ALICE COBB Correspondence 1940s

Pine Mountain Settlement School
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ALICE COBB Correspondence 1940s

Secretary, Publicity 1932-1937
Teacher 1942-1952
Member, Board of Trustees 1983-?
Fundraiser, Consultant 1936-1995

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1941 – Contract between Alice Cobb and PMSS for publicity work in FY 1941-1942.



MEMORANDUM, October 10, 1941, on letterhead for Pine Mountain Settlement School, Pine Mountain, Harlan County, Kentucky. Director, Glyn A. Morris. Treasurer, C.N. Manning, Lexington, Ky.

Miss Alice Cobb is engaged by the Pine Mountain Settlement School, Inc. for publicity work for an indefinite term which will extend through the remainder of the fiscal year 1941-42. This agreement is to hold while Miss Cobb is not in residence at the school, and is to supplement the agreement dated June 9, 1941. Most of the time Miss Cobb is not in residence, she will be located in New York. The Pine Mountain Settlement School will pay to her on her leave from residence, Twenty-Five Dollars which is to be used by her as a revolving fund for expenses in connection with her work. When this amount has been used, she will send in an itemized statement of her expenses and she will be sent an additional Twenty-Five Dollars. Miss Cobb is to have a telephone installed for use in connection with her work, and this expense she will be paid by the school. Miss Cobb will need a typewriter for her work, so the school agrees to pay to her Twenty-Five Dollars for use of a typewriter for two years. If she should be employed in this publicity work only one year, she will return $12.50 of this amount. Beginning October 15th, when Miss Cobb will begin her work away from the school, she will be paid a salary of Fifty Dollars per month.

If and when Miss Cobb returns to the school to continue her publicity work in residence a new agreement will be made to supplement this one.

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