ALICE COBB Snaps Photo Album

Pine Mountain Settlement School
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Alice Cobb
“Snaps” Photo Album

Alice Cobb (far right) and three women. [cobb_alice_004.jpg]

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ALICE COBB Snaps Photo Album

Secretary, Publicity 1932-1937 Teacher 1942-1952 Member, Board of Trustees 1983-? Fundraiser, Visitor, Consultant 1952-1995

The Alice Cobb Snaps Photo Album contains a visual record of the years Alice Cobb worked at Pine Mountain and returned for her many visits while working at other careers. It is a unique body of photographic material. Most of the photographs are not among the many duplicate collections held by staff at the School. The collection is as eclectic as was Alice Cobb and contains an intimate view of life on the campus and off the campus of Pine Mountain Settlement School.




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