fork Cabins. “We are told that you were once a Pine Mountain Student…. Mr. Boone Hall and his sister, Mrs. Powell, recently of Michigan, [have been hired] to take care of the Cabins…. They, as you know, were also students at the School here.” Mentions May Day and Miss (Abby) Christensen’s visit.
015-015a April 24, 1944. Two-page handwritten letter to Mr. [Burton] Rogers from Mrs. Edna Smith, Gilley, KY, offering to work as caretaker for the Linefork (sic) Cabin at Gilley. Describes her background and family.

016 September 11, 1944. To PMSS Director from Melville Smith, Director, Longy School of Music, Cambridge, MA, requesting 30-40 copies of “a collection of words printed…by the Pine Mt. for the use of assemblies and group singing of American folk songs. … I am very eager to use them in children’s work at the Longy School, since I believe that these songs are the heritage of all American children ….” He tells of his former association with PMSS, including having worked with Mr. Holtkamp on the chapel organ “and gave the opening recital there.”

017 April 18, 1944. To the Social Security Board Field Office, NY, NY, enclosing two letters sent to a student in error.

018 June 15, 1944. To “Fellow Craft-worker” from Marian G. Heard on letterhead for the Southern Highland Handicraft Guild and the Southern Highlanders, Inc. “Now is the time for all of us to be thinking of our post-war plans.” The General Education Board has financed a survey of craft workers, schools, and producing centers. Heard, a representative will be visiting PMSS in August.
019 June 23, 1944. To Miss Heard at University of Tennessee, Knoxville, explaining that “[a]lthough we are members of the Guild, we have not been a craft producing center for some years.” Mrs. (Anna Wulf) Pishzak was doing craft work at the Medical Center but has left to teach school. But she is welcome to visit in any case. “We have three Berea-trained weaving enthusiasts on our staff….”

020 PRIVATE – NO IMAGE January 19, 1944. To Mrs. J.O.S., …, VA, from Mr. Webb, who learned that R., a student, had left. Webb hopes that he will reconsider and return, as his behavior had been improving.
021 PRIVATE – NO IMAGE September 13, 1944. To Mrs. J.S. from H.R.S. Benjamin, PMSS Director. Informs her that her son, R., has been dismissed from PMSS, and explains the reason.

022 October 28, 1944. To Mr. Benjamin from Jessie Stapleton, Saginaw, MI, who is donating 7 large knives, made of steel with ivory handles, 11 serving forks of Nevada silver, and 6 smaller stainless steel knives. 

023 July 24, 1944. To Dr. Charles Stark, Harlan, KY, from (unsigned, apparently Mr. Webb), Acting Director, thanking him for his $10 gift and hoping he enjoyed his return to Pine Mountain and visit at the Infirmary. Describes a major bean-canning project by the workers and students.

024 December 17, 1943. To Miss Mary Steele, Big Stone Gap, VA, from Mr. Webb, asking if she is interested in a PMSS bookkeeping position. She was referred to Webb by Mrs. Kaylor, housemother. Webb describes the work and remuneration. Mentions a book by Speer (Emerging High School Curriculum) that devotes a chapter to PMSS; and a technicolor movie of PMSS activities by a photographer from Harmon Foundation, filmed last year.

Administration Correspondence: T

025 June 13, 1944. To Mr. L. Keith Taber, Viper, KY, from (truncated page), asking if his missionary organization may be interested in Big Laurel Medical Settlement, which is up for sale. Miss Snyder will make a bid; “Mrs. Pishzak has taken on teaching.”

026 September 13, 1944. (Notation: “Sent on P.M. greeting card, 9-13-44”) to Mrs. Taplin from D. Nace, (Dorothy Nace, PMSS Secretary), writing to her as a fellow Clevelander. Explains her connection with Cleveland and her and her sister’s fondness for PMSS. “It is truly an inspiring place to work. A wise, capable staff working with an eager student body makes it so.”

027 June 29, 1944. To Mr. Alva Taylor, Nashville, TN, from (unsigned, apparently Mr. Webb), Acting Director, thanking him for sending cooperative literature. It has been passed on “to Miss (Gladys) Hill who teaches our cooperative work and supervises the student-run cooperative store.” Describes the summer work at PMSS.

