RECORD Pine Mountain Settlement School 03 -1924-1925

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 03: Histories
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Series 10: Built Environment

RECORD Pine Mountain Settlement School 03 – 1924-1925

[Page 9] Annual record of construction, staff, student occupancy, gifts and events of the year. Note that some names and details have been expanded or alphabetized for clarity.

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Girl’s Industrial Building

Girls Industrial Building Finished Cost $4,701


Miss [Katherine] Pettit
Mrs. [Ethel de Long] Zande
Mr. [Luigi] Zande
Miss [Ruth B.] Gaines
Miss Evelyn K. Wells
Mr. [Leon] Deschamps
Mrs. Peabody
Miss Wright
Mr. Browning
Mrs. Browning
Miss Gilbert
Miss Bolles
Miss Cunningham
Miss Van Bezey
Miss [Bessie V.] Gaunt
Miss Bell
Miss Wood
Miss Whittaker
Miss Heney
Miss Abbott
Miss Work
Miss [Anne P.] Halliday
Miss Stockin
Miss Renz
Miss [Abby Winch] Christensen
Miss McCorkle
Miss King
Dr. Alfreda Withington
Mrs. Alderman
Miss McKay
Miss Norton
Miss Davis
Miss Hoague
Miss Little
Miss Simmons


Capacity 100


[None noted]


Railroad tracks taken up on school grounds.
Exclusion of children under 14 and 5th grade
Clinic — Pittsburgh dentists
Harlan County appropriated $5000 for road down our side of mountain, for hauling.
Summer and Winter Weave in Fireside Industries Department
Marriage of Mr. Browning and Miss Will
Death of Aunt Sal Creech, April