028 May 31, 1944. To Mr. G.E. Henderson, Assistant Chief, Agricultural Engineering Development Division, Tennessee Valley Authority, Knoxville, TN, from Mr. Webb, asking him to send a supply of “Rural Electrification Lessons for Boys Groups,” in which the “shop man” is interested.
029 March 30, 1944. To Mr. Webb from Henderson, who will be glad to send the manual, “Rural Electrification Lessons for Boys Groups.”

030-030a February 28, 1944. Two-page handwritten letter to “the Sec. of Pine Mt. Settlement School “ from Mrs. Lillian H. Thomson, Boon(e) Tavern, Berea, KY. Inspired by a showing of PMSS pictures at Berea by Miss Alice Cobb, Thomson asks to visit PMSS for a week in March.
031 March 10, 1944. To Mrs. Thomson from (unsigned), Secretary, who welcomes her to PMSS for a visit. Suggests ways to travel to PMSS from Harlan: in the School truck or with the School principal (Arthur W. Dodd) in his car.
032 March 13, 1944. Handwritten letter to Pine Mt. Settlement School, from Mrs. Thomson. She would like to visit after March 26 and asks for travel details. Mentions Mrs. Bright’s recommendation of a PMSS visit.
033 March 24, 1944. To Mrs. Thompson from (unsigned), Secretary, expressing sympathy for Mrs. Thompson’s broken wrist and her need to postpone her visit to PMSS; suggests coming for May Day.
034 March 23, (no year). To Pine Mountain Settlement School from Mrs. Thompson, “written by a friend” and explaining that she has broken her wrist and must stay home for several weeks.
035 April 22, 1944. To Secretary, Pine Mt. Settlement, from Mrs. Thompson on Boone Tavern letterhead, Berea, KY. She still has a cast on her right wrist and has “given up my long talked-of trip to Pine Mt. Settlement,” unless she visits Berea again.

036 April 27, 1943. To Miss Zita L. Thornbury, Director, Vocational Bureau, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY, from (apparently Mr. Webb) Acting Director. Webb thanks Thornbury for her April 7th letter and explains the deadlines for filling the secretary and bookkeeper positions.

037 March 3, 1944. To Dean Hilda Threlkeld, University of Louisville, from (unsigned), Secretary, responding to her card to Miss Cobb, who is on a publicity trip to Chicago. Explains the designation “AS” on the Louisville mailing list as meaning “that the person is a regular annual subscriber.” Names without notations means that they have not been heard from for a long time.

038 December 29, 1943. To “Gentlemen,” PMSS, from R.C. Ballard Thruston, Louisville, KY. Expresses thanks for the calendar. “My first trip into the mountains was in 1882 and for 27 years I spent much of my time in that section. Your illustrations tell me that the type of fence which they used in my young manhood has been entirely changed.”

039 July 6, 1944. To Mr. Oscar C. Torgerson, Madison, WI, from (apparently Mr. Webb) Acting Director. Encloses an application. Webb asks for his qualifications. Lists the teaching needs: mechanics, English, history, math, boys’ athletics.

040-040a Two-page PMSS Application for Teaching Position. (No name, date, address, date of birth. Apparently an application from O.C. Torgerson.)
[040] ….EDUCATION: … University of Wis Ph.B 1912
Grad stud(ent) University of Wis 1912-13
Augustana College (Ill.) M.A. 1919
Grad stud(ent) University of Wis 1943-44 ….
MAJOR FIELD OF STUDY: History (M.A. in this subject – Ph.B in Education
MINOR FIELD OF STUDY: Mod. Languages (Ph.D. will be in Languages)
Albion (Wis) Academy, Principal 1914-1918
Augustana (S.Dak.) College, Head of For. Lang. Dept 1918-1921
Bethany College, Minn., Dean 1921-1932
INTERESTS: “Years of experience…[in] debating, oratorical work, school publications, music and some gardening.” Mentions his disability which prevents engaging in sports.[040a] Experience with rural life; “Brought up on a farm.”
How you became interested in Pine Mountain: “Need employment badly. In a conversation with a graduate student here from the South, he suggested my trying your School, the School of the Ozarks in Missouri, The Berry Schools of Georgia, as places where they might be willing to accept an older man.” ….
041-041a July 11, 1944. Two-page handwritten letter to Mr. Webb from O.C. Torgerson. [041] Torgerson explains why he’s been unable to secure work since early this spring: he is 60 years old and has a disabled ankle due to an accident five years ago. [041a] He has a Life Teachers’ Certificate and 26 years teaching experience.
042 July 13, 1944. To Mr. Torgerson, Madison, WI, from (unsigned, apparently Webb), Acting Director, regretting that he cannot “use your services at Pine Mountain.” Although Torgerson has “splendid training and experience…. Life is none too easy physically here at Pine Mountain. The buildings are scattered about over the hillsides and it takes a sturdy person to do all the walking about required of everyday living.” Also, PMSS is looking for a man to help with boys’ sports, including leading “hikes through these mountains for that is one of the most enjoyable of Sunday afternoon occupations here.”

043 September 28, 1944. To Mrs. W.B. Tucker, Chicago, IL, from H.R.S. Benjamin, Director. He asks if Mrs. Tucker can provide catalogs or addresses of firms selling Kodachrome of black and white film: 35 mm film and 8 mm; also, 16 mm for movie cameras. Needed for publicity purposes; difficult to find “in the present war conditions.”

044 PRIVATE – NO IMAGE September 13, 1944. To Mr. C.T., …, KY, from Mr. Benjamin, stating the reasons that his son C. has been dismissed from PMSS. 

Administration Correspondence: V

045-045a April 1, 1955. Two-page handwritten letter to “Gentlemen,” PMSS, from Miss Mary E. Varley, Longmeadow, MA, who is looking for a summer teaching position. She is 51 years old and a college graduate; has done nurse’s aid work.
046 April 5 (or 8), 1944. To Miss Varley, from Mr. Webb, telling her that PMSS summer positions have been filed; suggests trying Hindman Settlement School and Berea College.

047-047a July 4, 1944. To “Dramatic Director, Pine Mt. School” from Mrs. Arthur (Grace A.) Valentine, Westfield, NJ, asking if she could send an “assortment of this and that” which her daughter collected when teaching dramatics in a private school (and now has a “war job”). She describes the costumes.
048 August 6, (no year). To Mr. Webb from Mrs. Valentine, who will be sending the costumes soon by parcel post.
049 August 15, 1944. To Mrs. Valentine from Mr. Benjamin, thanking her for the two boxes of costumes. They will be used for the next dress-up party, Halloween, then a book character party.

050 February 18, 1944. To Mrs. Lucy F. Vandeveer, Viroqua, WI, from (unsigned), Secretary, responding to Vandeveer’s inquiry about a dietitian position. Describes the duties of the position. “This year the wife of the acting-director has planned the menus…” which are approved by the staff committee on Food” Suggests that Vandeveer send in her application for PMSS office files.
051-051a February 7, 1944. Two-page handwritten letter to Miss Gladys Hill from Mrs. Lucy Folsom Vandeveer. At the suggestion of Miss Harriet Turner, Vandeveer is asking for information about the School’s dietitian position. Describes her education and experience: B.S. in Home Economics from Ohio State University; 11 years as a County Home Demonstration Agent; and Nutritionist with the Wisconsin Dairy Industries Association.

052 November 9, 1944. To Miss Dorothy Nace from Miss Sue Vann, Evansville, IN, thanking her for sending the material for her talk about PMSS to her DAR Chapter.

053 March 21, 1944. Handwritten letter to Mr. Webb from Sarah Vitatoe, Allais, KY, asking for permission to stay at home where she is “needed terribly bad.”
054 August 18. 1944. To Miss Vitatoe from (unsigned), Secretary. Mr. Benjamin asked that Vitatoe return before she had planned. “The Infirmary is very short of help… Miss Rood is gone and Maxine is planning to go home this weekend.’
055 August 21, 1944. To “Miss Dorothy (Nace)” from Miss Vitatoe, who will return to PMSS as soon as she can. Asks if anyone will be in Harlan next week; asks if her sister Ernestine could be of help. (Notation: “8-22-44 Card asking both to come via mail truck. D.N.”)

Administration Correspondence: W

056-056a November 1, 1944. Two-page handwritten letter to “My Pine Mountain Friends” from Mrs. Mary R. Waldrip, Lafayette, IN. Enclosing payment for a calendar; offers to donate a girl’s tweed coat and wool for patchwork quilts or comforters. “In these days of war plant wages, there seems to be no needy children in our town.” 
057 November 15, 1944. Handwritten letter to “Pine Mountain Friends” from Mrs. Waldrip, who is sending a box with the tweed coat, an overcoat, scraps or dresses to be cut up for patchwork. “Our Red Cross here has made several very pretty afghans for the boys overseas out of such odds & ends as these.”

058 October 9, 1944. To Mr. C.A. Wardrup, Wardrup Provision Company, Harlan, KY, from Mr. Benjamin. In response to Wadrup’s letter, he can recommend one girl, Shirley Holbrook of Gordon, Letcher County, who was a PMSS student for two years; “a fine worker,” who had also worked in the Infirmary. “We would be happy to see Shirley placed in a situation where she will be accepted as almost a part of the family and where folks will take a friendly interest in her.”
059 October 4, 1944. To Mr. Benjamin from C.A. Wardrup, on letterhead for Wardrup Provision Company, Wholesale Meats and Meat Products, Harlan, KY, asking Benjamin for a recommendation of “a girl in my home to do domestic work.” He describes his family and the working conditions.
060 October 19, 1944. To Mr. Benjamin from C.A. Wardrup, thanking Benjamin for his letter but declining consideration of Shirley Holbrook, due to her young age.

061 January 2, 1944. To “Friends” at PMSS, from Mrs. R.H. (Ino DeLong) Watson, Resident Agent, Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Company, Glendive, MT. Enclosing $10 gift and 50 cents for the calendar. Asks where “Capt. (Glyn) Morris” is. “It was through Mrs. Ethel deLong Zande that our interest in your school started….” (Notation: “Not AS”) 

062 January 12, 1944. To Miss Florence Webster, Daytona Beach, FL, from (unsigned, apparently Mr. Webb). “Miss Spinney has written that you learned of the work of this School through an article of hers in your college alumni monthly…” and that Miss Webster plans to visit PMSS. Since she has expressed desire to “give service to some mountain school,” Miss Webster is asked about her interest in working as a “relief housemother” at PMSS; describes the position.
063-063c January 19, 1944. Four-page handwritten letter to Mr. Webb from Florence T. Webster, [063, page 1] who feels she should not work for PMSS [063b, page 2] this spring but stay in Florida during the “cold months,” due to the flu and her sister’s pneumonia. Tells about talks concerning mountain schools that she has scheduled at home in Massachusetts, [063a, page 3] which is the reason she wishes to visit PMSS. Asks about visiting in March. [063c, page 4] Closing.
062 January 12, 1944. To Miss Florence Webster, Daytona Beach, FL, from (unsigned, apparently Mr. Webb). “Miss Spinney has written that you learned of the work of this School through an article of hers in your college alumni monthly…” and that Miss Webster plans to visit PMSS. Since she has expressed desire to “give service to some mountain school,” Miss Webster is asked about her interest in working as a “relief housemother” at PMSS; describes the position.
063-063c January 19, 1944. Four-page handwritten letter to Mr. Webb from Florence T. Webster, [063, page 1] who feels she should not work for PMSS [063b, page 2] this spring but stay in Florida during the “cold months,” due to the flu and her sister’s pneumonia. Tells about talks concerning mountain schools that she has scheduled at home in Massachusetts, [063a, page 3] which is the reason she wishes to visit PMSS. Asks about visiting in March. [063c, page 4] Closing.
066-066a  N.D. Two-page handwritten letter from Miss Webster to Webb, asking if she can donate back issues of the Reader’s Digest; and if he will send a list of magazines the School currently has. “I am a retired teacher on the loose, planning to visit your school next March…at the suggestion of Miss Spinney, a fellow alumna of Boston Univ.”

067 May 9, 1944. To Miss Alice Cobb from Joseph Wertheimer, Treasurer, The Travelers Insurance Company, Wertheimer & Wertheimer, Inc., St. Louis, MO., referring to Cobb’s letter of May 6 and her “successful Cincinnati visit.” Mentions their chat about his aunt, Mrs. Kuhn. He still needs to send the books donated by his parents; and encloses his “mite” (donation). “Wish it could be more, but you are lucky that it isn’t less.”
068 August 3, 1943. To Miss Janet Grant, PMSS, from Joseph Wertheimer, Treasurer, The Travelers Insurance Company, Wertheimer & Wertheimer, Inc,. St. Louis, MO. Responding to her July 2th letter, he will be sending the Scott and Chambers’ books. (Notations indicate the Scott volume for”Pinke” and Chambers’ volume for “Pinke or Creech School.”)
069 December 7, 1944. To Wertheimer from Mr. Benjamin, thanking him for his gift of four boxes of books. “They will be much used in our library.” Mentions “Uncle” William Creech’s hope and the School’s mission. “Thank you for your very good share in this work.”
070 December 14, 1944. To Mr. Benjamin from Wertheimer, who is pleased that the books arrived and are appropriate. He asks if Miss Grant and Miss Cobb continue their work for PMSS; suggests that Cobb visit St. Louis to raise interest in PMSS; also suggests that a letter of acknowledgment of the books be sent to his father, Mr. J.J. Wertheimer.

071 September 6, 1944. To Miss Maxine Whited, W.A.B.F.M.S., NYC, from Mr. Benjamin, telling her about his recent “new home” and work at PMSS. He describes the Infirmary and asks if she would be available to help there before she returns to Ningpo. Gives updates about his family.
072 September 19, 1944. To “Bennies” from Maxine Whited on letterhead for Grant Hospital, Columbus, OH, who left the Mission Board after her work at Columbia and came to Columbus to become an Assistant to the Director of Nursing, in charge of the Nursing School, which she describes. Therefore, she cannot consider the PMSS position. This is the third time she has had to turn down a PMSS offer. Writes about missing China.
073-073a September 28, 1944. Two-page letter to Whited from Mr. Benjamin, who regrets she cannot come to PMSS. “Our years of friendship and work in Ningpo made me feel that you might fit into Pine Mountain atmosphere with real effect.” Asks her for recommendations for the position; invites her to visit PMSS; gives additional updates about his children and grandchild.

074 February 8, 1944. To Mrs. George C. Wilcox, Baltimore, MD, from (unsigned, apparently Mr. Webb), Acting Director, thanking her for the crocheted afghan she sent for the Infirmary and the “spreads”; describes the need for spreads in the dormitories, “so that their rooms may look more homey.”

075 May 20, 1944. To Mr. Dorse Wilder, Pine Mountain, KY, from Mr. Webb, asking if his daughter Ann can stay at the School as a worker in June and August.

076 N.D. To Mr. Webb from Frances Ripley Willard, (Mrs. N.W. Willard), Riverside, IL,  enclosing a $25 check for a “life membership.” She explains that “I am getting to be an old lady now, and dislike having to make out a lot of small checks.”

077 PRIVATE – NO IMAGE September 13, 1944. To Mr. W.H.B., …, KY, from Mr. Benjamin, informing Mr. B. that his nephew, D.W., has been dismissed from PMSS, explains the reasons.

078 May 16, 1943. To “Frank” (Francis S. Hutchins), from Gladys Williams, Oberlin, OH, asking for advice on what she can do, “preferably in some useful field of service” now that she won’t be returning to China this year. She describes her work in China with the Taiku Women’s School; and the Rural Training Course she took at Cornell and other places.
079 May 20, 1943. To Webb from Francis S. Hutchins, President, Berea (KY) College, enclosing a letter from Miss Gladys Williams, a longtime friend of his; provides her background details; asks if Webb has suggestions for her.
080 June 2, 1943. To Miss Gladys Williams, Oberlin, OH, from (unsigned), Acting Director, (with copy to Dr. Hutchins), who tells Williams of expected staff vacancies: housemother, bookkeeper-business manager, and a dietitian; states the salaries. Encloses an application blank and literature. Mentions that Dr. Francis Tucker, PMSS staff, knew her in China “and has spoken highly of your work.”

081-081a June 21, 1944. Two-page handwritten letter to Webb from Marie Williams, Wheaton (IL) College, thanking him for the labor award and dictionary.
082 October 2, 1944. To Miss Marie Williams and Miss Patricia Hall, Wheaton (IL) College, acknowledging receipt of the Tower, which they sent to the Library. Tells about planning Fair Day and Mountain Day.

083 February 8, 1944. To War Manpower Commission, U.S. Employment Service, Harlan, KY, from Webb. In response to the commission’s request for information on “Labor Turnover,” he lists the numbers of workers on payroll for January (total = 36), two separations (Mrs. Frank Kaylor, housemother, and Miss Evelyn Creech, Kitchen Supervisor); one hire (Miss Lucile Beeler, PMSS graduate, as Kitchen Supervisor).

084 January 29, 1944. “Memo of Affidavit to Draft Board #58, Harlan, Ky. “ Lists William Hayes and Brit Wilder with details of their PMSS responsibilities with the hope that their “units” of work could “hold” them.